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MamaMa September 2, 2008 um 8:19 pm


When learning to make macarons, all roads lead to Tartlette.

This is what I discovered in my own macaron journey. After eating macarons several years ago at Laduree in Paris and then rediscovering them in Montreal this summer, I vowed to learn to make my own. I first encountered a promising recipe using the Italian method. Being a former chemist, I thought this would be foolproof since it uses precise temperatures and such. Alas, my oven became a certified disaster area full of tiny Mount Vesuvii erupting all over the cookie sheet.

Back to the internet and I found another site with many macaron recipe posts, but ALL referenced Tartlette as the expert. So off to your blog I went and found your wonderful article in Desserts magazine.

I have since made four batches, all perfect, no petit volcanos, and none lasting more than a few hours before they were eaten my amazed friends and family. I have tried vanilla, pistachio and root beer (my son’s request). I especially love your grandmother’s suggestion about turning the bowl upside down to test the readiness of the egg whites–parfait!

Merci beaucoup for this article. Now I no longer have to dream of flying to Paris to have tea and macarons at Laduree. I can create Laduree right in my own kitchen (well….if the kids are at school….and if I ignore the basket of dirty laundry nearby…and if I close my eyes to the pile of bills….and if… get the idea). At least the macarons are wonderful.

MamaMa in California

Helene September 3, 2008 um 12:31 am

MamaMa: thank you for your very kind words. They are valued and appreciated!
I am so happy to hear that I could help and that your macarons turned up good!

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