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Macarons 101 In Desserts Magazine

Desserts Magazine #2 – Macarons 101 (click)

To say that I love Vera, the editor for the digital Desserts Magazine is a small word! She asked me a while back if I wanted to contribute a picture and recipe for their first digital magazine (The Creme Au Nutella) and we have been chatting almost daily via emails. When she asked me if I wanted to write a macarons tutorial for their second edition with step by step pictures, I immediately jumped on it given the numbers of emails and questions I kept getting from readers…and you know that nothing makes me happier than to give back the love and support you all show me day in and day out.

Voila! It’s out! A whole 8 pages (36-43) full of guidelines, tips and pictures to help you on your macaron quest! I am laughing at the way I am holding the pastry bag….ehehe but between the making and taking the pictures on timer my brain lost track!! For the article I focused on the French meringue based macarons but my French buddy Mercotte wrote a wonderful tutorial on the Italian meringue method a few weeks ago. Now, you can’t say we don’t have you covered, can you?

Macarons-Copyright©Tartelette 2008
Now, go look at that magazine and get inspired by all the wonderful recipes and pictures that favorite bloggers of mine have contributed, starting with my favorite painter Carol who did the cover and also JenJen, David, Peabody, Molly just to name a few!

I am looking forward to upcoming issues where I will be contributing a few more things and not only recipes! I am looking forward to talking shop with Vera every day as they share the same love for good food, good styling and professionalism. Great job guys!
Now, if you’ll excuse me I have got some reading to do…and I think she knows I get a giggle when I hear that "swish" sound whenever I flip the digital page!

P.S: I am passing along to Vera all your comments about zooming and Firefox and others. Thank you for the feedback!
Update: zoom feature is working!

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LyB April 18, 2008 um 3:15 pm

Thank you so much for this link Helen! I’ve been wanting to try making macarons for a while now, this is just what I need to get me started! Your macarons look just so incredible, as always!

Jade April 18, 2008 um 3:22 pm

That is amazing! What a great article! Do you know if there is a way to print that? I may try making the macarons for my mom’s birthday next week – how long do they last before getting stale?

Jade April 18, 2008 um 3:22 pm

by the way, the digital page made me laugh out loud too. I had to turn the sound off because I was browsing it at work!

Maria April 18, 2008 um 3:39 pm

Thank you so much! We are making macarons for my wedding and this guide is going to help us along the way! The magazine is wonderful! Great job!!

mimi April 18, 2008 um 3:41 pm

awesome guide, and just in time for that macaron blog event next month! definitely want to try making these, and hopefully they will come out half as good looking as yours!

Mandy April 18, 2008 um 3:42 pm

congrats! and this is so exciting! I am hopping over to read the e-magazine now!

Helene April 18, 2008 um 3:58 pm

Jade: keeping macarons…hmmm…if you can resist eating them all that day, I’d say 2-3 days tightly covered in the fridge or they will absorb other odors, and a couple of weeks in the freezer either filled or not. If they are filled with jam or curd, they will get soggy in 24 hours.

LizNoVeggieGirl April 18, 2008 um 3:58 pm

incredible!! I will DEFINITELY check it out!!

Pixie April 18, 2008 um 4:08 pm

Absolutely fantastic, huge congrats what a great accomplishment!

RecipeGirl April 18, 2008 um 4:50 pm

Hey, congrats! What a fun magazine… I actually jumped at the first swoosh that I heard!!

FYI- I showed my hubby your blog yesterday and he said, "Now THAT’S a great blog!" A smile for your day 🙂

That Girl April 18, 2008 um 5:02 pm

I’m going to go pick up a copy today!

Bridget April 18, 2008 um 5:19 pm

Congratulations! That is great! I can’t wait to make some!!!

Anonymous April 18, 2008 um 5:19 pm

Thanks so much for sharing and writing the in-depth, informative article! I can’t wait to try making macarons (ahem, again…).

My Sweet & Saucy April 18, 2008 um 5:25 pm

Thanks for the insight to that great magazine! Can’t wait to read all about you in it!

MyKitchenInHalfCups April 18, 2008 um 5:30 pm

Oh dear, I think I may have to make Macarons after all . . . I’m off for a wonderful read I know.

Anonymous April 18, 2008 um 5:36 pm

I am making a fresh pot of coffee right now, and then will spend my afternoon reading the article. Thanks, I am so excited.

Babeth April 18, 2008 um 6:15 pm

Bravo! Bravo!

Suganya April 18, 2008 um 6:35 pm

Fantastic job. Kudos to everyone. The magazine works only on IE though. Might be an issue for Firefox users.

Veron April 18, 2008 um 6:41 pm

I just read the article. You did a fantastic job, Helen! Love the detail and the little story snippets within. I love the swoosh when you turn the page too.

Anonymous April 18, 2008 um 6:49 pm

Your macarons look lovely – congrats on ur appearance in the magazine and thanks for sharing your macaron-making tips. I just can’t help drooling while "flicking" thru the mag and seeing all the beautiful desserts, what a gem! 😛

Anonymous April 18, 2008 um 7:29 pm

Nice…but is there a way to zoom in, im goin to loose my sight reading…..

