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Paying It Forward: You Might Be The Lucky One

There is a game going around the blogosphere these days called "Pay It Forward". It looks like it started as craft exchange and slowly made its way into food blogs. Last month Graeme from Blood Sugar found himself the lucky recipient of a goodie package from Fanny and decided to pay it forward by having a little drawing of his own, and my name got picked…Yeahhh!!! On a side note, if you have never visited his blog, run to it people: amazing photography, delicious recipes and a wicked sense of humor!

I received my package last Thursday and dare I say we already made a good dent in it! While exchanging emails with Graeme, I heavily hinted that I had a thing for Flake candy bars crossing my fingers that he would include one in the box. Lucky me, he put two: one praline and one dipped. There 's one missing in the picture, I know, talk to my stomach about that one! He also included a jar of onion confit that was delicious with roasted pork tenderloin last night. There was also a little square of tahini based "halva" . Seems like the lady in the shop where he was would not let him leave without it, and it turned out to be pretty good. B’s favorite was the foam shrimp candy, it reminded him of the foam peanuts of his childhood, and I believe I only had a couple before the bag found its way into his desk drawer…hugh…!
Last but not least, he included two very cute wooden cats, labelled as "ring holders' from his mother’s favorite craft shop. What a sensitive guy!

Thanks Graeme for everything. There is something really heartwarming about receiving a package whatever the content may be,unless it is a bag of coals from Santa! Now it is my turn to pay it forward.

So here it is folks: all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and Monday night I will pick, at random, one person to be the lucky recipient of a box of handmade/homemade and favorite goodies from Tartelette’s kitchen.

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Anonymous December 8, 2007 um 4:40 pm

I’m de-lurking πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I’m not much of a baker – I just look and read and drool. I would love so much to eat! The hard part would be sharing with my husband.

Steph December 8, 2007 um 4:50 pm

Oh yay! I love the concept of pay it forward. I saw it on Foodbeam a while back, but I think I missed the whole comment thing.

So cool.

Graeme December 8, 2007 um 4:55 pm

Nothing broke! That’s awesome.

I was packing everything up thinking: "These cats are going to be minus a couple of tails by the time they leave the Country."

God. Look at my handwriting though, lol. It’s atrocious.

Mindy December 8, 2007 um 5:06 pm

Hallo! Tartelette….

I love to be sharing your company as a daring baker….I think the gift exchange is a totally delicious idea… A gorgeous way of ringing in the holiday/new year season-

What would I send?

Spritz Cookies
Nanimo Bars
Gingerbread men- and ladies!

and more…

Anonymous December 8, 2007 um 5:43 pm

I love these… maybe I’ll be the lucky one!

Eliza524 December 8, 2007 um 5:47 pm

That’s such a cool idea.

Sheltie Girl December 8, 2007 um 5:50 pm

He’s a great guy to send you such a wonderful gift box. The cats are very sweet and I didn’t realize (until you mentioned it) that they were ring holders…cool.

Thanks for sharing Graeme’s link too. His blog in pretty terrific…just like yours.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

Kim December 8, 2007 um 5:51 pm

Wow! what a fun contest.
I read your blog everyday and find it very enjoyable.
Pay it forward is such a nice concept.
Maybe I will get lucky!

slush December 8, 2007 um 6:14 pm

I love that everyone is sharing the love! Such a nice thing to see during the holidays.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen December 8, 2007 um 6:21 pm

What a nice feeling to open up and see such wonderful spirit among across oceans….it makes me believe that man was born good and given half the chance, that is what we all want to be! Love the idea and may the recipient enjoy your delights!

Merav December 8, 2007 um 7:24 pm

Well, I don’t have a blog yet (college student living in the dorms without a kitchen πŸ™ sad…) but I’m a lurker who loves to bake and I LOVE your blog and your recipes! In fact, I have a list of a bunch of your recipes that I plan on making for my family when I go home for the holidays!

Keep up the great work and enjoy your Pay it Forward!

emily December 8, 2007 um 7:36 pm

What a great idea, especially with the holidays coming up so soon! I’ll keep my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

Evelin December 8, 2007 um 7:39 pm

It’s the first time I hear of this quite a secret event:) Being yet another devoted reader ever since I found your blog, I’m waiting for my name to get picked. I’d love to pay it forward!

Christina December 8, 2007 um 8:22 pm

What a lovely idea and kind thought. πŸ™‚

jessicajlee December 8, 2007 um 9:05 pm

That confit sounds fantastic! Lucky you!

linda December 8, 2007 um 9:29 pm

Love the idea…

Fae December 8, 2007 um 10:37 pm

Would love to know where that Onion Confit was bought – it looks yummy! Long-time reader of your blog and new-ish baker, would love to PiF πŸ™‚

Unknown December 8, 2007 um 11:17 pm

I love the whole Pay It Forward shtick. 'Tis the season, yes?
Great idea, count me in.

