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A Mouthful Of A Name…

Pear And Blue Cheese With Cardamom And Rosemary….

Problem is I have just spent the last hour blogging about them and Blogger &%^$$(# lost my post in cyber space and I stared at the error message on my screen cursing in French…

Right now, I don’t have the energy to re-write it….and I am still fuming… give me one hour or a day and I’ll tell you all about them escpecially since I made them for lovely Meeta's Monthly Mingle.

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Alicia March 14, 2007 um 5:09 am

I’m so upset with you, and you haven’t even written the post!
I’m allergic to blue cheese, and those look sooo beatiful. *tear*

Anuhea March 14, 2007 um 5:10 am

Aww…sorry you lost your post…I would be so frusterated! Anyways, just dropping by to say I love your site (so much I’ve linked to you from mine) and you have awesome recipes (that I have yet to try). Come check out my site if you have time…
Keep Baking!

Meeta K. Wolff March 14, 2007 um 6:54 am

Ahh! Helene – I was having issues yesterday too. But what I did was hit the back button copied what I wrote and pasted into a text file. Then I simply re-copied into a blogger post and tried again. Did this until it worked. Maybe for next time. In the meantime you still have a bit of time till the deadline and I love the sound of these so there is no way I’ll miss them in the round-up 😉

MyKitchenInHalfCups March 14, 2007 um 11:17 am

Technology get thee to a nunnery!
Do you think that would help? There should be some expression we could write and still be polite.
The muffins/biscuits look and sound totally awesome! Just the name says it all.

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 11:39 am

Aww hon! I’m so sorry to hear about the post! Relax, chill with a cup of tea and hopefully you’ll feel better about it later. Can’t wait to see the post 🙂

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 1:31 pm

I’m sorry you lost your post. Hope you committed it to memory :). Wonderful looking biscuits though…they are biscuits right ? 😉

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 1:46 pm

Sorry about losing your post, that is the worst! I look forward to hearing more later:) This recipe looks like a winner.

Cheryl March 14, 2007 um 2:03 pm

Sorry about your post. I feel your pain. But they look fantastic and the fact that they have bleu cheese in them makes them even better.

Brilynn March 14, 2007 um 3:07 pm

I feel that frustration! I always type my posts up in Word because I have a fantastic abililty to delete/lose/have the internet swallow emails that have taken me hours to write… Of course, this doesn’t help you now. Nor does it help me when after I’ve lost something, someone says "Did you back it up first? You should always back up your work?" ARGH!

Freya March 14, 2007 um 7:32 pm

Helene, computers can be the most annoying thing in the world. When you lose some writing you feel (temporarily) like you’ve just lost a finger! They do look delicious though!

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 7:42 pm

Sorry about your post Helene, but thanks for not making us wait and posting a delicious picture of these savory treats!

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 8:02 pm

Please, please, PLEASE post this soon. Marrying the sweetness of the fruit with the savory cheese sounds wonderful. Beautiful photo too.

Regarding the tragically lost post, I ALWAYS write my posts as a text file first. Much less chance of losing it that way, and I can open up a post in progress to make quick changes without being online.

Linda March 14, 2007 um 8:52 pm

these look amazing. and i love the long name 😉 can’t wait to try them!

Anonymous March 14, 2007 um 8:54 pm

Oh I hate it when that happens. Those look fantastic!

Kajal@aapplemint March 15, 2007 um 10:53 am

lovely flavours u have going there.And it looks gr8 too.

Louise March 17, 2007 um 11:52 am

Chère Hélène! Oh I sympathize! My post on empanadas (almost a year ago and I still remember!) gave me a lot of fil à retordre! Still blogger is great… most of the time!

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