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Butternut And Acorn Squash Soup

Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup

Thank you all so much participating in the Macy’s giveaway! Through emails, I know that some of you held dinner parties this week to raise money to fight hunger. That makes me so happy! We held our own last night in a very impromptu sort of way when my mother-in-law dropped by with a standing rib roast, all ready to be devoured. I quickly gathered the neighbors to our table. As a thank you, they made donations to the local food bank. As my way to thank them, I sent everyone with some of this Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup we have been enjoying lately.

My random number generator (Bill) went to bed before midnight so I quickly emailed Jen and asked her to pick two winners. Her answer was: "48 & 119, based on time interval between kaweah’s twitches in her sleep times random number." Don’t you love this scientifically proven method? Ah! Congratulations to Mani and Cindy. Please send me your mailing address so I can forward them to Macy’s (mytartelette[at]gmail[dot]com).

Dang things are busy around here and I am liking it very much! I get to do and see, work lots of fun stuff. Indeed, if you are in the Charleston area, drop by the first annual recipe and cook-off contest which I’ll be photographing for Charleston Magazine. Come support some budding cooking and baking talent!

Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup

Obviously, all that buzzing about is good and getting home, plopping exhausted on the sofa makes me feel like I have contributed to the twirling world around me. I know my mom hates it because I end up calling home (France) at the oddest hours and often times while I am eating a late lunch of soup or salad while they’re already in bed. Sorry. Every time I would talk to my mom last week, she’d ask me what I was eating, and my answer always was "butternut and acorn squash soup, side of petits lardons and creme fraiche".

It got to the point that she started worrying immensely. "Do you need me to send you some money?" she asked one day. In her mind, if we were eating that much soup that could only mean we were ut of ka-ching. I started laughing uncontrollably. "No mom! It’s our soup kick of the month and it so good I keep making it every other day!". The timid colder days did not have anything to do with it but tempting displays of seasonal squash got the best of me and I caved in.

This soup could not be any simpler to make with fresh butternut and acorn squash, some chicken stock (homemade if possible), garlic and thyme. To serve, we like a little (or a big) dollop of creme fraiche and some "lardons" (thick cut bacon or salted cured pork). One day this week we added some thinly sliced dried Thai chilies and sauteed butternut squash seeds. We voted this version as the best so far but feel free to improvise!

Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup

And before I forget: Please join me on Monday, October 26, when I join forces with nine of the webs best food and lifestyle bloggers for the delightfully frightful Halloween collaboration, Trick-Or-Eat. Nine haunted houses have been trimmed and tricked out on your behalf. Which of your favorite bloggers awaits behind each haunted home? Whatever have the ghostand hostesses prepared for your visit? Be sure to stop by for this ultimate Holiday Block Party, presented blog style!

Butternut And Acorn Squash Soup:

Serves 4 hungry poeple

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small butternut squash, peeled and diced into 1-inch cubes (seeds scooped out & saved)
1 small acorn squash, peeled and diced into 1-inch cubes
3 cloves or garlic, peeled and smashed (don’t worry about mincing)
4 cups chicken stock
1 to 2 teaspoons fresh thyme (or less if desired. You can also use some sage)
salt and pepper

Optional accompaniements:
chopped Tai chilies
creme fraiche (or sour cream)
sauteed thick cut bacon or salted and cured pork, sliced thin
seeds from one of the squashes (sautee in the bacon fat for maximum flavor, and drained on paper towels)

In a large stock pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the cubed squashes and sautee for 2-3 minutes or until they start to get some caramelizing color. Add the garlic and sautee one minute, stirring often to prevent it from burning (or it will become bitter). Add the chicken stock and thyme and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and cook, covered for about 30 minutes or until the squash is tender. With an immersion blender, puree the soup in the pot until smooth. If usig a food processor or blender, let the soup cool a bit before processing. Adjust the consistency to your liking with extra water. Salt and pepper to taste.
Garnish as desired.

