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Marbled Ricotta Cheesecake Brownies

Marbled Ricotta Cheesecake

I am not sure these are picture worthy to be a Brownie Babe, but if you could just have a bite of them you would ask, beg, connive for more. After just a sample, B and I became quite protective of the whole batch and reluctantly shared some with the neighbors. I made these the week before Sophie arrived and I know it won’t be long before I make them again as we have been talking them up ever since!

I have made my share of marbled brownies before but I have never used ricotta doing so, always cream cheese. This recipe combines both and it truly makes a difference in the taste. The "cheesecake" part of the brownie is not as tangy than if using just cream cheese, it has a soft, creamy tesxture and flavor…pure delight. The brownies retain that fudgy, deep chocolate quality that I like so much and it only gets better overnight.

I cannot take credit for the recipe and must direct you to my ever ongoing French blog crush, the very talented Guillemette from Chocolat & Caetera. She is also passing it on from another talented blogger, Loukoum and I hope that these brownies keep on making the rounds.
I am sending these to Myriam and stay tuned for an update of the 3rd Brownie Babe round up on her blog.

Marbled Ricotta Cheesecake
Marbled Ricotta Cheesecake Brownies:

maks 35 squares (yeah right…!!)

Cheesecake batter:
250 gr. ricotta (9 oz)
150 gr. cream cheese, at room temperature (5 oz)
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 eggs
120 gr. sour cream (4 oz)
2 Tb. all purpose flour

Brownie Batter:
200 gr. butter (7 oz)
300 gr. bitter sweet chocolate (10.5 oz)
6 eggs
200 gr. granulated sugar (7 0z)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
150 gr. flour (5 oz)
pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 350F. In a bowl, mix together all the ingredeints for the cheesecake batter. Set aside.
For the brownie: melt the butter and the chocolate together in a saucepan over low heat. Let cool a little. In a bowl, mix together the eggs, sugar and vanilla until pale. Add the chocolate/butter and mix until combined. Add the flour and salt.
Line a 13×9 inch with foil, spray with cooking spray. Pour in the chocolate batter. Dot the cream cheese batter over it and with a toothpick or the tip of a knife swirl the batters around.
Cook for 25-35 minutes. Let cool, cut and enjoy!

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Anonymous August 9, 2007 um 11:49 pm

Love your site!! Your pictures are so yummy looking. =) Cant wait to try your macaroon recipe

LizNoVeggieGirl August 10, 2007 um 12:55 am

these brownies are gorgeous! perfectly marbled :0)

Anh August 10, 2007 um 1:32 am

What a perfect brownie! Great with a cuppa!

slush August 10, 2007 um 1:42 am

Wow, they look fantastic! And the husb loves ricotta, BONUS!

Susan from Food Blogga August 10, 2007 um 2:11 am

Ricotta in brownies? Oh, baby! They must be so moist and luscious.

Mandy August 10, 2007 um 3:25 am

I am bookmarking this recipe. Can’t resist this intriguing combination. Thanks for the recipe. Just out of curiousity, what brand of ricotta would you recommend? (I seldom use ricotta in my baking)Will the low fat one works?

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 5:48 am

These look heavenly! I actually like ricotta more than cream cheese so I’m sure I would love these ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 6:07 am

I’m happy you liked it!
I often do my cheesecake with some ricotta too!

Eva August 10, 2007 um 6:19 am

I always used to think that brownies are somewhat boring but now I have seen these wonderful cheesecake brownies and another interesting kind made with olive oil at Traveller’s Lunchbox – I guess I’ll soon be converted to a brownie lover..;-)

Amy August 10, 2007 um 6:27 am

Ricotta in brownies, I can’t wait to try this! The brownies look so perfectly fudgy and chewy!

Meeta K. Wolff August 10, 2007 um 6:46 am

gorgeous looking brownies. The marbling effect is looks really awesome! i also find the addition of ricotta very interesting!

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 7:05 am

It looks delicious, and I think the pictures are indeed drool worthy, they look like the picture of a book iยดve had in my wishlist forever, Brownies to die for or something like that, which should tell you something about their appeal!
Iยดm fairly sure Iยดm making these soon, though my readers might get love with all the cross-linking haha

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 7:42 am

encore une fois tes photos sont splendides !! ahhh ces brownies cheesecake, on a pas fini d’en entendre parler, mais ils le valent bien ;o)

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 7:47 am

these are fabulously photo worthy, i think! yum!

Rosa's Yummy Yums August 10, 2007 um 8:03 am

Gorgeous! To die for! Perfect brownies…

myriam August 10, 2007 um 9:18 am

i am such a sucker for cheesecake brownies and this one has ricotta in it, so thats even better! thanks so much for joining browniebabes – your brownie is wonderful!

Papilles et Pupilles August 10, 2007 um 9:55 am

Amazing ! They are so gorgeous !

Truffle August 10, 2007 um 11:34 am

Those pictures are very worthy indeed! They certainly have me begging for a taste.

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 12:03 pm

Helen, those brownies look so beautiful, I don’t know how you might think that they aren’t serious Brownie Babe material! I could never enter this competition because now I know that you’ll be the winner!

Janet August 10, 2007 um 1:00 pm

I don’t know what you’re taking about… those pictures look fabulous, and so do the brownies!

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 1:21 pm

oh boy, another brownie to bookmark. These look exquisite, Helen! I can’t wait to try ricotta and cream cheese in a chocolate brownie.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) August 10, 2007 um 1:44 pm

An excellent choice for the Brownie Babe Event. Brownies must always be drank with milk. It seems to be essential.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) August 10, 2007 um 1:45 pm

Lovely brownies. It’s great to watch recipes travel through the blog world, too. I think the ones that travel the farthest must really be the best.

