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Mirroir Fraise Verrines – The Never Ending Story

Strawberry Mirror Verrines
I know, I know, that is two mirror posts in a row…plus 65 others out there in the blogosphere thanks to my beloved Daring Bakers. If you have followed what I did for our July challege, I made 4 mini ones out of a recipe written out for a 10 inch cake. What did I do with the leftover cake, bavarian cream and strawberry mirror?…throw them away?…Heck no! Not in this kitchen!
I had more guests coming during the week so I layered the cake components in pretty glasses and parked them in the fridge until dinner. It seems that my fridge had a never ending love story with Strawberry Mirror cake for a while but that is ok, it looked pretty that way.

I thought about waiting another week or so before posting this but some events have prompted me to do it tonight. See, my 18 year-old god-daughter, Sophie called me last friday saying she was coming to visit for a while. Arrival day: wednesday….August 1st. Arghhhh!! Well, that meant a little cleaning here and there, a little food shopping and meal planning and prep cooking so I could enjoy my time with her. Oh, and a while means that she is staying a whole month!
She has never been to the States so I am tickled pink, I get to be 18 again!! I plan on making sure she has a wonderful time here so forgive me if my posting is sort of heratic in the coming month. I want to make sure you get your sugar fix though so I enrolled her to fill some macarons with me tomorrow night.

Strawberry Mirror Verrines
You can find the recipe for the Strawberry Mirror here, and if you decide to give it a go and have leftovers, just take out your favorite glasses and layer away.

Strawberry Mirror Verrines

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Meeta K. Wolff August 2, 2007 um 6:14 am

Awesome. I keep saying this to you and I will say it again … YOU are a genius!! This is a really cool idea. Makes me want to make the mirror cake all over again just to have leftovers so I can make this here!

WokandSpoon August 2, 2007 um 6:21 am

That’s such a great idea for the leftovers! And so cute too!

Peabody August 2, 2007 um 6:54 am

Great minds think a like…I did something very similar with my leftovers. But I was lazy and did not do the mirror. Yours look fantastic.

Pille August 2, 2007 um 7:44 am

Wonderful presentation of leftovers 🙂 I love the glass on the bottom picture – so adorable!

barbichounette August 2, 2007 um 8:42 am

Elles sont vraiment très jolies tes verrines !!!!

veronica August 2, 2007 um 9:25 am

tres belles verrines…et plus faciles a transporter….belle idee a retenir

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 9:43 am

Irrésistibles ces verrines, et si jolies!

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 11:52 am

La dernière photo… magnifique verrine. Complètement sous le charme je dirais même!

Sandy August 2, 2007 um 1:09 pm

I have been dropping in for some time now and just have to tell you, your creations and photos are spectacular!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 1:38 pm

Have a grand time with your niece! I’m smiling imagining the two of you laughing together in the kitchen.

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 1:57 pm

Very very nice way of using those leftovers!

monica August 2, 2007 um 2:25 pm

haha great use for the leftovers! it was too good to waste…but i ended up just eating mine in spoonfuls

Belinda August 2, 2007 um 2:40 pm

You make the leftover mirror cake look just as beautiful as the first cake! Your god-daughter is sure to have a fabulous time during her month’s stay with you. 🙂

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 2:40 pm

brilliant use of leftovers. Have fun with Sophie!

Anita August 2, 2007 um 3:17 pm

Oh Helene, only you could make leftovers look like an entirely original creation! Your god-daughter is ver lucky – hope you have a wonderful time with her!

Kelly-Jane August 2, 2007 um 3:43 pm

I love how the glasses look with the mirror on top, really pretty 🙂

Abby August 2, 2007 um 3:45 pm

Everything you make is so beautiful! You’re truly talented. I hope you and Sophie have a glorious time together! (I took six years of French back in the day, and my French name was Sophie. Ah, memories.)

Anonymous August 2, 2007 um 3:49 pm

I empathize with your refrigerator – I can’t get enough of this mirror cake either! Hehe. What you’ve done with the leftovers is beyond gorgeous. I assume you created additional gelatin layers to top each verrine, right?

Aimée August 2, 2007 um 5:35 pm

Adorable; your would be great working in a restaurant where one has to turn leftovers into the new special of the day!

Patricia Scarpin August 2, 2007 um 5:37 pm

Helen, these are lovely! What a nice dessert to prepare when I have people over.

Thistlemoon August 2, 2007 um 6:40 pm

These desserts look amazing! Honestly staring at your sweet delicacies online is really what inspired me to join the DB’s in the first place and learn to bake!

Deborah August 2, 2007 um 7:20 pm

What an awesome way to use your leftovers! I think they look so great this way.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) August 2, 2007 um 7:28 pm

Love these little mirror "cakes" — they are adorable and look like just the amount you’d want to eat in one sitting. Enjoy your time with your goddaughter — a one-month visit is so much fun!

Nora B. August 2, 2007 um 9:10 pm

terrific idea! Leftovers never looked so pretty before. Your guests are very lucky to get some. And I love that last jar.

Hilda August 2, 2007 um 11:46 pm

What a great idea, et ils sont tout mi-mi comme ca en miniature, c’est peut-etre meme meilleur au gout non, quand c’est tout petit…

Virtual Frolic August 3, 2007 um 4:43 am

That is so cute! I love that they’re all in different glasses! They don’t even look like leftovers!

Lis August 3, 2007 um 8:45 am

You’re gorgeous AND brilliant! That B – he’s a lucky guy =)

Hope you are having fun with Sophie! But you need to put her to bed early.. I miss our yahoo nights! 😀


Parisbreakfasts August 3, 2007 um 9:42 am

Buckets, jam jars, juice glasses…WAIT!
Where are all the watercolor water jars full of Mirrored strawberries!?
I have many waiting to be filled to the brim 🙂

Anonymous August 3, 2007 um 9:47 am

These are so adorable and clever! Nobody would ever suspect they were leftovers…well, aside from all of us here who have read your post 🙂

Cynthia August 3, 2007 um 12:21 pm

Honey, you can feed me left overs anytime 🙂

Big hugs. Will email you soon.

Unknown August 3, 2007 um 1:03 pm

I love this. I think this would solve all the texture problems I felt the recipe had. More like a mirror-trifle-sundae. Hee!

Mallow August 3, 2007 um 1:35 pm

Those are just as gorgeous as the original cake!

Jes August 3, 2007 um 7:44 pm

So cute! And you didn’t throw your extra cake out which is awesome.

Elle August 3, 2007 um 11:19 pm

Too cool. I made something like this out of the leftovers, too, but without the mirror. Sweetie didn’t want to wait until the guests arrived to taste the cake and cream part. It makes a nice little dessert with just those two parts.

Jan August 3, 2007 um 11:23 pm

Your recipes and pictures are wonderful! I made your lemon pound cake for a friend’s birthday, and it was luscious! Thank you.

Chris August 4, 2007 um 3:21 am

You’re so ingenious! I love what you’ve done here…
Enjoy your time with your god-daughter!

Eva August 4, 2007 um 5:26 am

Looks wonderful – the last pic is my favourite! What kind of glass is that?

Anonymous August 7, 2007 um 12:58 pm

oh dear dear der e! wow this look incredible. as always stunning photos 🙂

MyKitchenInHalfCups August 8, 2007 um 3:01 pm

Guess I was lazy with Peabody, all my mirror was gone but the crumbled cake and cream was great.
It brings happiness to think about getting to be 18 again with your god-daughter! And she’s there a month, that will be grand. I look forward to the adventures.

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