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Nutella or Blackberry or Quince or Loquat Danish Braid With The Daring Bakers?

You know by the title of this post that there is a story coming up don’t you? Well, this time I have got to thank Kelly and Ben, our Daring Bakers' hosts this month for our house producing and eating danish braids and various other danishes all month long….for real. Not that I made a big batch of it and ate it throughout the month. No…to easy….I sat down yesterday actually counting the times I had made the recipe they provided for June: 1 full batch and 3 half batches. Hmmm…how did that happen?

Quickly after they posted the recipe inspired by Sherry Yard, The Secrets Of Baking, my mother-in-law was hosting her garden club and since I usually provide these ladies with some sort of baked goods, I thought of doing a half batch of the braid. Then a few days later, my Bakenistas and I met on Skype on Sunday morning and made a full batch. I had worked an overnight at the restaurant and I had started the dough there on my break. I arrived right on time to meet up with Lisa, Ivonne, Mary, Kelly, Ben, Chris and John. Same rowdy bunch, same coffee spillage laughing out loud. That batch was distributed around the neighborhood and B’s students. The weekend after that, he gave me a pity party for not having any left so I agreed to make another half batch. The last one? Yesterday…of all days…when I could not retrieve my Danish Braid picture folder and sent a screeching help email to whomever could help. Thank you John for the programs because they obviously work….and I can write this post eating a slice of Danish without freaking out or melting down.

Summary? Well, we have one Nutella filled Danish Braid, one Blackberry Cream Cheese Braid with Almond Streudel Topping, a few Quince Danishes (thanks to Marcela who brought me a huge can of quince paste from Argentina, 2 pounds of it!), a few Loquat Jam filled Danishes.

Basically, I’d be lying if I told you that we did not enjoy it or that I did not find it a breeze to work with…even in the heat we are having and all the humidity. I do admit that I have a secret (well, not anymore) weapon when it comes to rolling laminated dough like danishes or puff pastry in the summer in South Carolina: a pastry board with ice pack inserts, which you can see see here.

For the filings I spooned Nutella right from the jar and the loquat jam was spread the same way, from the jar. For the blackberry filled braid, I simply cooked some berries with sugar and spooned 4 oz of cream cheese mixed with 2 Tb of sugar on the dough before the blackberries. For the quince paste, I did put a small spoonfull of mascarpone before the paste in the danish. No real recipes, just trying what I have on hand.Kelly and Ben provided a wonderful apple filling recipe for the braid but I had to make room in the fridge and not very much time to do it, but I have it bookmarked for this winter. One other thing: I skipped the egg wash and just sprayed the braids and danishes with some water before baking, to keep the layers light and crispy during baking.

Danish Braid, inspired by Sherry Yard, The Secrets of Baking:

Makes 2-1/2 pounds dough

For the dough (Detrempe)
1 ounce fresh yeast or 1 tablespoon active dry yeast
1/2 cup whole milk
1/3 cup sugar
Zest of 1 orange, finely grated
3/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped
2 large eggs, chilled
1/4 cup fresh orange juice
3-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt

For the butter block (Beurrage)
1/2 pound (2 sticks) cold unsalted butter
1/4 cup all-purpose flour

Dough:Combine yeast and milk in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and mix on low speed. Slowly add sugar, orange zest, cardamom, vanilla extract, vanilla seeds, eggs, and orange juice. Mix well. Change to the dough hook and add the salt with the flour, 1 cup at a time, increasing speed to medium as the flour is incorporated. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes, or until smooth. You may need to add a little more flour if it is sticky. Transfer dough to a lightly floured baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Without a standing mixer: Combine yeast and milk in a bowl with a hand mixer on low speed or a whisk. Add sugar, orange zest, cardamom, vanilla extract, vanilla seeds, eggs, and orange juice and mix well. Sift flour and salt on your working surface and make a fountain. Make sure that the “walls” of your fountain are thick and even. Pour the liquid in the middle of the fountain. With your fingertips, mix the liquid and the flour starting from the middle of the fountain, slowly working towards the edges. When the ingredients have been incorporated start kneading the dough with the heel of your hands until it becomes smooth and easy to work with, around 5 to 7 minutes. You might need to add more flour if the dough is sticky.

