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Good Looking Buns!

Not one to particularly toot my own horn, I am ecstatic that these little buns make my blog look good!
Yes, I know you have already seen these pistachio and cranberry sticky buns back in September for a Daring Bakers' Challenge. Well, these little sticky gooey goodness of buns won me the Edibility Category in the latest edition of Does My Blog Look Good In This, hosted by Jennifer from Bake or Break.
Thank you to the judges and of course to Marce for picking up the recipe in the first place.

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LizNoVeggieGirl November 12, 2007 um 6:54 pm

ahhh, how exciting!! congratulations on "taking the cake" for the Edibility Category!! no surprise, of course, since your buns and ALL the wonderful delicacies that you share on this blog are positively mesmerizing!

Inne November 12, 2007 um 7:11 pm

Felicitations, Helene! Those buns sure look incredibly good and edible! I keep on willing them to jump out of my computer screen, but so far no luck…

Anonymous November 12, 2007 um 8:29 pm

Yayyy! for my Tartelette!

Anonymous November 12, 2007 um 8:48 pm

These buns made me DROOL. Congrats!!

Lesley November 12, 2007 um 8:56 pm

That’s awesome! I think you should give lessons in how to take a great picture. I noticed in looking at your blog that your pictures have gotten better and better over time!
Yummy buns…

Meeta K. Wolff November 12, 2007 um 9:08 pm

You rock girl. So well deserved and totally edible. Huge hug!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) November 12, 2007 um 9:15 pm

Nice buns! Congrats on your award!

Anonymous November 12, 2007 um 10:08 pm

elle est superbe!! biises micky

Anonymous November 12, 2007 um 10:12 pm

Congrats on the award! Definitely well-deserved, your combination of flavors and colors was fantastic.

MyKitchenInHalfCups November 12, 2007 um 10:36 pm

Just toot away Tartelette and I’m happy to be your chorus! Those bun are plenty to toot about! Congratulations.

Peabody November 13, 2007 um 12:25 am

Congrats! It is a lovley photo.

Anita November 13, 2007 um 1:16 am

You should toot your own horn…they’re beautiful and deserving of recognition! Congrats!!

Oh for the love of food! November 13, 2007 um 1:32 am

Congratulations on the Award, Helen! These buns sure look Amazing!

Aimรฉe November 13, 2007 um 2:25 am

Of all people, you rally deserve this one, Helene. Such a stunning looking bun, I bet it tasted even better.

Susan @ SGCC November 13, 2007 um 3:09 am

Congratulations on your award! It is well deserved. Mouthwatering recipes + Stunning photos = Delightful blog!

Rosa's Yummy Yums November 13, 2007 um 6:16 am

Congratulations! That bun look terrific!



Dolores November 13, 2007 um 7:27 am

I *told* you your buns looked great. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations!

Anonymous November 13, 2007 um 10:11 am

Bravo!!! That was definitely deserving! Those sticky buns can make a computer monitor seem edible! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deborah November 13, 2007 um 4:26 pm


Patricia Scarpin November 13, 2007 um 5:16 pm

Well deserved, sweetie!
You are so talented, the photo is amazing!

Lis November 13, 2007 um 6:13 pm

Yay! Congrats sweetie!


KellytheCulinarian November 13, 2007 um 8:41 pm

Congratulations on your award! Cute title too ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous November 13, 2007 um 9:00 pm

Toot on Helen! And cogratulations on your award!

lululu November 13, 2007 um 10:28 pm

The bun is very good looking!!!!!

Anonymous November 13, 2007 um 11:23 pm

Congratulations on a very well deserved win!

Brittany November 14, 2007 um 8:17 am

I would recognize that little bun anywhere. It made me drool in September and it’s making me drool now. Congrats on a well deserved award!

african vanielje November 14, 2007 um 9:31 am

Congratulations…and celebrations…well done, they are indeed edible

Annemarie November 14, 2007 um 1:26 pm

Congratulations – pleased it went to a daring baker for their delectable buns!

Anonymous November 14, 2007 um 7:57 pm

awww..I saw that you won and I am so happy for you! They ARE some fine looking buns ๐Ÿ™‚

Mansi November 14, 2007 um 9:01 pm

Congrats!! you never seem to stop amazing me girl!!


Julie November 15, 2007 um 6:15 pm

Those look so delicious.

Mandy November 15, 2007 um 6:19 pm

congratulations, Helene! Now, can I have some buns please?

Anonymous November 16, 2007 um 5:28 am

Congrats! Gorgeous photo and a well deserved win!

Anonymous November 17, 2007 um 2:37 am

Congratulations! It’s a gorgeous picture!

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