MyKitchenInHalfCups August 10, 2007 um 2:29 pm

Ask: Please could I have just one?
Beg: Please, please (on my knees) could I have just one?
Connive: Well, yes I could bake a batch but then they’re be those other 34 squares and that’s just way too much for one little me. So, please just one!
These are really beautiful!

Belinda August 10, 2007 um 3:08 pm

I can tell, just by gazing at these brownies, that they are the perfect cheesecake brownie! They look absolutely amazing, and goodness, who could resist one of those, or perhaps even two of them, with a nice afternoon cup of tea?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Deborah August 10, 2007 um 3:23 pm

These look so wonderful! I really need to get with it and make my entry!

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 4:14 pm

Definitevely to try soon, but I have a question…there’s no eggs in the cheese mixture…is it ok?

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 4:34 pm

You know you’ve made something GREAT when you become protective over it! I would love to be added to your pending batches to make-for list, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Peabody August 10, 2007 um 5:51 pm

Oh, I bet these are nice and moist!

Patricia Scarpin August 10, 2007 um 6:03 pm

35? Would you please, pretty please, send some my way, sweetie? ๐Ÿ™‚

Helene August 10, 2007 um 6:17 pm

Note: recipe updated to reflect the eggs in the cheesecake batter.
Thaks SIl for noticing!

Anonymous August 10, 2007 um 6:20 pm

I love the new look of your site! Great photos…and these brownies look great! I have never tried Ricotta in my brownies!

Cameron August 10, 2007 um 7:07 pm

Oh my ricotta! I have to come out of lurkship to tell you how much want Apple to invent a scratch-and-taste screen…

test it comm August 11, 2007 um 2:02 am

These brownies look great. I like the sound of the ricotta and cream cheese.

Elle August 11, 2007 um 3:18 am

Those are the most bodacious brownies I’ve ever seen. COmbining cream cheese and ricotta is genius. Mmmmmm.

Anonymous August 11, 2007 um 6:19 pm

Just gorgeous brownies. My daughter saw these and begged for me to make them.

I love the new look of your blog with your amazing creations up with the title.

Parisbreakfasts August 11, 2007 um 8:49 pm

I find myself fascinated that the French are creating these combo desserts:
Brooklyn cheesecake
Italian Ricotta
the old fashioned Brownie!!
IS it possible to add a bit of muffin or English crumble to this multi-plex concoction?
Just wondering..?

Anonymous August 11, 2007 um 9:13 pm

Done! they are great, moist, rich but no so so sweet for the cheese… gracias Helen!

Heather @ August 11, 2007 um 10:45 pm

that looks so good!

Mallow August 11, 2007 um 11:09 pm

I will definitely be trying these out some time soon…

Stella August 13, 2007 um 8:02 am

I’m practically licking my fingers as I look at your brownies! Never tried brownies with ricotta but it sure sounds worth every effort!

kellypea August 14, 2007 um 7:06 pm

Goodness, if these aren’t absolutely gorgeous, I don’t know what is. That swirl of white that dips down into that chocolate is art.

Edith August 17, 2007 um 9:39 am

I tried it this afternoon and it was indeed delicious. Thanks for sharing.

TNelson August 19, 2007 um 3:59 pm

TOTALLY AMAZING! Made these yesterday afternoon for a barbecue this evening – a’course The Husband and I had to test just to make sure they were edible (heh). These are so amazingly chocolatey, moist, not too sweet but just…the ultimate. You should defnately win Brownbiebabe of the month.

Anonymous August 28, 2007 um 4:39 am

do you need to store this brownies in the fridge? I’m thinking of making it tonight ( Tue ) and serve on Fri.



Helene August 28, 2007 um 6:39 am

June: I would store them in the fridge because of the ricotta and cream cheese.

Anonymous September 11, 2007 um 9:16 pm

Congrats Browniebabe!

Morven September 11, 2007 um 10:57 pm

Congratulations on your well deserved win. So just how many squares did the recipe make ๐Ÿ˜‰

. . . September 12, 2007 um 1:14 pm

oh my. these are lovely! congratulations on your browniebabe win!

Mansi September 12, 2007 um 11:23 pm

Congrats!! these are so simple and yet look so delicious! I like ricotta cheese, haven’t tasted it in a cheesecake though, so would def give this a try!

Yours is a great blog, and I’m gonna take some inspiration from you:)

Shella September 14, 2007 um 9:45 am

Would you be gracious enough & send a batch across to India…..Did I hear you say "that’s too far off"??

african vanielje September 16, 2007 um 7:40 pm

zeqhere’s to you brownie babe!!

Anonymous September 21, 2007 um 1:16 am

I just wanted to say that my husband and I were having friends over for dinner last weekend. I was looking for a good, casual dessert and I thought, "Ah…I will check Tartelette’s site." I found this brownie recipe and it was met with rave reviews. Thanks for sharing it! You made my guests very happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous May 4, 2008 um 11:34 pm

hello tartelette, i read most of your recipes, and they all look SO good!
i dont recall which other ones i have made, but i made this recipe about three weeks ago and they were very lovely, although i wish the brownie part had more flavor.
otherwise, it is an incredible brownie recipe! it fullfilled my brownie cravings that i had been having for about a month and a half!

Odette Jones October 4, 2009 um 1:25 pm

Made these today and they were ok. Not fabulous but passable. The recipe didnt taste like much. Needs more cream cheese and less ricotta.

Penelope Noll December 24, 2011 um 7:13 pm

I realize this post is from 2007, but I was looking for a cream cheese ricotta brownie recipe and found this. I used my fav 13×9 size brownie mix and added chocolate chips. I then made your cheesecake batter but omitted the sour cream and used a full package of cream cheese (8 oz.) It's perfect! Just what I wanted. I'll try it with the sour cream next time. Thanks!

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