PheMom April 18, 2008 um 11:25 pm

Yay Helen! I’ve been watching for the article. I’m so excited. I just got a kitchen scale for my birthday – next stop, macarons!

Anonymous April 18, 2008 um 11:34 pm

Looks delicious! I love the colors. I just picked up a few macaroons from Miette the the patisserie in the Ferry Building in SF a few days ago. Looks a lot like your macaroons – fluffy inside and popping with flavors like chocolate and orange, hazelnut, grapefruit. Yum.

Mindy Moo April 18, 2008 um 11:35 pm

Great article! I am going to give them a go next weekend! Fingers crossed that my first macarons aren’t too much of a failure.

Anonymous April 19, 2008 um 4:38 am

C’est le debut de la celebrite. Aujourd’hui un digital magazine, demain.. le food network!
Bravo ma belle!

Mama Mia April 19, 2008 um 4:44 am

wow, youre the macaron guru. I’ve only had macarons twice in my life and once was on my wedding cake! I love them so much and want to make them but it seems so intimidating. Making macarons is on my list of must dos.

Manggy April 19, 2008 um 5:26 am

Thanks for the link and the article!! I think it helps a long way to overcoming my macaron fear… I want my first try to be as perfect as yours, lol 🙂

grace April 19, 2008 um 8:02 am

it’s probably just me, but i’ve always thought that certain pictures of macarons make them look like colorful little burgers. either way, they’re beautiful. 🙂

Rachel@fairycakeheaven April 19, 2008 um 9:52 am

A fantastic article Helen, so well explained and the pics are fantastic!

Rachael Hutchings April 19, 2008 um 2:52 pm

Congratulations! How fun! I cracked up the first time I heard that page turn swooshing sound–too funny! I’m very happy that your article is done–perfect timing for me finally trying out macarons!

Lore April 19, 2008 um 3:24 pm

Your tutorial is very valuable to me Helen as I have never tried my hand at making macarons but I always enjoy your beatiful macarons photos. Thanks for the link!

glamah16 April 19, 2008 um 6:00 pm

I have been waiting for this! Thank You!

talida April 19, 2008 um 6:18 pm

The guide is great! I’m taking a macaron class this summer, but your guide will help me get some extra practice in too 🙂

Vanillaorchid April 19, 2008 um 7:10 pm

Thank you so much for the link you mentioned 🙂

They are absolutely fantastic!! I love them very much. Nice dessert magazines with full recipe and picture!!!

There are so many desserts I would love to give a try.

Moreover, your macarons part are so great and for sure will help me a lot to improve my macarons,

Thank you so much. 🙂

giz April 19, 2008 um 7:32 pm

Yayyy – finally!!! a tutorial on macaroons – maybe for once I’ll get it right. Good job!!! It’s a lot of work to produce what you did – good on you.

Anonymous April 19, 2008 um 8:36 pm

Waouu – the magazine looks great! I think the information will be a great resource. Bravo pour les belle photos!

steph- whisk/spoon April 19, 2008 um 11:16 pm

i checked out the magazine yesterday! nice work!

Lori April 19, 2008 um 11:26 pm

I liked the magazine but had some problems getting in close enough to read it. I am not sure if it was my error. I’d get the bigger image in the background but the smaller version would still be in front.

I squinted my eyes and read it anyway because I have been waiting for this article from you. Thank you so much for producing such a great tutorial. I can not wait to make them again. Or should I say I can not wait to eat them again.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) April 20, 2008 um 12:50 am

Congratulations on your publication! The macarons look like little bits of heaven.

Anonymous April 20, 2008 um 4:49 am

Too cool, I can’t wait to read the article! My browser is having some issues with it, but hopefully it should resolve itself by the morning.

Congrats on getting the attention that you deserve!

Cakebrain April 20, 2008 um 6:18 am

Yay! I’ve always wanted the macaron process all explained clearly in one place. That’s an excellent article. I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous April 20, 2008 um 9:59 am

Que ce soit en France ou ailleurs, les macarons déclenchent les passions ……Merci pour le clin d’oeil et un grand bravo

Parisbreakfasts April 20, 2008 um 2:14 pm

THANK YOU HELENE for showing the Desserts Mag cover!(my cover:)
I can’t wait to look at your step-by-step macaron trip.

Anonymous April 20, 2008 um 4:59 pm

I have been an observer up to now,
and 2 days ago I made macarons for the first time according to one of your recipes.
I did not anticipate to succeed so much on the furst try, but they were wonderful. Thanks.

Anonymous April 20, 2008 um 7:15 pm

These are truly beautiful, wow! I’ve been meaning to attempt these, but for some reason – find them intimidating. I think bc they are sooo very pretty – they seem automatically very difficult. I think I’m inspired… 🙂

Cannelle Et Vanille April 20, 2008 um 7:43 pm

that is wonderful! loved it!