Butter block: Combine butter and flour in the bowl of a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and beat on medium speed for 1 minute. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and the paddle and then beat for 1 minute more, or until smooth and lump free. Set aside at room temperature.
– After the detrempe has chilled 30 minutes, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface. Roll the dough into a rectangle approximately 18 x 13 inches and ¼ inch thick. The dough may be sticky, so keep dusting it lightly with flour. Spread the butter evenly over the center and right thirds of the dough. Fold the left edge of the detrempe to the right, covering half of the butter. Fold the right third of the rectangle over the center third. The first turn has now been completed. Mark the dough by poking it with your finger to keep track of your turns, or use a sticky and keep a tally. Place the dough on a baking sheet, wrap it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 minutes. – Place the dough lengthwise on a floured work surface. The open ends should be to your right and left. Roll the dough into another approximately 13 x 18 inch, ¼-inch-thick rectangle. Again, fold the left third of the rectangle over the center third and the right third over the center third. No additional butter will be added as it is already in the dough. The second turn has now been completed. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.
– Roll out, turn, and refrigerate the dough two more times, for a total of four single turns. Make sure you are keeping track of your turns. Refrigerate the dough after the final turn for at least 5 hours or overnight. The Danish dough is now ready to be used. If you will not be using the dough within 24 hours, freeze it. To do this, roll the dough out to about 1 inch in thickness, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and freeze. Defrost the dough slowly in the refrigerator for easiest handling. Danish dough will keep in the freezer for up to 1 month.

Danish Braid:
Makes enough for 2 large braids
1 recipe Danish Dough
filling of your choice

– Line a baking sheet with a silicone mat or parchment paper. On a lightly floured surface, roll the Danish Dough into a 15 x 20-inch rectangle, ¼ inch thick. If the dough seems elastic and shrinks back when rolled, let it rest for a few minutes, then roll again. Place the dough on the baking sheet.
– Along one long side of the pastry make parallel, 5-inch-long cuts with a knife or rolling pastry wheel, each about 1 inch apart. Repeat on the opposite side, making sure to line up the cuts with those you’ve already made.
– Spoon the filling you’ve chosen to fill your braid down the center of the rectangle. Starting with the top and bottom “flaps”, fold the top flap down over the filling to cover. Next, fold the bottom “flap” up to cover filling. This helps keep the braid neat and helps to hold in the filling. Now begin folding the cut side strips of dough over the filling, alternating first left, then right, left, right, until finished. Trim any excess dough and tuck in the ends.

Proofing and Baking
– Spray cooking oil (Pam…) onto a piece of plastic wrap, and place over the braid. Proof at room temperature or, if possible, in a controlled 90 degree F environment for about 2 hours, or until doubled in volume and light to the touch.
– Near the end of proofing, preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Position a rack in the center of the oven.
– Bake for 10 minutes, then rotate the pan so that the side of the braid previously in the back of the oven is now in the front. Lower the oven temperature to 350 degrees F, and bake about 15-20 minutes more, or until golden brown. Cool and serve the braid either still warm from the oven or at room temperature. The cooled braid can be wrapped airtight and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, or freeze for 1 month.

Check out all the other Daring Bakers' wonderful creations this month by heading over to the blogroll. Thank you all for visiting during these busy coming days and I will try my best to do the same. Scoring DMBLGIT is not a quick task so bear with me for the DB and the contest results which I plan on posting by Wednesday.

