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A Daring Baker’s Tuile Frenzy

Nougatine Tuiles With Star Anise Mousse

Sometimes I feel B. thinks I am crazy. Often, I know B. thinks I am crazy. Prime example this month was when he walked in the kitchen one day and saw all countertops covered with all sorts of tuile (twea-l) cookies. Traditional dough tuiles, nougatine tuiles, chocolate tuiles, mousses and sorbets of all sorts, tuile cones, tuiles cups, tuiles cannoli… He looked at me puzzled and said "I thought you said you did not know what you wanted to do with the Daring Bakers' challenge". I looked up and exclaimed "well, I could not decide which one to do so I made them all. Hungry?!"

This month’s challenge is brought to us by Karen of Bake My Day and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf. They have chosen Tuiles from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.

Yes, this month we could chose from 3 different recipes to make the tuile cookies and we had complete freedom for the choices of filling. I like tuiles. A lot. I like making them. A lot. After the initial "which one to do"…I ended up making them all. It started with the simple tuile cones and throughout the day I found myself coming up with more combinations, shapes for the tuiles to accommodate all the sorbets and mousses I had in the freezer. Talk about one good January freezer cleaning!! You know, like when you need more bread for your cheese, then more cheese for your bread, and so forth and so on….

Sugar Tuiles And Tuile Leaves With Grapefruit Sorbet

Let’s see…. I started with the nougatine recipe as my own little wink at a New Year’s Eve dessert at the restaurant years ago where I had decided to serve nougatine cornucopias filled with different sorbets. It was pouring rain and a 100% humidity and as the day was unfolding so where my cornucopias. I was checking on them as if they were my first born. This time, I waited for a dry day and made nougatine cups that I filled with a vanilla and star anise mousse (first picture).

Sugar Tuiles With Mixed Berry Sorbet And Vanilla Bean Mousse

I made another sugar tuile recipe to make poppy seed cones for raspberry-strawberry sorbet, and swirled cocoa and vanilla cones dipped in chocolate and filled with a vanilla bean mousse ( same recipe as the one with the star anise but without the spice this time). Then I made a leaf stencil and layered the leaves wiht a grapefruit sorbet and topped with a piece of candied grapefruit. I had extras so I filled shot glasses with the the berry sorbet and topped them with a poppy seed cone.

Nougatine Cannoli With Vanilla Mousse

I had some nougatine dough left in the fridge so I went ahead and made nougatine cannoli that I filled with the remaining vanilla bean mousse. These were so thin they almost shattered in between your fingertips…but absolutely delicious!

Bailey's Cream and Chocolate Tuiles

Finally I tempered some dark chocolate and made the chocolate tuiles to go alongside a simple Bailey’s cream.

Now you understand why I sometimes get "the look" but I also get another one from the neighbors when I tell them to come over for desserts!!

Recipe for Nougatine Tuiles, adapted from Michel Roux’s Finest Desserts
125 grams sliced almonds
165 grams sugar
15 grams butter (optional)
1/2 tablespoon oil (vegetable, sunflower, peanut)

Preheat oven to 350F.
Spread the almonds on a baking sheet and toast in the oven until lightly browned. Cook the sugar in a heavy based saucepan over low heat, stirring gently and continuously with a spatula, until it melts to a light golden caramel. Add the almonds and stir over low heat for 1 minute, then stir in the butter until completely absorbed. (This is not essential, but will give the nougat an added sheen) Pour the nougatine onto an oiled baking sheet
Place a baking sheet toward the front of the warm oven, leaving the door half open. The warmth will keep the cookies malleable. Work with one piece at a time, of a size appropriate to the shape you want. Roll out each piece on a warm, lightly oiled baking sheet or lightly oiled marbled surface. It is essential to work quickly, since the nougatine rapidly becomes brittle. Heat the nougatine in a microwave oven for a few seconds only to soften it if needed. Roll the nougatine into the appropriate thickness for your desired shape, but never thicker than 1/8 inch or 3 mm. Quickly cut out your chosen shapes using cookie cutters, or the blade or heel of a chef’s knife. To mold the nougatine, drape it very rapidly over the mold so that it follows the shape and contours. Leave until completely cold before removing from the mold. Or, cut out and using your fingers or a knife, push into folds or pleats… use as a basket, twirl round a knitting needle..Nougatine based shapes can be made two or three days in advance, Keep them in a very dry place and do not fill with something like a mousse more than 2 hours prior to serving.