Annemarie December 8, 2007 um 11:50 pm

What an amazing treat that would be. I can’t imagine passing on to anyone else goodies as anywhere near as wonderful as those that come from the Tartlette kitchen, but I’ll try my best if the mantle were passed on to me. πŸ™‚ December 8, 2007 um 11:53 pm

What a great idea! It also seems so fitting for the holiday season.

Suganya December 8, 2007 um 11:58 pm

Pick me! Pick me, Helen πŸ™‚

Madame X December 9, 2007 um 12:15 am

New to your site but *LOVE IT*! I’m very much into trying new things and scour the net to find things to try as I’ve got some heavy competition in the kitchen as my husband is a chef! Don’t think that he does all the cooking in our house.

What a great idea of spreading some holiday cheer. Happy holidays and keep the ideas coming!

TBC December 9, 2007 um 1:29 am

What a fab idea! Pick me, please? πŸ˜‰

Steph F. December 9, 2007 um 1:32 am

aww, blog karma! I love the idea of "pay it forward."

I’m de-lurking as well, and love your blog. Baking makes me happy πŸ™‚

I’m curious about the shrimp candy – do they taste like shrimp? Are they sweet or savory? They’re kind of cute, in an odd way πŸ˜›

Sylvia December 9, 2007 um 1:36 am

Heehee, I’m delurking as well. Did you know so many readers would post with such a delicious offer?

I love reading about the dishes you make — the stories you tell are so wonderful to read. I am an American living with a French-speaking Englishman in Spain – so you must know how confusing my life is! And how much I need pastry to keep me sane πŸ˜‰

Bea December 9, 2007 um 2:21 am

Ah, fun! Santa Claus arrived early!

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 2:56 am

That such an amazing concept! Getting a package from Tartelette would be such a great early Christmas gift!

Blair December 9, 2007 um 3:07 am

I love the concept of paying things forward so much I am de-lurking to comment and try to get a chance to get something lovely and send something equally so.

Joy Bugaloo December 9, 2007 um 3:15 am

Oh, what a nice idea for the holidays! Please put my name in the raffle bucket! πŸ™‚


Unknown December 9, 2007 um 3:35 am

So excited that you’re joining the pay it forward crowd, and I’d love to be the lucky recipient of some tartlette goodies…

Jackie December 9, 2007 um 3:53 am

Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!

(I realize the raffle is random. I’m simply trying to influence Fate!)

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 4:05 am

pay it forward or Eat it forward? I’ll take some goodies from your kitchen!!
I want to win!
[email protected]

talida December 9, 2007 um 4:33 am

How wonderful! I’d be thrilled if it were me πŸ™‚

Veron December 9, 2007 um 4:38 am

ooh wow , how can I pass up goodies from Tartelette!

shoutingforha December 9, 2007 um 4:41 am

What a fun idea.

V December 9, 2007 um 10:22 am

A chance to get a package from her favorite food blogger? The amateur baker’s dream. :fingers crossed:

Suzana December 9, 2007 um 11:20 am

Oh the cats are soooo cute! Paying forward is such a nice concept – and everybody behave like a kid again when it comes to unpack a box full of care and joy. And mystery, of course! Great idea and so sweet!

Bettina December 9, 2007 um 11:53 am

your food always looks amazing! i really want to try macarons sometime!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso December 9, 2007 um 12:04 pm

Good on you for paying it forward; I love running contests, and you remind me that I should do another one early in the new year πŸ™‚

KPB December 9, 2007 um 12:31 pm

Oooo – how exciting. But are you going international on it?

Finla December 9, 2007 um 1:26 pm

Hey just bought a flake when i went for shopping in a asian shop.

LizNoVeggieGirl December 9, 2007 um 1:27 pm

oooh, "pay it forward" sounds fun!! :0D

Dana December 9, 2007 um 1:52 pm

Definitely enter me into the mix :). Given how amazing all your recipes are, I’d love to be the recipient of your favorite goodies!

monica December 9, 2007 um 1:53 pm

such a wonderful idea to connect the blogging community even more! i’ve always wanted to sample your delectable creations….

Farah December 9, 2007 um 3:22 pm

i love crushing flake on top of ice cream… i love care packages!

Sarah Caron December 9, 2007 um 4:16 pm

what a wonderful idea! my husband and i are big fans of british chocolate too – though my personal fav., the wispa bite, was discontinued.