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Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 4:50 am

Helen, your pastries are so beautiful and flaky! The fillings sound mouthwatering. And what a great idea to omit an egg wash, I’ll try this next time. You never disappoint your fans.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 4:59 am

yay, you tried the membrillo! And in a perfect way too because they are used quite a bit here for danish pastries. A tip to help you use up the rest of the can: it´s used in a pie called pastafrola and you just soften it up with a bit of boiling water to form a soft paste, and I´ve even seen a recipe incorporating a bit of red wine, which should work great to cut down on the sweetness a bit, so does lemon. Other than that, just eat it sliced with a slice of cheese below.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 5:05 am

Nutella – bloody brilliant! I’m waiting for my second fold to chill right now.. at past 11pm. Am pondering a fig caramel filling, although that’s not very summery…

Yours are beautiful!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 5:30 am

Looks great as always Helen! I went pretty low key with this challenge and just did a strawberry filling with some Lillet Blanc.

Manggy June 29, 2008 um 5:31 am

Hah– I back up my photos so obsessively I’m running out of space! All for the peace of mind of not losing one I might need later (which has never happened, hahaha). That is just gorgeous, perfect lamination. 🙂

Ally June 29, 2008 um 5:51 am

ooooooooh! So jealous of the qince! Would have love to have a piece! : )
As always, I’m blown away by your creativity. Beautiful pastries and pics.

– Ally

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 6:05 am

Amazingly beautiful! Good job and the Nutella one sounds amzing.

zorra June 29, 2008 um 6:26 am

I’m drooling, I don’t now which one to taste first. 🙂

Barbara June 29, 2008 um 6:55 am

Lovely Helen. I think I could break my diet for these.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 7:07 am

What a lovely array of fillings. Very nice.

Michelle June 29, 2008 um 7:10 am

Oh my..such a nice variety of fillings. I just love the little pastries.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 7:26 am

nutella will be just perfect for my breakfast Helene!
your braids look beautiful; and I love how you sliced them.

xx fanny

Katie June 29, 2008 um 8:23 am

All your creations sound woderful. I’m particuarly drawn to the blackberry and cream cheese version. Wouldn’t have thought of using cream cheese but i’m longing to try it now.

enza June 29, 2008 um 8:26 am

pastry board with ice pack inserts?
and you are brave to do all those doughs.
as you I’ll be waiting for winter for apple filing.
And it’s a pleasure having you on my blogroll!

Peabody June 29, 2008 um 8:31 am

Way to overachieve! Holy cow…that is a lot of pastry. All of them look beyond fabulous though! I want the quince one myself.

Rosa's Yummy Yums June 29, 2008 um 8:35 am

I’ll take a bit of everything, please ;-P! Wow, you did a great job here, as usual!



Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 8:38 am

WOW! your pastries look really delicious! perfectly made! you are really amazing!

Rachel@fairycakeheaven June 29, 2008 um 9:59 am

mmmmmmmmmm nutella filled pastry, what could be better???

Beth (jamandcream) June 29, 2008 um 10:12 am

The almond topping looks fantastic. Should have been a bit more adventurous with mine but as it was my first challenge I was just relieved it worked!!

Laura Rebecca June 29, 2008 um 10:55 am

So beautifully done! I wish I had been as inspired as you with the fillings; your results look marvelous.

Cannelle Et Vanille June 29, 2008 um 10:58 am

i love the fillinga you used helen… gorgeous!!!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 11:22 am

Could you make them all again and send me a taste of each? 🙂

Beautiful pastries, which is no surprise!

Sunshinemom June 29, 2008 um 11:28 am

Perfect as ever! I wonder how the nutella and jam tasted! Have never tried such a combination! I skipped this time thanks to cold and other things! I was waiting to see yours:)

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 11:54 am

I love the flakiness of the pastry – fantastic!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 12:04 pm

yea… I think I just love everything you cook or bake, as simple as that..but you milk "box" is so cute…small little thing you can’t help adoring 🙂

Sarah June 29, 2008 um 12:17 pm

Looks lovely!