Recipe for Vanilla Star Anise Mousse:
3 egg yolks
pinch of salt
1/2 tablespoon (3.5gr) powdered gelatin + 2 tablespoons water
100ml water
1 /2 cup (100gr) sugar
1 star anise
1 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk the egg yolks and the salt. In a small bowl, sprinkle the gelatin over the water, set aside. Combine the remaining water, sugar and star anise in a heavy saucepan. Cover and bring to a rapid boil over medium high heat (prevents crystallization of the sugar on the side of the pan). Once boiling, uncover and cook the syrup reaches 238F. Remove the star anise and pour the syrup in a container with a spout, it will be easier to add the to the yolks. Pour the syrup slowly and into a steady stream into the egg yolks with the machine running on medium high. Melt the gelatin in the microwave for 10 seconds or into the (now empty) saucepan until dissolved. Add it to the yolk mixture and continue to whisk on medium high until it triples in volume and cools to room temperature. In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream to soft peaks with the vanilla paste. Gently fold the egg yolk mixture into the whipped cream and use immediately.

Vanilla Tuiles, adapted from Bo Friberg’s The Professional Pastry Chef:

4 ounces unsalted butter, softened
4 ounces powdered sugar, sifted
1/2 cup egg whites, at room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 ounces all purpose flour, sifted

Cream the butter and powdered sugar together in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Add the egg whites and vanilla and beat until just coming together. Add the flour to the butter mixture and mix until incorporated. Do not overmix. Use right away or store in the refrigerator, taking it out 30 minutes before you plan to use it.
Cut out two 4 inch round stencils in a piece of card stock paper and place them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Spread a little of the batter over the stencils, carefully lift the card stock paper, and bake 5-8 minutes at 350F until the edges are just getting golden brown.
To make cocoa swirls, take about one tablespoon of the batter and add one teaspoon of sifted cocoa powder and mix thoroughly. Pipe dots and swirl them around with a toothpick on the tuiles before they go in oven.
Shape the tuiles around a couple of cones or Bismarck tubes. Let cool completely before storing in an airtight container.

Recipe for Grapefruit Sorbet:

2 cups (500ml) freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
1 cup (100gr) sugar
4 cups (1 liter)water
2 tablespoons vodka (optional)

In a saucepan, combine the sugar and water and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Add the vodka (if using)and let cool to room temperature.
Pass the grapefruit juice through a sieve to remove the pulp and add it to the sugar syrup, stirring well to blend.
Pour into the container of an ice cream maker, and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Transfer to a container and freeze until firm before serving.

Chocolate Tuiles, adapted from Michel Roux’s Finest Desserts

9 oz/250 grams dark or white couverture or best-quality bittersweet chocolate, chopped

Temper the couverture. Place the template on a sheet of rodoïde (or use a clean sheet of sturdy plastic such as a folder) and fill with about 1 tbs of the mixture. Repeat the process a little distance away from the first one. As soon as you have 5 tuiles fit, slide them onto a mold or rolling pin (side of a glass) to curve. Let cool completely, lift tuiles off the plastic only after the chocolate has set and just before serving, so that they keep their shine.

Bailey’s cream:

4 oz (120gr) mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
2 tablespoons (20gr)sugar
1/4 cup Bailey’s Irish cream
75 ml. heavy cream

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the mascarpone with the sugar until light. Whisk in the liqueur. Whip the heavy cream to medium stiff peaks, and fold into the mascarpone. Divide among ramekins or glasses and serve with the chocolate tuiles.

Please visit the other Daring Bakers to see their take on the challenge!

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Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 7:53 am

Waouw parfait, pro, comme dans un beau livre de cuisine !
Très appétissant bravo 🙂

Jen Yu January 29, 2009 um 8:08 am

woooooooooo woooooo woooo!! I love it, them, I love them 🙂 You are so funny with your need to execute every permutation of tuile. They are beautiful as ever, and sound delightful – each and every one. My question for you: did you candy the grapefruit? Because if YOU have a candied grapefruit recipe, I 1) know it’s good and 2) want to try it. You rock!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:18 am

amazing! they all look so pretty.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:26 am

Alors là, tu t’es vraiment éclatée avec ces tuiles ! Toutes aussi superbes les unes que les autres !

