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Gone Fishing!

Work Mate

I had a feeling I ought to put a "Gone Fishing" sign on this page last monday and leave you to meet my beta, Elliott instead of pacing my hotel room trying to find a good internet signal. I also did not realize that our schedule of eating and meeting wonderful people here would leave me happily tired and satisfied but with only one desire, that of saying "hi" to my pillow as soon as possible each evening.

But where the heck am I? Curently in Asheville, NC (typing this from the little alcove between the closet and the microwave for as long as I don’t lose this internet signal) and heading home today. Why? Research of course….bloggers are relentless researchers and will take on all forms of food torture in the name of information.

When Jaden from Steamy Kitchen sends you an invite to go with her to Asheville to discover all the wonderul farms, artisans, foods of the city and region, you are unlikely to say no. You are very likely to jump for joy and run to pack your bag!!

It’s been amazing sharing this experience with her and a super group of ubber wonderful bloggers all orchestrated by the brilliant Dodie. My partners in crime these past few days were Todd and Diane from White On Rice Couple, Brian from The Food Geek, Tammy from Running With Tweezers and Alison from The Humble Gourmand.

Yeah…pretty lucky me! Wonderful talents, energies, stories. I was a little blogger struck when we all met one morning for breakfast. I mean how would you not? If only I could keep close that trap that is my mouth whenever my brain screams "shut up Helen!" Yes, I always feel like I talk too much or ask too many questions. Sorry folks, can’t help it, I love interacting and conversing. And eating….

And eat we did, do, will do again today before heading home. There are so many wonderful artisans, local chefs and food crafters that I met these past few days that just plopping a few names here tonight does not do them justice. I need to go through my notes and finish downloading 700+ pictures from the trip. I know that it’s nothing compared to what Diane and Todd have been shooting, but that’s their job and they rock at it.

I will definitely be back tomorrow with the recipe for one of the amazing desserts we have had this week as well as few more delicious bites. In the meantime I am going to dream of fresh local cherries and strawberries hoping it can start a detox process!

Asheville In Season

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Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul June 25, 2009 um 7:19 am

Can't wait to hear all about it Helen and see your beautiful pics…those cherries look divine!

Simones Kitchen June 25, 2009 um 7:56 am

Ooo, that sounds like a wonderful trip you're having/had Helen!! I am slightly jealous now. Can't wait to see all the photos of this adventure!

Botacook June 25, 2009 um 8:37 am

J'aime la sérénité dégagée par la première photo, et la gourmandise qui ressort de la seconde (ça donne envie de croquer dans tous ces fruits!).
Comment avance ton projet de livre?

Maybe June 25, 2009 um 9:21 am

C'est une chance de se retrouver pour partager de belles expériences ! Les fruits sont magnifiques, j'ai hâte de voir ce que tu nous prépares !

Ria Mathew June 25, 2009 um 9:23 am

All I can say is 'LUCKY U' 🙂

Ramya Kiran June 25, 2009 um 11:04 am

Awesome photography!!

♥peachkins♥ June 25, 2009 um 11:22 am

lovely cherry and fish photo!

Engineer Baker June 25, 2009 um 11:39 am

That sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful outing – I love that area, it's just beautiful.

rhiannon June 25, 2009 um 12:20 pm

Oooh, I'm so jealous! I have family in the Asheville area, and I lived there for 6 years while I was in college and a bit beyond. I love it so so much. I hope you're having fun with all the great food Asheville has to offer!

Unknown June 25, 2009 um 12:22 pm

Since we live only an hourish from there, we have gone on several farm tours. There are some unique and wonderful places in that area! And Asheville is just great too. Happy travels home!

Jen Yu June 25, 2009 um 1:15 pm

Ah ha ha ha! Let's hope they can roll you onto the plane before it takes off 😉 Travel safely. Very happy to know that you've been having a great time. I suspect you feel like a tick who is about to pop! ha ha!