Judy@nofearentertaining June 29, 2008 um 12:20 pm

Your pastry looks incredible. I want to see the board with ice inserts and I couldn’t find the link! I am in South Florida and always have trouble with the humidity!

LizNoVeggieGirl June 29, 2008 um 1:01 pm

I’m absolutely smitten with ALL of your danish varieties, Helen!! Great filling choices!!

Lori June 29, 2008 um 1:04 pm

Beautiful pics and pastries. Love the nutella idea! I did Blackberry as well. I loved the flavors.

You know Helen you REALLY need to write a book. I SO would buy it!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 1:16 pm

Nutella? You’re my hero, Helen. 😉


Jen Yu June 29, 2008 um 1:24 pm

Dear girl, where is the photo of the self-cooling pastry board? 🙂 I love that you went to town with this and made not 2, but four versions! I too really liked the recipe. I’m ready to try more variations. All of your friends and family are so lucky that you are such a talented and enthusiastic and expert baker!! These are gorgeous, Helen 🙂

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 1:37 pm

I think Nutella should be man’s proudest invention 🙂 I bet it was absolutely delicious…and quince is one of my most favourite flavours – my grandmother used it all the time and I sadly haven’t seen it in years – I would love to get my little hands on some! Your danishes are beautiful 🙂

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 1:54 pm

Wherever there is Nutella, I am there 😉

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 2:00 pm

More Nutella?!?!?! It’s a conspiracy, why no one told me to do this I will never know, but I am goin to make a braid soon!!!!
Too much to say about your braids and also you, so just know all the insanity is so very welcome!!
Very glad to hear that the recovery programs worked for ya!!!

David T. Macknet June 29, 2008 um 2:10 pm

Yum! I particularly like that you have a chilled pastry surface (although I can’t seem to find it from this post).

Christy June 29, 2008 um 2:21 pm

Oh yum!!! I’d like the nutella one for breakfast tomorrow morning, thanks! They look soo good with coffee!! I can’t wait to finally become a member in July!!

Aparna Balasubramanian June 29, 2008 um 2:22 pm

Such beautifully layered Danishes. And I liked your first picture even better. But then I fin your pictures a visual feast.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 2:27 pm

I need to get that pastry board! The layers look amazing and I am so envious of your photography skills!

Joy June 29, 2008 um 2:35 pm

Chocolate filling? Perfect. Yum yum yum. I love how flaky your pastries are and so beautifully sculpted as ever.

Clumbsy Cookie June 29, 2008 um 2:43 pm

As usual all your braids and pastries look gorgeous and the fillings great, but Helen my favourite thing I think it has to be that cute milk jug! That’s just so adorable!

Mary June 29, 2008 um 3:13 pm

Your pastries, as always, are stunningly beautiful. I love all the different flavor combinations you tried. You may have inspired me to make this again!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 3:16 pm

Wow, they’re all so beautiful, Helene. Such amazingly flaky layers, but I’d expect nothing less from you!

I love the membrillo/mascarpone combination. Delicious!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 3:29 pm

Those look amazing!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 3:39 pm

beautiful pastires, i will try the water next time as your braids look so flaky!!

Thistlemoon June 29, 2008 um 3:48 pm

Wow, Helen! They all sound great! I don’t know which one to choose as my favorite! 🙂

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 4:04 pm

Gorgeous pastries… as usual!

You are a trooper for making this recipe so many times… but each filling sounds fabulous! Also.. I now must get one of those fancy ice pack boards.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 5:33 pm

So beautiful! I really should have cut mine into pretty triangles the way you did yours.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 5:59 pm

Beautiful! I, too, made the dough a few times during the month…it was so delicious, wasn’t it? I love all your filling ideas — Nutella, particularly, is inspired. 😉

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 6:17 pm

Helen, your fillings are so wonderful sounding. I think I’m going to have to add quince to my shopping list!

