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Quick, Quick

… before it’s too late and there is no point in posting about this birthday cake:

Every year for my birthday, my loved ones are faced with the same dilemna: since I am a pastry chef they feel like I should get a day off and not havee to make my own birthday cake but at the same time they don’t want to offend me making one or buying one at the store…everyone but my mothe-in-law…and bless her heart for it because I would have ende up saturday night with zippo treat to put a candle on…! She went to Wal-Mart and got me one of their mini cakes. I really dislike store bought cakes in America, sorry…here is the French snob in me but I am used to Daubos cakes in my little French Village outside of Paris. Now, I have to admit that this past Saturday I found myself all alone celebrating my day since B. was playing 2 music jobs back to back and when I got home after the gym, I found this little morsel of buttercream staring me in the fridge…a couple of Cosmos later and I was eating some for dinner…and I liked (yes I did!) the super artificial taste of buttercream…for about 10 minutes, then the little slice I had seemed to sit on my stomach and not go anywhere… or maybe it was the drinks…oh well, I toasted to myself and went to bed.
Thank you B’s Mom! At least she knows the importance and symbolism of a cake on a birthday.

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Anonymous May 18, 2006 um 4:44 am

Happy belated birthday.

Helene May 21, 2006 um 5:27 am

Thank you dear!

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