Rosa's Yummy Yums January 29, 2009 um 8:36 am

You are soooo creative! Your Tuiles all look fantastic and I love the choice of fillings/accompaniments! Wow, mindblowing!



Nina Timm January 29, 2009 um 8:41 am

You must have the most beautiful dreams at night. God, I am gobsmacked!!!!!!

Dewi January 29, 2009 um 8:41 am

I really like everything and anything in this post. Absolutely gorgeous!

Karen Baking Soda January 29, 2009 um 8:45 am

Nothing as satisfying as a January cleaning, I could get used to this kind! They all look great Helene, absolutely lovely pairings. Dribbling all over my keyboard…

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:45 am

I think I won’t be able to close my mouth in a month or two. Amazing, gorgeous, delightful, yummy, marvelous, wonderful… Sorry, my english is not good enough and I don’t have more words but instead I can give you my total and inconditional devotion.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:47 am

Oh! Sorry but I forgot to say something important: When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:50 am

Wow..and I thought I went crazy with this challenge None of mine could hold a candle to any of yours. I’m drooling and gawking all at once! You are a pastry master, Helen! Tuile you marry me? ;D

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:54 am

I am speechless….
Oh my God, you are great!!!!

Rachel@fairycakeheaven January 29, 2009 um 8:59 am

ooooooooooo wow and ooooooo pretty!

Anne January 29, 2009 um 9:00 am

You are truly in a class of your own 🙂

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 9:04 am

amazing 🙂 all your tuiles look so beautiful !!

Jo January 29, 2009 um 9:10 am

Oh wow, you’ve outdone yourself yet again. Simply, simply beautiful and looks so delicious.

Liska January 29, 2009 um 9:26 am

Absolutely amazing tuilles and pics! I understand your craziness, because I’m crazy too. Especially in a middle of a night when all my family sleeps and I can bake whatever I want with no one disturbing me.

Lisa is Bossy January 29, 2009 um 9:39 am

Oh Helen. You have even now surpassed all my expectations of you – and they were already très high!!

I lost count of how many "desserts" you made. But each one made me drool and actually contemplate braving South Carolinian humidity to come beg for handouts at your doorstep.

Pet Bailey (and Tippy) for me!!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 9:46 am

I love the cocoa swirled tuile and the cannoli. I want to try them all.

Deeba PAB January 29, 2009 um 10:23 am

Oh for heavens sake Helen…that's an amazing tuile party! I love each of them; so many avatars, so much falvor & so much fun! What a lucky man the hub is…These are more than BRILLIANT!

Botacook January 29, 2009 um 10:25 am

Quelles photos magnifiques! Et quelles petites choses appétissantes! 🙂

Christy January 29, 2009 um 10:43 am

Beautiful variations, Helen!! And what a great idea, if you can’t make up your mind, then make it all, right?? Yeah, I know that J thinks I’m crazy too. And I’ll make daifuku for you anytime, just hop down to Melbourne!!

Nawal January 29, 2009 um 10:49 am

Gorgeous !!!
Bravo Helen 🙂

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 10:54 am

I’m amaze Helen, simply AMAZED!

Meeta K. Wolff January 29, 2009 um 11:07 am

a frenzy is right! what a variety! hmmmn – i think i’ll have one of everything please!

Cherie January 29, 2009 um 11:11 am

…and this is how you win BEST food blog of the year:)

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 11:19 am

Super, super, superdelicious :-)!!! Compliments, I never saw so many nice ideas and pics at one place :-)!!!

Lis January 29, 2009 um 11:36 am

Holy cow they all look amazing! I can just imagine how your kitchen looked that day 🙂


Chris January 29, 2009 um 11:53 am

ooooweee! Fabulous. Can’t figure out which I like more….so, 1 of each please. 🙂 Lis can imagine your kitchen and I can imagine your conversation with B. hee! (Thanks for the pronuciation clarification. I was saying Tuile wrong…whoops!)

Jenny January 29, 2009 um 12:05 pm

Oh my….
That’s alot of dessert for one day. Beautiful, though, just beautiful.