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Basht October 22, 2009 um 1:37 am

that looks so good, and i'm in love with the heart shaped dish. i think i'll make this for my daughter's birthday party πŸ™‚

[email protected] October 22, 2009 um 1:46 am

Oh, I like your mom's reaction because I could see my husband's grand-mother (or my deceased grand-mothers) making the same comment… "Que de la soupe? C'est bien maigre tout cela?? (despite the lardons and the creme fraiche!!).
If you had Thai chilies with it, did you ever try fresh cilantro as well? My husband and I now eat our Butternut Soup this way…

nole @ oh so beautiful paper October 22, 2009 um 2:13 am

Looks so good! I might have to pick up an acorn squash at the farmer's market on Sunday.

Anonymous October 22, 2009 um 2:17 am

Ha! I misread your recipe title and thought you were making soup for squirrels! Now I get that you are making a super yummy people soup.

jillian October 22, 2009 um 2:56 am

This looks rich and delicious! I love squash soups in the fall.

A Bowl Of Mush October 22, 2009 um 3:08 am

This looks absolutely beautiful!

I haven't tried acorn squash as a soup before, I must give it a go.

Love the heart shaped pan πŸ™‚

Lauren October 22, 2009 um 3:34 am

Absolutely stunning =D. I love the colour, its gorgeous.

Simo October 22, 2009 um 6:02 am

Veramente deliziosa, deve essere buonissima!!

David October 22, 2009 um 6:08 am

I love those perfectly-cut and fried petits lardons…it's just not (French) squash soup without them!

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul October 22, 2009 um 6:31 am

Beautiful Helen! I love it all! The recipe, the pics…the styling!

shaz October 22, 2009 um 6:32 am

Gorgeous soup, so bright. Almost too scared to come a-knocking on Monday πŸ™‚

Simones Kitchen October 22, 2009 um 7:41 am

What gorgeous colors Helen! Wow… and so very very seasonal… Love it.

Gloria October 22, 2009 um 9:34 am

Nice recipe and great pictures!

Rosa's Yummy Yums October 22, 2009 um 9:44 am

What beautiful shots and colors! That soup must be very delicious!



β™₯peachkinsβ™₯ October 22, 2009 um 9:56 am

I'm lovein' the squash photos!

Jessica October 22, 2009 um 10:48 am

Looks incredible and I LOVE that heart shaped pot!

paula October 22, 2009 um 12:59 pm

I think my mom would respond in the same way. I may have to try this, looks amazing. such a gift you have.

Anne-Cecile October 22, 2009 um 1:36 pm

Beautiful! J'adore les petits bols d'anthropologie. Très pratique!
Je viens de fair une soupe au butternut squash le weekend dernier. I roasted them in the oven sprinkled with a little cinnamon and then cooked in stock with chili peppers and blended til smooth!

Maria October 22, 2009 um 1:43 pm

I am in the mood for soup. I love soup season and this one looks fantastic.

Helene October 22, 2009 um 2:03 pm

ABowlOfMush: that was a wedding present from 11 years ago. I love this little pot!

Anne-Cecile: these ramekins are from an antique store here in town (all their proceeds go to cancer research). They cost me 25 cents a piece which beats Anthro πŸ™‚

Tish Boyle October 22, 2009 um 2:19 pm


strawberriesinparis October 22, 2009 um 2:53 pm

Oh yum! I made some butternut squash soup too this week ! When is the cookoff? I'm going to be on kiawah this weekend for a wedding!

Cookin' Canuck October 22, 2009 um 3:36 pm

Your photos are stunning! The soup sounds so heart and delicious.

Anna (londonfoodieny) October 22, 2009 um 4:00 pm

gorgeous!! I love soup- this sounds right up my street!

Helene October 22, 2009 um 4:04 pm

strawberriesinparis: the cook-off starts at 1.30pm at The Culinary Institute of Charleston, Palmers Campus, 66 Colombus St. RSVP by Oct 22nd at [email protected]

sunita October 22, 2009 um 4:32 pm

Wow! That looks so inviting Helen. Simply adore butternut squash. We're having it almost every other day nowadays :-)And yes, i love that heart shaped pot πŸ™‚

matt October 22, 2009 um 4:43 pm

Fantastic soup. and by golly do I love the photos. So clean, crisp. White based shots have always been my fav. – here the soup just pops against the light background and styling. brilliant as usual!

I have to say I love creme fraiche in soups!

