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One Step Forward…Two Steps Back

No, I am not talking about the current clock adjustment we are doing this weekend. I have been asked to make 1000 chocolates like these for a wedding reception tomorrow and everytime I get closer to the magic number, B. comes behind and begs for one….so it went from 500 to 499 to 502 to 501…until I had to chase him out of the kitchen : "Don’t you have papers to grade or something…?"
Hence, the reason why I have not been around much in the past few days….!

They are soft ganache centers dipped in tempered chocolate. The bride asked for flavors such as hazelnut praline, coconut, jasmine tea, Grand Marnier and plain with all three chocolates (milk, dark and white).

It was fun at first now I am dying to post about the Cream Cheese Brioche Braid I made this morning….will have to wait for tomorrow!

By the way, I onl have 25 left to dip and I can have a Martini!

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Anonymous March 11, 2007 um 6:17 am

They are beautiful! And how on earth did you get those amazing patterns on them?

Hope the chocolate making hasn’t been too tiring for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous March 11, 2007 um 2:57 pm

Enjoy your martini… the chocolates are beautiful! Did you use some type of transfer sheets for the designs?

Helene March 11, 2007 um 3:23 pm

I used transfer sheets that I cut into 1 inch squares. You have to place them on the chocolates as soon as you dip them. Not complicated, just time consuming.

Brilynn March 11, 2007 um 6:00 pm

Thos are AMAZING!
And you lie when you say not complicated…

Peabody March 11, 2007 um 7:30 pm

Please tell me you got paid for your efforts!

Helene March 11, 2007 um 8:00 pm

Yes, Peabody, I did get paid..I am nice not crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

Brilynn: well OK, we are talking about very tempermental (sp) chocolate!

Connie March 11, 2007 um 11:40 pm

wow! how beautiful. and after so many you really do deserve a drink

Elle March 12, 2007 um 5:04 am

Lucky bride and her guests. The designs are lovely, too. How do you keep the dipped chocolates flat enough for the transfers?
By 500 I would need a whole bottle of champagne and a warm bath. Glad your were paid and had at least one martini waiting.

Helene March 12, 2007 um 5:39 am

Elle: you keep the tops flat by gently applying even pressure when you apply the tranfer sheet squares on top of the chocolates.
I had more than one martinis, I have to confess!

Cindy March 12, 2007 um 9:12 am

gorgeous !

Cheryl March 12, 2007 um 1:12 pm

Those are really beautiful. You amaze me every time.

Parisbreakfasts March 13, 2007 um 12:12 am

I’m amazed too!
Some one at a chocolate night class said that decals or transfers are used to cover imperfections in the chocolate’s surface..
Do you thing there’s anything to this opinion?

Helene March 13, 2007 um 1:02 am

Carol: see I disagree. If the surface is not perfect, it will shoe no matter what decoration is used. If the surface is great to start off with, then the decal only enhance the chocolate…and I have eaten a lot of chocolates to find that out!!

Anita March 13, 2007 um 3:32 pm

Those are beautiful chocolates – I need to take a lesson from you!

MyKitchenInHalfCups March 13, 2007 um 4:56 pm

How amazing, at least to me they are! Can’t really imagine myself trying something like this.

Anonymous March 13, 2007 um 8:51 pm

Absolutely gorgeous – You are so talented!

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