Sandra Le Petrin January 29, 2009 um 12:12 pm

you are amazing (but then I already knew it!)This post is going to be a reference for each type of tuile and to do a beautifully dressed dessert!
I love your craziness 😉
I also was tempted to do all the tuiles .. but fortunately ran out of time!
I’m surprised you keep your nougatine dough in the fridge: doesn’t it get wet??

Cannelle Et Vanille January 29, 2009 um 12:35 pm

Twilight zone music is not even enough anymore, but it makes me smile and happy. It must mean that we are geniuses? (hahaha!!!) oh those verrines have my name all over them!

Ciao Chow Linda January 29, 2009 um 12:51 pm

It can’t get any better than this.

Judy@nofearentertaining January 29, 2009 um 1:06 pm

Wonderful looking tuiles. Amazing that you tried them all…

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 1:12 pm

Your tuiles look fabulous! I am sorry to say that I was not as taken with mine as you seem to be with yours!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 1:14 pm

oh heaven

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 1:15 pm

Perfectly gorgeous! Mmmm grapefruit sorbet and and more mmmm for that chocolate tuile!

LizNoVeggieGirl January 29, 2009 um 1:15 pm


Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 1:23 pm

Fabulous selection you have there! They all look so delicious!

Sunshinemom January 29, 2009 um 1:28 pm

Crazy? This is heavenly!! Your neighbours are blessed:)

Lori January 29, 2009 um 1:40 pm

Crazy! Yup, all geniuses are crazy, arent they? That is MY KIND OF crazy!

I love each in everyone of yours. I stand in awe of your brilliance!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 1:45 pm

awesome! i am speechless!

Astrid January 29, 2009 um 1:56 pm

Oh my goodness. What a prolific artist you are! I had no ideas tuiles were so multi-faceted. I am not only amazed that you made these, but also that you posted all the recipes. You could start from this one post to write a cook book on tuiles! Maybe you will start a new tuile fad to replace the macarons fad…

Melissa de la Fuente January 29, 2009 um 2:01 pm

Just…just speechless…(almost) 🙂 You are a true artist my dear and I must say your neighbors and husband are some very. VERY lucky folks!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 2:08 pm

Wow. Beautiful as always, Helen!

Aparna Balasubramanian January 29, 2009 um 2:09 pm

Of course, they’re even more spectacular than I was expecting. Creativity with desserts is your forte.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 2:15 pm

Beautiful! I’ll have one of each please! 🙂

vibi January 29, 2009 um 2:31 pm

Bon, je fais des progrès… en n’étant pas la quazillionième, mais seulement la mégallionième à te laisser un commentaire! …je me sens un peu moins obsolète.
J’y arrive…
Je ne crois pas exagérer Helen, en disant que de toute la culinosphère, c’est toi qui as le plus beau blog, le plus créatif et le plus peaufiné.
Ces tuiles sont ma foi, digne d’un 4 étoiles au guide Michelin! LOL
Renversant, tout ça.

Dragana January 29, 2009 um 2:31 pm

Another Tuile Queen! Awesome sight! Wish I could try them!

Unknown January 29, 2009 um 2:36 pm

You always astound me. I love the nougatine cannoli in particular.

Jen January 29, 2009 um 2:48 pm

Wow… I am really speechless at all the work you put into this month’s challenge. Everything looks so beautiful and delicious now I am doubly sad I didn’t make anything this month.

Kathy January 29, 2009 um 2:49 pm

Congratulations, your Tuiles are stunning, I am moving in next door 🙂 Kathy.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 2:51 pm

my God! thats a whole lotta tuiles. can i have one please 🙂

Olga January 29, 2009 um 3:02 pm

oh wow!!!
That’s amazing! 🙂
I like the ones where the cookies are covered with chocolate on the edge and sprinkled with nuts.
And the sorbet is so pretty!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 3:08 pm


You ROCK! No wonder you deserve that award! These are amazing. You had me at the ones filled with sorbet, then I read nougatine cannoli (I LOVE THOSE)and you really had me! Now I am completely challenged to give these another try – sweet this time! Better start looking for those molds 😉

Candied grapefruit – I was just thinking of making some yesterday – we have pounds upon pounds of grapefruit! Do you have a recipe your could share?