Amanda Nicole June 25, 2009 um 2:02 pm

Sounds like so much fun! I think this picture is one of my favourites of yours 🙂

Heather @ chiknpastry June 25, 2009 um 2:35 pm

Awesome! I grew up in NC and loved every second of it. One day, I'll make it back down there, and Asheville is on my list of places given their amazing reputation for great food. The mountains nearby don't hurt!

carolina @ patagonia gifts June 25, 2009 um 2:51 pm

haha! loved the part where you described where you were typing this post! I thought I was the only one twisting myself to find a good internet signal! wonderful trip you're having! can't wait to see your new recipes!

Char June 25, 2009 um 2:56 pm

sounds like a fantastic time. love the shots and I look forward to seeing more.

Sunshinemom June 25, 2009 um 3:02 pm

Your trip promises to bring more surprises on the blog…is it? I am waiting to read more:) Enjoy the detox:)

Jackie June 25, 2009 um 3:52 pm

I love your photography. Beautiful blurry effect on the fraises des bois 🙂 MMmm

Jayme June 25, 2009 um 4:38 pm

Wow, sounds like an amazing time! I eagerly await this dessert recipe you speak of…I'm sure it will not disappoint! 🙂

I love that last picture of the cherries. Simply gorgeous!

Unknown June 25, 2009 um 4:47 pm

Hmmm Cherries!!! 😀

I'm dieing out of curiosity.

Susan @ SGCC June 25, 2009 um 5:21 pm

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Hopefully, you're having a little cooler weather up there. 🙂

Snooky doodle June 25, 2009 um 5:35 pm

seems you re very busy , but in a nice way 🙂

Cookie baker Lynn June 25, 2009 um 6:28 pm

What fun! I hope you're having a grand time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

NKP June 25, 2009 um 6:32 pm

Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!

Anonymous June 25, 2009 um 6:35 pm

Hello Elliot:)

Unknown June 25, 2009 um 6:51 pm

Sounds like you had an amazing time, Helen! And your pictures are amazing, love them 🙂 I don't know who Todd and Diane are, but they can't have too much on you, yours are perfect!

Phoo-D June 25, 2009 um 7:01 pm

Sounds like a marvelous time! I can't wait to hear about your finds as I'll be in Ashville later this summer.

Krafty Christy June 25, 2009 um 7:52 pm

I love Asheville! Did you stay at the Grove Park Inn by any chance? I live in NC (near Charlotte), but grew up only about an hour from Asheville in the Mountains of Western NC. I miss them terribly. It's entirely too hot in the South!

Sheila June 25, 2009 um 8:07 pm

That sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the teaser and hopefully we'll hear more about it!

How To Eat A Cupcake June 25, 2009 um 11:27 pm

Ooohhh those cherries are getting me excited! 😀

Alexandra June 26, 2009 um 12:02 am

Wow! It sounds like a true meeting of the minds…

Your photo of fruit is postcard perfect!

The Blushing Hostess June 26, 2009 um 12:44 am

Have a great time, such pretty photo work too!

Bir Dut Masalı – nUnU June 26, 2009 um 5:12 am


Cannelle Et Vanille June 26, 2009 um 12:48 pm

Can't wait for the rest of photos!

Cannelle Et Vanille June 26, 2009 um 12:48 pm

Can't wait for the rest of photos!

Foodtopia June 26, 2009 um 3:38 pm

I had so much fun meeting you and enjoying your company! I'm so glad that you made the trip. Remember…you're only a couple of hours away. Don't be a stranger!

Cakespy June 26, 2009 um 4:14 pm

Ooh, I'm excited to see the full report! 🙂

Kristin June 26, 2009 um 4:22 pm

Loving your images. Have fun and yes, we will be awaiting your arrival of the rest of the images.

Happy Day to You.

cindy* June 26, 2009 um 10:55 pm

how fun! can't wait to read more.

Kim June 28, 2009 um 2:29 pm

Thought you were up to something fun via twitter, but must have missed your post. Can't wait to hear more and see some photos.

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