Donna Hay’s Millionaire Shortbread

Or in this case Mini Millionaire Shortbread Pies….

Funny things happen in the kitchen when the timing is right or the stars are aligned. In preparation for this month’s “Hay Hay It’s Donna Day“, I spent a lot of time at the library reading her books and getting to know her easy going cooking focusing on fresh ingredients and no fuss methods. I made a few copies, took some books home and one evening my eyes settled on her Millionaire Shortbread in Gourmandises (yes, the library had 3 of her books in French thanks to Mr. Martinet, the expat head librarian). From that sunny thursday afternoon until last night I could not stop thinking about it. Seriously, after lemon this one was my biggest craving of the weekend. Finally this morning I broke down and made this before heading out to the gym….I know I am evil…!

I decided to make these in mini muffin tins instead of a square pan. I love anything mini and small enough to take one or two bites out of without feeling like I am a glutton…even if I end up eating 6 of them. I was taking them to a dinner party and thought they would be great as a little bite with coffee. They turned out to be as everybite as wonderful as pictured and described in the book. The size was perfect to enjoy them without being hit on the head by a spoon full of sugar.

Millionaire Shortbread Mini Pies, adapted from Donna Hay:

Makes 12

For the shortbread crust:

150g all purpose flour / 1.5 cups

100g brown sugar / 0.5cup

125g butter, melted / 1 stick plus 1 Tb

Mix the flour, sugar and melted butter. Spoon (or use your fingertips) the mixture into the bottom of the mini muffin tins. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 F. Remove from the oven and set aside while you prepare the filling.

Caramel Filling:

130 gr. golden syrup / 1.5 cups (I used grade B maple syrup)

125 gr butter / 1 stick plus 1 Tb.

1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 0z)

Combine the golden syrup, butter and condensed milkin a large saucepan and cook over low heat for about 10 minutes, or until it thickens and takes on a golden color. Remove from the heat, let cool for a minute and divide among the tart shells. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool completely.

Chocolate Ganache:

185 gr dark chocolate / 6.5 oz

1 Tb. vegetable oil

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or on top of a double boiler. Add the oil and mix well to combine. Spoon some over each tart shells and allow to set in the fridge.

Verdict: I doubled up on the quantities to make sure I had some for us and the girls at work tomorrow and I am glad I did. These disappeared while the host was pouring coffee. I am looking forward to making them again.






34 responses to “Donna Hay’s Millionaire Shortbread”

  1. Elle Avatar

    These look positively wicked good.

  2. Anh Avatar

    These look so good! Your creations are always impressive!

  3. Barbara Avatar

    Oh my they do look delicious.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Helene, I’m thrilled to learn about your use of the library. It’s my secret cookbook weapon. I love having the chance to test drive recipes, and, thanks to one of the two largest library systems in North America, I can do it with virtually any cookbook.

    These mini pies look wonderful, especially since they combine two of my favourite dessert elements: shortbread and caramel.

  5. Meeta K. Wolff Avatar
    Meeta K. Wolff

    Helene! I recently discovered the Library as a perfect resource for cookbooks too. I have been visiting the library with Soeren for over a year now, but it never came across to me to check out the cookbook section!! DUH!

    These little treats look soo good.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Talk about temptation! Halloooooooo sugar!

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Ca fait une eternite que j’ai envie d’essayer ce genre de douceurs! J’avais presque oublie mais tu me mets l’eau a la bouche, la!

  8. Patricia Scarpin Avatar
    Patricia Scarpin

    Helene, I’m a big DH fan, too (Valentina is the one who introduced me to this wonderful cook).
    Her recipes have a wonderful look, ever better taste and are always a hit.

    These mini pies are so cute! And I loved the caramel filling, condensed milk is big here in Brazil. Many of our desserts call for it.

    At least you popped to the gym after eating these. You’re so disciplined, sweetie! 😀

  9. Cheryl Avatar

    You only ate 6 of those. I’m so disappointed.

    They would have lasted 5 minutes in our house. Fantastic job.