Mumsy January 29, 2009 um 3:12 pm

I always look forward to seeing your version of the DB challenge. Gorgeous!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 3:13 pm

This is beyond reality!!All the pictures are amazing!

Jasmine January 29, 2009 um 3:17 pm

Je suis sans voix… C’est tout simplement trop beau! Félicitations!

Jodie January 29, 2009 um 3:23 pm

AMAZING! I love the chocolate/pistachio dipped ones. Great job! Can you send some to me please? They look so tasty!

Maggie January 29, 2009 um 3:32 pm

Beautiful collection! I love how thin and delicate your nougatine looks!

The Italian Dish January 29, 2009 um 3:33 pm

Once again, incredible. These are so gorgeous, so delicate. You went way over the top again!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 3:38 pm

So creative, colorful and beautiful. I love each and every one of them! Truly amazing work.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 3:44 pm

A tuiles frenzy indeed! These all look amazing and delicious!

teegee January 29, 2009 um 4:22 pm

You werent joking when you said "a tuile frenzy"! I love the little cones, so cute! Great job!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 4:22 pm

"poppy seed cones for raspberry-strawberry sorbet, and swirled cocoa and vanilla cones dipped in chocolate and filled with a vanilla bean mousse", wow, these are definitely my favorite. Great job on exceeding the challenge!

Sara January 29, 2009 um 4:24 pm

Yum, these all look really delicious! Very impressive. 🙂 It’s neat to see how the nougatine and tempered chocolate ones turned out since I think most people I’ve seen did the Angélique Schmeinck ones. Beautiful photos!

pixie January 29, 2009 um 4:36 pm

I always look silly when I read your blog… my eyes are so wide, they are popping out, my jaw drops and my mouth is watering and my lips are almost licking the screen… It is always such a pleasure and a pain that I can only eat them cyberly! I wish I had a quarter of your talent! Keep ’em coming! I’m sure you ahve wonderfully happy neighbors!

pixie January 29, 2009 um 4:36 pm

I always look silly when I read your blog… my eyes are so wide, they are popping out, my jaw drops and my mouth is watering and my lips are almost licking the screen… It is always such a pleasure and a pain that I can only eat them cyberly! I wish I had a quarter of your talent! Keep ’em coming! I’m sure you ahve wonderfully happy neighbors!

pixie January 29, 2009 um 4:36 pm

I always look silly when I read your blog… my eyes are so wide, they are popping out, my jaw drops and my mouth is watering and my lips are almost licking the screen… It is always such a pleasure and a pain that I can only eat them cyberly! I wish I had a quarter of your talent! Keep ’em coming! I’m sure you ahve wonderfully happy neighbors!

Renee January 29, 2009 um 4:47 pm

Amazing! They all look so perfect and delicious! Thank you for sharing all of your dazzling creations!

Rita January 29, 2009 um 4:48 pm

I love what you’e done, they are really beautiful. As usual…

[email protected] January 29, 2009 um 4:49 pm

Impresionante!!! Que maravilla!

[email protected] January 29, 2009 um 4:49 pm

Impresionante!!! Que maravilla!

Sunday Cook January 29, 2009 um 4:59 pm

Gorgeous! I love the cannolis.

Laura January 29, 2009 um 5:04 pm

I’m totally inspired. I have a feeling my boyfriend will be coming home to a similar situation as B. did in the very near future.

Vera January 29, 2009 um 5:05 pm

Helen, you are amazing! I love all of them!

montague January 29, 2009 um 5:17 pm


Rebecca January 29, 2009 um 5:21 pm

Wow, you’ve gone tuile crazy! What a fantastic response to the challenge. I’m totally humbled.

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 5:35 pm

You are incredible!! If only I was lucky enough to be your neighbor… I will definitely try the Baileys Cream with Chocolate Tuiles…

Char January 29, 2009 um 5:53 pm

I am dying here….so yummy

Char January 29, 2009 um 5:53 pm

I am dying here….so yummy

Marija January 29, 2009 um 6:02 pm

You are unbelievable! I love the all 🙂 Beautiful!

Karynefoodaddict January 29, 2009 um 6:06 pm

tes photos sont magnifiques!!! bravo!