As usual, I had a blast with you on Skype while we baked this month’s challenge.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 6:28 pm

Your pastry looks amazing! It’s so beautiful- your photography is gorgeous! I love the almonds on top and your fillings sound delicious!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 6:45 pm

ahh nutella! everything is beautiful and looks delicious!

PheMom June 29, 2008 um 6:58 pm

They all look fantastic! I knew exactly what I’ve wanted to make all month and all the days have flown by. I hope to be making mine tonight. Yours sound soooo good!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 7:10 pm

Oh Yum! Looks so good!

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 7:21 pm

Beautiful Helen! I am going to do Nutella with my leftover dough! Yay for inspiration!

Lesley June 29, 2008 um 7:36 pm

Encore de la perfection! Very nice! Mine was more of a flop, sadly….

Bonbon Oiseau June 29, 2008 um 8:09 pm

A pastry bag with ice bag inserts? That is totally rad. I wish I had a bed with ice bag inserts.

I would call this recipe: "Danish Braid with Nutella Insert"! As always looks delicous!

Hetal June 29, 2008 um 8:15 pm

lovely recipes……these look so yummy..

MyKitchenInHalfCups June 29, 2008 um 8:39 pm

Incredible. We are all nut cases. Does that make us just a can of mixed nuts? (oops sorry)
Always Helen you inspire and amaze me! Thank you.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 um 9:08 pm

just fantastic, as usual 🙂
Mine is rising, waiting for the oven, and looks gorgeous. This was a wonderful challenge, again 🙂

Dagmar June 29, 2008 um 9:26 pm

They look beautiful! I’ve never heard about pastry boards with ice pack inserts, that’s genious! 🙂

June June 29, 2008 um 9:30 pm

They look great and flaky! Mine were bready 🙁

Melanie June 29, 2008 um 9:34 pm

No surprise – your braids look perfect! And I love the nutella filling idea…that will be on my to-try list next time!

steph- whisk/spoon June 29, 2008 um 10:21 pm

i’ll take one of each please! glad you were able to retreive that picture file–yum!

carrotcakegoddess June 29, 2008 um 10:54 pm

Helene, I love reading your blog! You are so generous giving us your recipes and sharing your life with us, I feel as though we have tea together when I am reading your blog. I especially love trying to read the comments left in French, which I took (I’m not telling you how long ago ) in high school. I love the language! My French is rusty now, but never the less, it is fun trying to remember! thank you for all of your hard work, and soon (when I am at my goal weight) I will be making one of your wonderous delights! (I don’t know which first…)

Half Baked June 29, 2008 um 11:06 pm

Wow gorgeous! look at all thoses flaky layers! I’ll take the nutella please:)

Cookie baker Lynn June 29, 2008 um 11:09 pm

What beautiful braids you made, and 4 different varieties, too. You are the baking bomb! I love the Nutella idea. Next time I try this it will definitely be with Nutella!

test it comm June 29, 2008 um 11:31 pm

That nutella braid sounds really good! Nice looking pastries!

kellypea June 30, 2008 um 12:46 am

Helen, I’m loving all that flakiness. On the braid. Bwhahahahah! You’re such a stud in the kitchen it’s amazing. Doing an all nighter before that whole Sunday gab fest. I don’t know how you do it!

Brownie June 30, 2008 um 12:51 am

So beautiful! Fantastic work!

Marcia June 30, 2008 um 1:07 am

I love your blog!
Do you konw were can I find a milk box like yours?
[email protected]

Harmony June 30, 2008 um 1:45 am

Nutella with that awsome dough. What a great combination.

Susan @ SGCC June 30, 2008 um 2:15 am

Nutella! What a terrific idea! I love it! Actually, I love all of your fillings. And your braids are beautiful! I love how you sliced them into pretty wedges.

Ben June 30, 2008 um 2:17 am

I knew you had a secret under your sleeve! Hehe, what I do is chill the pastry in the freezer for 15-20 minutes in between folds and it works pretty well. I love your pictures and story (as usual) It is an honor to be part of those two crazy groups :-p

Tarah at Genesis of a Cook June 30, 2008 um 3:12 am

I love your photos! Their gorgeous! So beautiful! They look so delicious!!