Valentina April 20, 2008 um 8:01 pm

Dear Tartellete, how lovely to be here again. and such wonderful post. I will definitely check the magazine. and will come back to let you know what i thought of it.I’m sure i will love it – if it has our approval it has to be excellente.

Emily April 20, 2008 um 8:06 pm

How fun! Congrats on this.
You are definitely one to show people how to make macarons.

Anonymous April 20, 2008 um 9:43 pm

Oh congrats!! Your photography and kitchen creations are sooo amazing, I think there will be so many more of your talent showcased!

Aimée April 20, 2008 um 11:17 pm

Dear Helen,
You did it! It’s a very impressive write-up and the photos are stunning.
Thank you for this comprehensive lesson-I guess I have no excuse now, I must get cracking (eggs)!

Unknown April 20, 2008 um 11:58 pm

I just finished my very first batch of macarons thanks to your wonderful instructions! I learned a lot in that first batch, but I have a question for you about baking times. I’ve seen baking times anywhere from 8-12 minutes based on size, but I wasn’t sure when I should take them out of the oven. I ended up taking them out at about 9.5 minutes when they were very gently browned. Unfortunately, the centers were a little gooey. Should I increase my oven temperature or leave them in another minute or what? How do I know when they’re ready to come out of the oven? I was afraid to touch them for fear of disturbing the lovely little feet that had formed.

Other than that, your instructions were brilliant and answered every question I had as I went through the process. Thank you so much for putting all the information together. I can’t tell you how many times I referred to it as I was trying to get everything right. 🙂


Anonymous April 21, 2008 um 1:06 am

These look amazing. J’adore macaroons Francais!

eatme_delicious April 21, 2008 um 5:22 am

Awesome! I will definitely be reading your macaron article in there and checking the other articles out too.

Peabody April 21, 2008 um 5:23 am

A truly lovely job. I actually forgot about that…the me telling them they could use my photo part.

Helene April 21, 2008 um 2:51 pm

Brianne: for small shells (1 inch) you can remove them around 8 minutes. For larger ones, 12 minutes. Basically, you want to take them out of the oven when they do appear too mushy from the bottom. I usually look around 10 minutes and left one up, if it is still gooey underneath, I put them back and add a couple more minutes of cooking time.

Unknown April 21, 2008 um 4:23 pm

Thank you for the help Helen! I guess I was just nervous about screwing them up by overbaking since everything was going relatively well! 🙂 I’ll try another batch this weekend. Thanks again,

Deborah April 21, 2008 um 9:35 pm

Wonderful article!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups April 22, 2008 um 4:49 am

That is a treasure of a reference! Thank you!

Melita April 22, 2008 um 12:55 pm

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! I love the magazine!!!

Sheltie Girl April 23, 2008 um 1:29 am

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Not to mention I’m thrilled to have your tutorial!

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Unknown April 23, 2008 um 2:12 am

Wonderful article, Helen! And I just LOVE all the beautiful photographs of your macarons!! I’ll have to give french meringue macarons another chance. :o)

Jenny April 23, 2008 um 2:44 pm

Congrats! Lovely article, beautiful pictures!

B April 23, 2008 um 6:19 pm

Congratulations on the publication! You are my macaron guru! I bow down to you. Not only can you make them, but you make them look so absolutely beautiful and you photograph them in such a lovely way!! I am still feeling a bit intimidated about trying to make macarons myself. So I’m holding out for Paris in July, where I’ll consume a ridiculous amount of macarons in one month’s time! 🙂

Jen Yu April 24, 2008 um 2:27 pm

You have answered my wish, a tutorial on macarons. I’ve had an insecurity about giving them a try – but with YOUR guidance, I know I can’t go wrong (well – I could, but the chances are diminished with your help!). Thank you for posting this. I always look longingly at the gorgeous macarons you turn out of your kitchen. You are THE BEST! xxoo Thank you 🙂

Jaime April 27, 2008 um 6:58 pm

i’m always in awe of your macarons ….maybe one day, one day… i will make them!

Anonymous November 9, 2008 um 1:33 pm


I want to try your White Chocolate
Raspberry Ganache filling recipe, may i know how many grams is 1 1/2cups of White Chocolate ?



Helene October 26, 2009 um 8:29 pm

HEnrik: no, not at all! Thanks for doing this!

Mel June 20, 2011 um 11:15 pm

I'm so glad I found this recipe on your site! I'm making rainbow macaroon favors for a baby shower and I'm LOVING your tutorial! I met you in Orlando at the Food Bloggers Forum and just have to say that you're an amazing photography instructor and I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of your book. Thanks for all you do!

Gwyn March 15, 2012 um 6:13 pm


I made macarons originally based on your wonderful Tutorial in the Desserts magazine, only I can no longer access it without a username and password. Any advice?

Helene March 15, 2012 um 6:47 pm

Gwyn: If you look on the right sidebar there is a link to the tutorial.

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