Katie Barlow January 29, 2009 um 6:08 pm

Wow, love the photos…they all look devine!

Dragon January 29, 2009 um 6:12 pm

I’d take your kind of crazy anyday. Wow! I’m absolutely in awe of your food and your photos. Great job with this month’s challenge.

JENNA January 29, 2009 um 6:23 pm

Please stay crazy! I look forward to your DB posts every month. Great great work with this challenge.

Jaime January 29, 2009 um 6:27 pm

wow, you really outdid yourself this time!! very elegant, all of it!

That Girl January 29, 2009 um 6:32 pm

My husband doesn’t think I’m crazy. He knows it. And part of me thinks he loves me because of the crazy, not in spite of it.

Katie January 29, 2009 um 6:46 pm

Wow just wow! I think you are crazy too – crazily tallented that is! They all look divine and so different. I love the delicate poppyseed cones and the Nougatine tuiles especially. They look fab 🙂

A. January 29, 2009 um 7:06 pm

wow!you are a volcano!everything looks superdelicious!

toontz January 29, 2009 um 7:13 pm

Gosh, I wish I was a neighbor of yours. I am sure we would be the best of friends, lol. As usual, a gorgeous outcome of the Daring Bakers challenge. I wish mine looked a fraction as nice as yours. They were fun, nevertheless!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 7:14 pm

WOW! I love all of them.

Vittoria January 29, 2009 um 7:29 pm

These are just SO beautiful and inspiring! Thank you.

Julie January 29, 2009 um 7:43 pm

Ah! You commented on my blog just as I was about to comment on yours! Hee!

I wish we could bottle your kind of crazy and sell it next to the vanilla and almond paste. I wish you had a sweet shop next door to my house. All of this looks and sounds so wonderful!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 7:44 pm

Oh wow, they all look so delicious. Your posts are always so inspiring. I definitely have to try the nougatine.

Jennywenny January 29, 2009 um 7:51 pm

Oh my goodness, this gets me thinking I absolutely have to try the nougatine ones now, delicious!!

Tammy January 29, 2009 um 7:59 pm

I love them all! No wonder you won the best food blog award. You are in a complete league of your own!

ale balanzario January 29, 2009 um 8:20 pm

Delicioso. definitivamente voy a hacerlos. Felicidades!!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 8:35 pm

Im flabbergasted at how much you developed from the simple challenge, and how the sorbets fits to well with the tuilles.

.. and the pictures!.. I’m still drooling :p~

Natalie, aka "Sheltie Girl" January 29, 2009 um 8:38 pm

Simply fabulous! Your tuiles are so gorgeous, I feel like printing the pictures and eating them.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Ivy January 29, 2009 um 8:44 pm

I am sorry, I just can’t look at your creatrions anymore-it makes me allergic to perfectionist confections. 🙂

minisuperbias January 29, 2009 um 8:47 pm

you are too, too much! amazing, they’re all just amazing!

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 9:19 pm

They all look so delicious! I would love a sample plate of each. But that last one with the vanilla mousse, I will have one for each finger.
I am on my way to the airport to come and have dessert with you.

hmmm. Where did you say you live?
really, I am ready to go.

Clumbsy Cookie January 29, 2009 um 9:53 pm

I’m also giving you "the look", lol! And also thinking why am I not your neighbour?

Anonymous January 29, 2009 um 11:25 pm

Wow. I am absolutely staggered by the variety of tuiles that you’ve created and your incredible creativity!

Congratulations on the awards, BTW! I’ve been offline for a few days and only just found out. Huzzah!

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 12:20 am

Wow, what a frenzy, indeed! And so many delightful combinations! Congratulations on all your well-deserved awards, by the way!

Half Baked January 30, 2009 um 12:20 am

Every one of your tuiles are absolutely gorgeous!! I especially like the chocolate one with the Baily’s cream. Yummmm. You definitely went above and beyond with this challenge. Nice job!!

Lauren January 30, 2009 um 12:40 am

Wow! Thats a lot of tuiles! Mmm, but they sure do look amazing =D!

Ivette January 30, 2009 um 12:55 am

Congratulations! Your tuiles are my favorite! Each of the combinations looks amazingly elegant.