Graeme December 9, 2007 um 4:32 pm

Sorry to comment again, Helen, very rude I know but:

Sarah – They recently reintroduced the Wispa. Aero is much better though.

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 5:33 pm

Ok, you convinced me to comment! Seriously, love your blog. I check it daily. Your recipes are wonderful, photography beautiful. I love the pay it forward concept. My sister’s in-laws heard us discussing our son wanting an (expensive) electric drum set for Christmas. They informed us that they had one in their storage unit that they’d GIVE us as long as when our son outgrew them (or lost interest, as their child did), we’d also GIVE them away, not sell them. I was SO happy!!!!

AimΓ©e December 9, 2007 um 6:09 pm

A goodie box from you, Helen, would be one of the highlights of the holidays!
Enjoy your gifts from Graeme.

Cakebrain December 9, 2007 um 6:13 pm

Hi Helene,
I’m liking all this positive energy…it gets me into the Holiday Spirit!

Anna December 9, 2007 um 8:17 pm

woohoo! contests πŸ™‚ and good fuzzy feelings from paying it forward!

Madam Chow December 9, 2007 um 8:46 pm

Woo-hoo! If I’m lucky enough to get picked, I’ll start the diet in January!

Geo December 9, 2007 um 8:48 pm

Oooo, I’m feeling lucky! (And I love PIFs.)

MsThackeray December 9, 2007 um 8:57 pm

oh i love the idea! although living here in Glasgow makes it so much harder to pay forward nice things.. then again, iΒ΄ll be at home in germany for the holiday!

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 9:10 pm

I’ve never posted before, but I love your blog, and have successfully made a few of your recipes. A real favorite here is your cream cheese braid, and the Ultimate Lemon Pound Cake, to which I found my own (accidental) variation.

I like the "Eat it Forward" variation someone else proposed…..

Thanks for the opportunity!

Tablebread December 9, 2007 um 9:11 pm

This does sound pretty amazing. I have been tossing around the idea of doing something like this.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mallow December 9, 2007 um 9:22 pm

I love this idea! And thanks for tipping us off to another great blog!

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 10:03 pm

I am actually gearing up to make my own food blog, maybe I can feature all the great goodies I get in it?

Seriously though, I love giving rings. They are always a great way to give and receive and never fail to make everyone involved super happy.

html test December 9, 2007 um 10:27 pm

I want to play!!
I would kill for some goodies made by la tartelette elle-mΓͺme…ok not literally, but pretty close… =)

Anonymous December 9, 2007 um 10:31 pm

Love your blog! My husband has discovered the art of making pies and tarts. He is quite good at it. I think he is in love with you.

Sara December 9, 2007 um 10:32 pm

Sounds fun! What cute little kitties! Count me in. πŸ˜€

Eva December 10, 2007 um 12:27 am

Oooh! Count me in.

Lovely blog, by the by. Congratulations to whoever wins!

JEP December 10, 2007 um 12:51 am

I would gladly accept πŸ™‚

Anonymous December 10, 2007 um 1:48 am

I love this website and have every intention of baking more things from here. But…maybe I will the lucky one to get a package on my doorstep!!! Yummy.

Anonymous December 10, 2007 um 2:23 am

Hi..good idea Tartlette….I’m pretty lucky in such things…so others ha ha…watch-out!!!!.

Visited Graeme’s blog..that guy sure has a wicked wicked sense of humor.

monica December 10, 2007 um 2:43 am

thanks for the comment on my chestnut desserts! i admit, as my camera is currently in repair, the chestnut poundcake photo is from my dad’s ancient camera that has only a tiny viewfinder and the hot chocolate one a coworker took awhile back….ARGH!

Lesley December 10, 2007 um 3:09 am

Ooh ooh ooh let it me be let it be me let it be meeeeeeeee!

Stru December 10, 2007 um 3:59 am

i’m another one of those lurkers, but the chance to receive (and then give) a little package is too exciting!

cookworm December 10, 2007 um 4:08 am

Oh, that sounds like a very fun game. Just like Blogging By Mail but you can make requests! I *love* sending goodies out in the post. πŸ™‚

marshmello December 10, 2007 um 4:44 am

your blog is beautiful, I have recently began looking for blogs i enjoy to read and yours is surely one of them!! this is fun!

Hilary December 10, 2007 um 6:08 am

Oh, how fun. Count me in on the contest!

DDgirl December 10, 2007 um 8:58 am


I HAVE to take my chance!

(your recipes keep saving my relationship with my in-laws!!!)

Take care


Meryl December 10, 2007 um 10:21 am

What a beautiful idea, and perfect for the holidays!

Meryl December 10, 2007 um 10:22 am

What a beautiful idea, and perfect for the holidays!

Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy December 10, 2007 um 11:49 am

ooo, pick me! Tough competition, with 74 other people πŸ™‚

Lovable December 10, 2007 um 1:00 pm

Your site is lovely. A friend brought me some Flake when she went to London last year. So good.

a reader in Georgia

Robin December 10, 2007 um 1:24 pm

I’m de-lurking! What a fun idea. Getting a package in the post is the best thing ever, even more so when there is food involved!

Amanda December 10, 2007 um 3:48 pm

I think after reading this I have finally been visited by the Christmas Spirit. I wasn’t feeling it, but what a great way to get into it! Very cool.

ames December 10, 2007 um 4:42 pm

Oh my goodness, I would just die for a package from your magnificent kitchen!

Anonymous December 10, 2007 um 7:28 pm

De-lurking as well, and that’s awesomely cute! Now to go make toys for my friends…

Anonymous December 10, 2007 um 8:26 pm

oh wah. happy holidays!

Mariposa del Diablo December 10, 2007 um 8:34 pm

Love your blog! Pay it forward is a great idea

Rosanne December 10, 2007 um 9:18 pm

Oh everything looks and sounds yummy

Lisa Dunick December 10, 2007 um 10:13 pm

What a great idea! and my mouth’s been watering at your blog for months now!

Purl's Gurl December 10, 2007 um 10:39 pm

What a great idea!! This is something that would be so much fun – kudos to graeme for a great package and kudos to you for keeping it going!

yummy411 December 10, 2007 um 11:40 pm

omg! i’m so happy you are participating! how lucky i’d be if i were picked!

great idea for this time of the year, great blog and baker to participate! i would love to pay it forward to receive some goodies from tartelette!!! *squeal!* =)))))))))))

Anonymous December 11, 2007 um 1:20 am

Dear Tartelette..

I have a question. One day I went to a dinner hosted by my mother’s friend, who married a French man. As desserts were served the French husband vehemently chastised his wife for not serving cheeses before the dessert course. "How could you forget the cheese!?" She didn’t have any cheese prepared so she made a generous banana flambe to appease him.

I wonder if there’s a legitimacy to this–that French people in the real world need a cheese course before desserts?

Where I live, we don’t consume cheese or spirits in our culture, so this cheese episode got my attention. I felt ignorant; I had no idea some people had to rinse their palate with cheese before they could enjoy desserts. I would appreciate so much if you could write an entry on cheese.

— Bypassing Visitor

Anonymous December 11, 2007 um 7:25 am

Drool… these look so good.

SamIAm December 11, 2007 um 2:11 pm

I’d be psyched to receive some Tartelette love! I’m doing some serious Jamming, so if I get picked, I hope the next Forward likes jam. πŸ™‚

Melody December 11, 2007 um 3:42 pm

[drooling over your food] Love the recipes, creativity, and writing. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous December 11, 2007 um 4:43 pm

white chocolate, yum… mais pour un franΓ§ais, est-ce que "pudding" n’est pas dΓ©courageant?.. πŸ˜‰ et paying it forward, waouhhh!

Anonymous December 11, 2007 um 4:45 pm

Praline Bar… oulala!

Anonymous December 11, 2007 um 6:34 pm

awww boo! I’m too late to play! This is a great idea! I’d love to bake all sorts of goodies, create a pretty package, and send it off to someone I barely know! I love giving gifts even to people I don’t know! I also love receiving packages. Who doesn’t?
You’re awesome, Madame Tartelette.

Maria December 11, 2007 um 7:01 pm

Great idea!! Pick me! Pick me!! πŸ™‚

Jaime December 12, 2007 um 4:07 am

pick me! pick me! πŸ˜‰

i have seen this 'pay it forward' idea on other food blogs, but it was where the 1st three people who commented were chosen and then they in turn had to post the same thing on their blog. i did not participate because i didn’t feel i had the time/energy to put together gifts for 3 individuals… but 1, i can do! so, i’m crossing all my fingers and toes that i am the lucky person chosen to receive a wonderful gift from you πŸ™‚

Clare December 12, 2007 um 7:03 pm

What a nice pre-Christmas present! I love me some Flake too – I got obsessed with it when I had Irish roommates in college who had about a year’s supply of the stuff.

Chris The Baker December 15, 2007 um 2:49 pm

Cookies from you! *Woot* What perfect a Christmas gift!
I’ve been wishing for several years, perhaps someone would bake for me – A nice change from me baking/cooking for others.
I’d be so delighted if this wish should come true through you! *Fingers crossed & crossed again*

eatme_delicious December 17, 2007 um 6:52 am

Ohh I wonder if I’m too late!

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