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Dark Chocolate Reeses cookies

I admit that since I have been living in the US, my fondness for peanut butter has greatly improved, (especially since I can find it crunchy and sweet at the same time). However, I still can’t get to eat Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. I don’t know if it is the taste or the texture or a mix of both but the candy is really too sweet for me and that is big for me to say, because I have been known to devour truffles by the boxes in my younger days. Mr. B. on the other hand, being the full blown southern boy that he is, luuuves the little candies. I have had my eye on the limited edition of the dark chocolate peanut butter cups for quite some time, as in " just to give them one last shot" (all this of course for the sake of this blog…), but at $3.19 a bag, I kept on finding a nicer bar of European chocolate to enjoy…until monday when there was a bin of reduced price items at the grocery store and I found the cups for $1.50 a bag….and in the shopping cart they went and then they sat on the counter top until today.

I had them, now what? Eat them straight out of the bag? We rarely have candy or chocolate out around the house even during the holidays. I usually keep little squares of dark espresso chocolate for coffee when we have guests or the occasional Kinder Egg when I get a care package from France. If I did not like my husband I could tell him to go ahead and clog his arteries up by digging in, but you see I love him dearly and would rather gave him a sweeter, more interesting way of clogging up than a straight piece of trans fat…why not adding butter and brown sugar to the mix, a little flour and a couple of eggs and "voila!"…Dark Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cookies aka "One A day May not Keep the Doctor Away" cookie.

For the batter I used the recipe for the Soft Baked chocolate cookies by Trish Boyle that I posted before, and added a whole bag of the peanut butter cups chopped up and folded with a rubber spatula into the dough.
The result: it was Ok not Wow…I have been proven wrong, they might have been better straight out of the bag, still the cookies had a nice peanut butter chocolate flavor, everything the B. guy loves. When he is happy, I am happy!

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Jessica Brogan November 27, 2006 um 10:26 pm

ummm…i think YUM

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