Y January 30, 2009 um 12:57 am

Hilarious! You certainly went all out! And all of them look beautiful, might I add! 🙂

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen January 30, 2009 um 1:03 am

Your recipes and photos continue to amaze me. Fabulous tuiles. You’re making me hungry and I just finished dinner.

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 1:09 am

I love hove the raspberry-strawberry sorbet looks. What a beautiful color contrast!

glamah16 January 30, 2009 um 1:30 am

I am blown away yet again. Thanks for inspiring me to give this another whirl. I cant wait for your book. You are an artist.

Shari January 30, 2009 um 1:37 am

Are there any homes for sale in your neighborhood? I bet they could add that to the feature list!! I’m amazed at all the versions you made. Impressive. as usual.

Sherry Trifle – Lovely Cats January 30, 2009 um 2:06 am

How exquisite! Lovely, lovely, lovely!

cindy* January 30, 2009 um 2:15 am

is it even possible for you to be overwhelmed? i am always blown away! beautiful, gorgeous and lovely execution…each and every one.

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 2:25 am

That sounds like an enormously fun day. Nicely done!

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 2:26 am

Helen…words escape me save one….

Namratha January 30, 2009 um 2:33 am

You are the epitome of perfection! I’m in awe…fabulous!

Natalie January 30, 2009 um 2:35 am

ridiculously gorgeous, as always. 🙂

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti January 30, 2009 um 2:52 am

Unbelievable! Such wonderful presentations and delicious additions to the DB challenge. BRAVA! A feast for the eye!

Ash January 30, 2009 um 2:52 am

wow!!! You tried so many!!! I love them all!
the little cones are gorge!
well done!

Hayley January 30, 2009 um 3:29 am

I need to move in with you! These tuiles are artwork, you are so very talented.

Helene January 30, 2009 um 3:51 am

Thank you everyone!

Sandra: I kept the nougatine dough in the fridge only a couple of days, with a tighlid and everything was fine. When I used to make them in large quantities, I would store it in large buckets and only bake them the day of.

Felica Tortorici Duryee January 30, 2009 um 4:49 am

Girl, why can’t I think like this. These are all fab, and I have to try everything.

Lou January 30, 2009 um 5:20 am

Oh my gosh, WOW! That’s all I have to say – amazing!

Amy Esther January 30, 2009 um 5:52 am

Wow, can I be your neighbor???

I’ve been looking at tuiles all day now from different daring baker blogs, but honestly yours look the most delicious! Yuuummmm

Dharm January 30, 2009 um 6:19 am

You are simply amazing Helene! All of your tuiles look just fantastic. Can I please come over to your house with my kids and show them what a real baker is like??!!!

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 6:53 am

I’m speechless and in awe of your artistry Helen, your tuiles, all of them, are amazing 🙂

Joyce January 30, 2009 um 7:26 am

Helen- A beautiful job! I love the simple small brush stroke on the side of the glass.

BTW I like the dark background- gives the photos a warm feel. xoxo
Are you sure you don’t deliver?!! xoxo

Kitchen M January 30, 2009 um 7:28 am

Wow.. absolutely beautiful!!! Your food always looks so perfect that it’s hard to belive that it is real.

I’ve been checking out on Daring Bakers and I decided to join at the end of last month. I will be added to their blogroll in next month. I can’t wait to start the baking challenges! 🙂

Dagmar January 30, 2009 um 8:22 am

Wow!! Everything look amazing!!!!!

chef_d January 30, 2009 um 10:02 am

As always, you take my breath away by the sheer beauty of your posts!

Shaheen January 30, 2009 um 10:24 am

Wow Helen! Your tuiles are so perfect. Now I feel like making them again! 😀

FoodJunkies89 January 30, 2009 um 10:54 am

These desert are so beautiful looking, I dont think I could bare to eat them!

Were students creating a food blog abgout trying different recipes everyday, which we wouldnt normally try. The aim is to improve our unhealthy diets but occasionally we allow ourselves a cheeky desert.

I would defibitley consider these recipes for use in the future. They look amazing, hopefully not too difficult either!

test it comm January 30, 2009 um 11:53 am

Absolutely amazing looking tuiles! Great presentations!

pigpigscorner January 30, 2009 um 12:33 pm

They all look amazing! Love the swirled cocoa and vanilla cones dipped in chocolate and filled with a vanilla bean mousse, sounds like my kind of dessert! I would love to be your neighbour =)

alana January 30, 2009 um 2:15 pm

You are a true inspiration! I bow down to the tuile queen!