Speedbump Kitchen June 30, 2008 um 3:47 am

Oh, Nutella, how simple yet brilliant is that!! Thank you for the great post!

talida June 30, 2008 um 4:27 am

Four varieties! And thanks for sharing your secret weapon 🙂

Elle June 30, 2008 um 4:28 am

They all look quite lovely! I’d love a slice, thanks!

The Baker & The Curry Maker June 30, 2008 um 4:42 am

Wow! So gorgeous and flaky and lovely. Well done. Nutella would have been my favourite I think…

Rachel June 30, 2008 um 4:42 am

Perfect laminated layers….love your pics…

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 5:10 am

beautiful danish braids! i wonder if the nutella filling was easy to add? i decided to make a chocolate marzipan, a little more costly with the almond paste.

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 5:32 am

Your braids look so beautiful! Nutella filling sounds like a good idea. I had a chocolate filling too, not too rich though. My fav challenge so far!

That Girl June 30, 2008 um 5:52 am

The almond topping is inspired!

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 6:13 am

i’ve tried fresh loquat, but never loquat jam/preserves. such an eclectic taste! 😀
your blog is always an inspiration to everyone, Helen!

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 6:48 am

Congrats! Your danish braid looks really great. This was my first challenge and I thought it was quite difficult for me to achieve that laminated look. Your is perfect!

Nutellas option was really delicious. I loved it!

Meeta K. Wolff June 30, 2008 um 7:45 am

Absolutely gorgeous. Your choice of fillings are superb – quince is one i need to try – i have a whole jar of homemade quince jelly. thanks for the idea and yes – thanks for making me make puff pastry! you know i am mad about you anyways!

skoraq cooks June 30, 2008 um 8:28 am

I definitely go for the nutella version. Hihihihi

Shari June 30, 2008 um 9:34 am

Wow, you made this 4 times over the month. That’s impressive. And all your fillings sound delicious. Thanks for the tip on the pastry board…I’ll add that to my wish list! Beautiful photos.

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 9:41 am

Nutella straight from the jar – oh my, now I have to do this one again too… Come winter for switching on the oven happily.


Cakelaw June 30, 2008 um 9:59 am

Blackberry cream cheese with almond streusel topping?? I am so there!!!

Ginny June 30, 2008 um 12:10 pm

Delicious! I’ll take a nutella one please! 🙂

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 12:40 pm

Fabulous, but I am not surprised. I like the blackberry and almond one. I am sure they are especially good using local blackberries.

Lucy..♥ June 30, 2008 um 1:40 pm

Absolutely fabulous ! My DD lives on Nutella, and wants the next danish filled w/it 😉

ChichaJo June 30, 2008 um 1:42 pm

Before anything else…Nutella filling for the Danish…YESYES 100%!!! 🙂 I am ready to jump into my computer screen!

Second…that chilled pastry board is genius! Now, that is something I need in this heat!

Deeba PAB June 30, 2008 um 2:17 pm

Stunning Danish Helen…what a great choice of fillings too. Also like the fact that you skipped the egg wash…brilliant. The braids have a beautiful appeal to them!YUM!!

Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 2:56 pm

Yummy! Looks great!

glamah16 June 30, 2008 um 3:01 pm

All these great flavors. You make it seem so effortless the way you turn out all the batches. I would behappy to taste all of them.

Mari June 30, 2008 um 3:27 pm

Your pastries are so flaky! I’m so jealous of your chilled pastry board! I’m going to have to hunt down a nice slab of marble that I can chill in my fridge, because I don’t think you can find this in the NL.

Kristen June 30, 2008 um 3:27 pm

Leave it up to you to make the recipe several times! They all look so delicious, I think I need to try the nutella for a filling.

mimi June 30, 2008 um 4:01 pm

nutella filling sounds down right decadent. love how beautiful flaky your braids came out!