Stephanie Stiavetti October 22, 2009 um 5:15 pm

I am SO SO SO making this! πŸ™‚

marianne October 22, 2009 um 5:15 pm

I'm gonna have to try this one! Looks soooooo good!

Jen Yu October 22, 2009 um 5:20 pm

Is it bad for me to publicly admit that while I've been hearing tweets and seeing pictures all about squash soups, I haven't been moved to make any until seeing your post? You're an evil temptress, you!! πŸ˜‰ Always beautiful. More bacon!! πŸ™‚

diva October 22, 2009 um 10:03 pm

this soup looks beautiful and must be such a heartwarming, comforting dish. my leek and potato soup tonight can't even compare! πŸ˜€ x

Mel October 22, 2009 um 10:29 pm

I assume the second squash in the ingredients list is the acorn (it just says small squash)…this looks great! I was just wondering what to cook next saturday when no one else will be home, looks like the perfect autumn meal for one (with leftovers for lunch!)

janella13 October 23, 2009 um 2:20 am

I had an acorn and a butternut squash in my hands on Wednesday. NOW I know what I can make.

Love soup.

Thanks so much.

simplesong October 23, 2009 um 2:22 am

this is perfection. thank you!

El October 23, 2009 um 3:00 am

You have a very kind mom and very beautiful soup!

Nutmeg Nanny October 23, 2009 um 3:04 am

I love that heart pot! It's so adorable:) The soup looks great too!!!

La Cuisine d'Helene October 23, 2009 um 3:17 am

Can't wait for Monday. I love all 9 bloggers.

Love the styling. I don't usually mix 2 squashes in my potage but will try it. It makes the best potage at this time of the year πŸ™‚

Amy J in SC October 23, 2009 um 12:11 pm

I've cooked with butternut but never made soup before for some reason. This looks good and perfect for our FINALLY fall like weather here in SC.

Helene October 23, 2009 um 12:56 pm

Amy J; lucky you in the upstate because here in the Lowcountry it still feels like summer. Boo…

Vicki October 23, 2009 um 2:46 pm

Do you have a cookbook out? If not, you definitely should. You're one of the best cooks out there and as a baker, well, that goes without saying.

Lauren October 23, 2009 um 8:22 pm

this soup looks delicious, and your pohotographs are stunning. I love how it looks like the toppings give the soup a nice crunch.

Lori October 23, 2009 um 10:06 pm

I just love butternut. I roasted two huge ones today and froze the puree so we can enjoy it all winter.

kellypea October 24, 2009 um 12:28 am

Helen you know you are a woman after my own heart teasing with things like squash soup — heck! savory anything — and photos of veg, crumbs, and pans with food in them. Beeyouteeful! Phil is the squash soup pro in residence here, so I totally understand your current obsession. Good luck with your upcoming photo shoot!

marion October 24, 2009 um 12:59 pm

Wonderful post! Have you ever tried putting garlic and goat's milk into it? Fabulous.

Cakebrain October 24, 2009 um 5:24 pm

This is awesome! I have two acorn squash sitting on my kitchen counter! Your post reminds me to use them and I love soup–this is so healthy too!

Maris October 25, 2009 um 12:43 am

Looks amazing – it looks so much thicker than the squash soup I made recently. This is the perfect time of year for soup, too!

Helene October 25, 2009 um 3:55 am

Maris: you can make it as thin or as thick as you want. For lunch we tend to like on the thick side. Sticks to our rib a bit more!

Charity October 26, 2009 um 1:16 am

Oh wow, I'm such a big fan of soup I can't wait to try this one – good change from pumpkin mmm….

Anonymous November 5, 2009 um 12:12 am

I just made this recipe and it was a huge success! I added some shallots in with the garlic and it was yummy. My fiance loved it, said it was very filling. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Love your blog πŸ™‚

Papaja October 14, 2011 um 11:37 am

I love squash and this blue heart shaped cocotte πŸ™‚
P. November 8, 2011 um 12:02 pm

I am going to try this soup today. I absolutely adore your main photo. It looks so big! I love the composition and the light/airyness of it. Something to aspire to!

Doodle May 10, 2012 um 11:19 am

A really lovely post; thank you. I love the heart shaped pot.

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