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Helene! I’m with you – I love anything miniature! These sound absolutely decadent!

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh my….what a fantastic looking treat!

  12. MyKitchenInHalfCups Avatar

    Helene you are too perfect! Perhaps I could save my self if I only read your blog between 2 and 3 am when I am least likely to allow myself into the kitchen…of course then I would be dreaming all night about these and probably get up in the morning craving them like I am now.
    The size is so right on. They look beautiful.

  13. Unknown Avatar

    I love millionaire’s shortbread – your rendition is so perfect I wish I could pluck one off the screen!

  14. s'kat Avatar

    I have never before seen your blog, but trust me, I’m bookmarking and going through those archives! What a lovely mini-treat… those are my favourites, as well!

  15. Lis Avatar

    You ARE evil! And I LOVE that about you. =)

    They look tooo incredibly good!


  16. Anonymous Avatar

    Cette adaptation est géniale et esthétiquement parlant très réussie. Je me suis également offert le livre de DH il y a quelques mois. Il est vraiment très bien.
    Bien à toi

  17. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi Helene,
    Thank you so much for the recipe. They are setting in the fridge right now. Question: when you doubled the quantities, did you make an extraordinary amount of filling? I did, and I wonder what I should do with it…can it be frozen? Very yummy indeed!!

  18. Helene Avatar

    Thank you guys for all the comments…i ran and I ran and they are still settling on my behind…oh well…!

    Sol: It will keep in the fridge for a month and in the freezer for up to 3 months.

  19. Claudia Avatar

    I can’t decide which to make first. The Lemon Pund, or those adorable little shortbreads. Gues it will have to be the shortbreads, the Golden Syrup, you see ;-))

  20. Connie Avatar

    wow, those look perfect! very impressive

  21. Anonymous Avatar

    Chocolate and caramel…you can’t get more evil than that! I love mini desserts! They are cute and they don’t make you feel guilty when you eat them (even if you eat 6 , as you said) 🙂

  22. Anonymous Avatar

    My! I would definitely consider myself a millionaire with these…they look incredibly delicious! 🙂

  23. Warda Avatar

    Helene, je viens de deguster a l’instant ton lemon pound cake. Il est sensationnel. Frais, leger(bien qu’il n’a rien de leger) tellement tendre et tellement citrone. Je suis tres contente de l’avoir essaye. Merci d’avoir partager cette recette.

  24. Peabody Avatar

    They are never bad for you when they are mini…those look wonderful!!!

  25. Nic Avatar

    Adorable! And much more appealing even than the more common shortbread bars. Great job.

  26. Anuhea Avatar

    Mmmm…anything with ganache is for me :). And have I ever mentioned how I adore your photography? Anyways, I was hoping you might consider linking me from your site. I really would like more readers and I am a loyal checker of your site every day!

  27. 2be Avatar

    Wow! I love the idea of making Millionare’s Shortbread into mini-pis. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Bron Avatar

    Helene, these are super! They remind me of a biscuit (cookie!) I used to love when I was young which was filled with a kind of citrus marmalade.
    Libraries are the best!

  29. Anonymous Avatar

    I just recently found your blog and I sure am glad that I did! When I saw the picture of the Millionaire Pies, I bookmarked your site for future reference. I made the little tarts this week when my sister and niece came into town. Everyone loved them and wanted the recipe. Thanks!

  30. Anonymous Avatar

    A recipe for my boyfriend. He loves those! Fabulous pictures all around!

  31. Amrita Avatar

    hey! i tried out this recipe, but i got it off foodbeam. I was wondering….yours calls for 1 can of condensed milk. On foodbeam it says 800g….hmmmm im so confused. I used 800g (2 cans) and i think im gonna die of diabetes

  32. eatme_delicious Avatar

    I googled millionare shortbread and this came up. And I’m very happy it did as they look so beautiful!

  33. Mary Avatar

    Hi…im not into mayple syrup. Is there anything else i can use instead

  34. Helene Avatar

    Mary: You can use honey or golden syrup, even simple syrup (basically any other invert sugar).

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