Patricia Scarpin June 30, 2008 um 6:32 pm

I can’t pick a favorite, Helen. Oh, wait, I think it’s Nutella. No, it’s blackberry. No, it’s… 🙂

mmmaria June 30, 2008 um 7:09 pm

Helen, it looks lovely. The nutella is such a novel idea! As for your post on my blog, it was actually…brand new yeast. Ah well, as I said – another month, another challenge, another try!

Thanks and congratulations!

Sakya June 30, 2008 um 7:52 pm

Very nice and look so good

La pâtisserie à l’air tellement croustillante et légère


Anonymous June 30, 2008 um 7:55 pm

Great choices on the filling!
Ta Danish Braid au nutella ressemble a un pain au chocolat geant! Mes enfants et mon mari adoreraient la gouter! Yummy!!!
Merci d’etre venu voir mon 1er challenge.

Gabi June 30, 2008 um 8:01 pm

Lovely job as always Helene!

Laura June 30, 2008 um 8:22 pm

I could have used one of those chilled pastry boards for my dough… It was hot as anything here in New Jersey and out kitchen is on the top floor of the house! Your braids look fantastic!

My Sweet & Saucy June 30, 2008 um 11:47 pm

Nutella all the way baby! Looks delicious!

Nicole July 1, 2008 um 1:20 am

Your braids are so pretty! Great job, as always! 🙂

Gigi July 1, 2008 um 2:46 am

The filling for you pastries sound divine! As always you did an amazing job with this months challenge!

Lisa July 1, 2008 um 5:41 am

You had me at Nutella! Have been following your posts for a while and I really enjoy them – indeed, you might even get me to try rhubarb in something!

Anonymous July 1, 2008 um 6:35 am

Your pastry even looks flaky. I gotta work on that. Bravo.

Dharm July 1, 2008 um 9:18 am

Helene! Wow! All those 4 different pastries look just fantastic. I wish I was your neighbour,…..

Y July 1, 2008 um 10:10 am

Fabtastic danishes. Love those layers, and I’m going to keep that spray-with-water-before-baking tip in mind for the next time I have to bake danishes. Also love that ceramic milk jug by the way!

Deborah July 1, 2008 um 4:40 pm

What a fun pastry board! I have a marble slab, and it seemed to keep the dough cool enough.

Great job on this challenge – you went all out! I love all of the flavors you chose.

Katie B. July 2, 2008 um 12:51 am

You are such a rock star – so inspiring!! Beautiful pastries!

Garrett July 2, 2008 um 3:09 pm

Nutella. Filled. Danish. Yep, that pretty much sounds like heaven to me. The braids look magnificent!

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life July 2, 2008 um 6:19 pm

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. This was SUCH a great challenge….glad you didn’t have problems with the southern weather. Your pastry board sound neat!

Sheltie Girl July 3, 2008 um 2:31 pm

You did a fabulous job on your danishes this month. I love the fillings you chose to make…YUM!

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Jenny July 3, 2008 um 7:30 pm

I know I am late getting here, sorry! Your braids look amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do for next month’s challenge.

creampuff July 4, 2008 um 1:48 am

Look how flaky that pastry is! You’re a genius!

Cynthia's Blog July 4, 2008 um 5:11 am

Brilliant photography. I love the Nutella Idea(I usually just spoon it down my throat). Thanks for commenting at by site.

Julie July 7, 2008 um 4:40 pm

Oh, these look so good!!! It really made me miss loquats, too!

Dolores July 15, 2008 um 2:34 am

I clearly need to start reading the Daring Baker reveal posts from the bottom of the alphabet up… I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly 3 weeks to get here! I’d be hard pressed to pick just one of your beautiful braids to taste… they *all* sound delicious.

Anonymous December 9, 2008 um 11:49 am

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Anonymous February 3, 2009 um 5:14 am

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