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French Words A Week – Breakfast Edition: Le Petit Dejeuner

Olallieberry Jam

It could have seemed as if I had forgotten the French Word A Week feature lately, right? I have not. Trust me. I did not think as many people cared about it until my inbox started filling up with messages to have it again soon. One of you even sent a "Missing! – French Word A Week. Bring It Back" which made me giggled like crazy. It does not take much to make me giggle as you know but I also did not realize the feature was as much fun for you as it was therapeutic for me. Thank you for that…

During Breakfast

In that regard and to make up for lost time, I am giving you not one but four (4) illustrated words this week (just click on the words to get the pronunciation). More summer homework…darn! I remember summer homework….mine was filled with maths problems. Did it help? Noooooo….but we won’t tell the kids right?! So….

Chocolate Croissant Bribe

If you ever find yourself in France one day and you are wanting to start the day on the right foot, might was well start with breakfast – "petit dejeuner". Do not think about resisting a good "pain au chocolat". But if a "baguette" is more your thing in the morning, find yourself some good "confiture" to spread on it.

Julia Child's French Bread

I am extremely lucky to be in possession of olallieberry preserve thanks to my dear friend Anita from Dessert First who handed me a jar during the Food and Light Workshop in Colorado. We don’t have such berries here so I have been using it judiciously in a couple of different desserts I’ll share with you next week.

Have a great weekend!

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Jessica @ How Sweet July 9, 2010 um 7:56 pm

Baguette and chocolate and 2 words that go together for me. Delicious.

Maria July 9, 2010 um 8:07 pm

I took French classes in high school and this was one of my favorite words. Maybe because it is my favorite meal??? Great post!

Carina July 9, 2010 um 8:17 pm

You'd see me at the boulangerie for breakfast. Baguette, svp!

Jenn July 9, 2010 um 8:24 pm

I am such a sucker for pain au chocolat….. I had one just today from our local bakery! They also sell croissants au chocolat….and here those are filled with a nutella-like spread. Mmm!

LOVE this feature, glad it's coming back! Besides numbers and manners, food has been one of the most valuable groups of words to learn living in a French-speaking area!

m July 9, 2010 um 8:41 pm

j'aime le petit dejeuner!

Cat @ theKitchenMaid July 9, 2010 um 8:51 pm

I adore a good baguette. Living in Montreal for most of the year, good baguettes are always within reach! So are good croissants!

Anonymous July 9, 2010 um 9:06 pm

Your "petit dejeuner" is mouth watering. "Pain au chocolat" is my favorite thing in this world!

Peggy Rice July 9, 2010 um 9:30 pm

So funny that you would put a picture of the bread with chocolate slipped in! I would have never thought of it in the States, but since living in Paris I have seen more French mothers give it to their kids after school and now I do the same. I love it too!

~ Chef Louise July 9, 2010 um 9:38 pm

My favorite … pain au chocolat. French words-cute, I like it.

Jennifer July 9, 2010 um 10:09 pm

Such a lovely post! My first language is French, so I truly appreciate the beauty of it!

Nads' Bakery July 9, 2010 um 10:11 pm

Olallieberry? Never heard of it! Looks amazing..

Nicole@The Dirty Oven via twitter @ovenloving July 10, 2010 um 2:23 am

Love it!!! Chocolate and a sweet baugette… Yes.. Please!

Karen from Chookooloonks July 10, 2010 um 2:55 am

My 6-year-old daughter is lying next to me as I read this.

"What's that?" she said, pointing to your photo.

"Pain au chocolat," I said. "It's like a chocolate sandwich."


"Yup. That's what they eat in Paris for breakfast."


"Oh YEAH," she moaned softly. "We're SO going THERE."


Paragon2Pieces July 10, 2010 um 3:46 am

when i visited france, my favorite special treat was to stop for a pain au chocolat!

Dawn July 10, 2010 um 5:38 am

I'm not really a breakfast person, except when we are in France – then I just love it. It's just something about the baguettes and the croissants; they are just so much better over the border (I live only about 20 minutes from France) – what do you think? Are you able to recreate the same taste (and maybe also the same feeling) where you live now?

bunkycooks July 10, 2010 um 12:20 pm

I love the sound of all the words for breakfast in French, but then many words sound prettier in French!:)

I have never heard of an olallieberry, so I will be curious to see what desserts you make with the precious preserve! I do, however, know pain au chocolate and it is one of my favorites to have for breakfast while in France!

Rhonda July 10, 2010 um 12:35 pm

I'm with Karen's daughter, SO going there. This past week I had a baguette from the bakery and a French language film…doesn't matter that I don't understand sometimes you don't have to. Pictures worth a thousand words – bread and chocolate so lyrical in french.

Cookin' Canuck July 10, 2010 um 3:10 pm

I love your words of the week – they remind me that, at one time, I used to speak a little French. The lighting in these photos is lovely.

heather July 10, 2010 um 4:12 pm

All these pictures are divine and oh so scrumptious! Makes me want a second breakfast!

Ingrid July 10, 2010 um 8:01 pm

Ok…I am officially hungry! This looks fantastic!

Alycia @ Fit n Fresh July 10, 2010 um 8:16 pm

Yummmm that whole chocolate bar looks delicious covered in baguette! (:

Melanie July 11, 2010 um 1:45 am

Your photos just amaze me! Beautiful.

Hoodia Gordonii July 11, 2010 um 2:47 pm

yummy….that is looking very delicious…thanks for sharing…

Honey from honeyandsoy July 12, 2010 um 4:16 am

I am such a sucker for a good pain au chocolat… but the chocolat has to be warm and melty inside the flaky, chewy pastry. I SO wish I could have some right now!

Padmajha July 12, 2010 um 11:47 am

Hi!!Came here thro Annie's blog.Love this french series!I took french lessons in college and now can recollect very less of it.So I will be back here to brush up my french and my appetite.Such yummy clicks you have here 🙂

[email protected] July 12, 2010 um 12:15 pm

Just to be precise, baguette and chocolate bars are offered to the children for their gouter (their 4.30pm snack), not breakfast in France. Most French people who don't skip breakfast, have baguette with butter and jam.

Salsa Verde July 12, 2010 um 1:30 pm

I just love the French "petit dejeneur"…

Helene July 12, 2010 um 3:12 pm

Gaelle: generally yes, but we did have baguette and chocolate for breakfast as kids which is why I put it up there.

Thanks everyone!

Sarah July 12, 2010 um 6:53 pm

Miam…I haven't had pain au chocolat in so long! There's not anywhere good for them around here- I guess I'll have to go to France to get another one:) Thanks, Helene! Your photography is sublime.

Tv Food and Drink July 12, 2010 um 11:52 pm

The pictures are just beautiful!

Joy July 13, 2010 um 3:00 am

Those just look wonderful. I have been missing your french word of the week 😀

Nicolette July 13, 2010 um 4:04 am

Yay! My French is improving as I type! When I was in Paris I kept trying to order a coffee to go, and I could never remember how to say "to go" properly. I know there was more than one occasion when I had everyone thoroughly confused. Glad the French lesson is back!

Brilynn July 13, 2010 um 10:12 am

The pain au chocolat alone has me wishing I was in France!

Claire July 17, 2010 um 3:27 am

I am now officially starving! I made the mistake of reading this post while I'm at my son's curling practice. Wonder if they'll have any pain au chocolat in the vending machines downstairs???

Gorgeous photography!

Sarah July 21, 2010 um 5:13 am

These pictures bring back memories of when I was about five and living in France. After daycare I was given a piece of baguette with a chunk of chocolate in it. mmmm. Things like that make a child very, very happy.

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