Lesley January 30, 2009 um 2:49 pm

Your imagination is amazing. Great tuiled.
I didn’t get them done, snowstorm destroyed my baking project…

Nic January 30, 2009 um 5:44 pm

Hey, that Bailey’s cream has my name on it! Beautiful!

lynda January 30, 2009 um 5:58 pm

Wow! They are all so wonderful…no wonder you couldn’t decide. My mouth is watering for nougatine…haven’t had that in forever!

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 6:40 pm

I’m sure you already know this, Helen, but you’re amazing.

karuna January 30, 2009 um 6:51 pm

i am totally at a loss of words……i was struggling to make one, and u made all three…..loved it all. the pairings, the fillings, the pics. simply perfect. great job.u have actually inspired me to try them out again……

~cHaNnOne~ January 30, 2009 um 7:11 pm

WOW! This is a bad page to stumble on in the midst of mid-morning hunger! I am adding it to my favorites! Yum! (The photos are great too, btw).

Zoe Francois January 30, 2009 um 7:21 pm

WOW! Each one is more gorgeous than the next. I’m in awe! 🙂

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 10:38 pm

I am speechless. They are all so beautiful! And what a presentation. Gorgeous!

Proud Italian Cook January 30, 2009 um 11:01 pm

You are truely an artist, thats all I can say!

Mallory Elise January 30, 2009 um 11:28 pm

encroyable! trop trop belle! holy crap you’ve got record amount of comementaires! 🙂

Anonymous January 30, 2009 um 11:55 pm

Oh yes we had a god time, didn’t we!! I can’t believe how many I ate…well, actually I can. Wonderful!! Your photography is just wonderful. Keep it up!

Celeste January 31, 2009 um 12:34 am

Absolutely flawless!!! Love them!!!

Arlette January 31, 2009 um 1:26 am

Hello Hello.

they are amazing everything looks yummy..
I just love your site and everything you prepare.
I had a problem working with the Nougatine, what is the trick to do them right and be able to work with them.

Audax January 31, 2009 um 2:54 am

Your postings are always of the highest order and a pleasure and a pain to read. (A pleasure because your recipes looks so good and a pain because it makes me think that I have to improve my own skills.) Lovely set of tuiles of all kinds and types. One of the best blog’s on the net. Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.

pastry studio January 31, 2009 um 3:15 am

Oh wow, each and every one of these is completely stunning. Your kitchen is humming!

Anonymous January 31, 2009 um 3:51 am

Just like you:

Talented & Beautiful!!!!

I read where someone had been licking their monitor. I need to locate them and find out what they used to clean it with……


I'm amazed, dazzled and addicted to your blog!!!

Navita (Gupta) Hakim January 31, 2009 um 10:14 am

i am speechless…n i mean it I really am! thats genius..

Anonymous January 31, 2009 um 10:25 am

Well done, you are clearly crazy but also very talented!

Bonbon Oiseau January 31, 2009 um 3:45 pm

helen, these are killing me…they look AMAZING and i love the flavor are a magician!

Anonymous January 31, 2009 um 4:10 pm

Helen, you are simply amazing!

Vanillaorchid January 31, 2009 um 6:03 pm

wowwwwww…they are all amazing and fantastic.

Cookie baker Lynn January 31, 2009 um 9:33 pm

Oh, gasp! I’m overwhelmed with the beauty of all your creations. Excuse me, I need to go scrape my jaw off the floor. W-O-W!

Erin January 31, 2009 um 11:04 pm

Wow, they all look amazing! Very inspiring to me… I need to keep working on my skills, and maybe I can create such amazing treats too 🙂

Anonymous February 1, 2009 um 6:15 am

Wow! Talk about covering your bases. Definitely the most impressive DB entry I’ve seen this month.

You have the luckiest neighbors… Are there any houses for sale in your 'hood?;-P

zorra February 1, 2009 um 9:00 am

*lol* You are crazy! Lucky B. I would like to have the opportunity to taste all your tasty creations.

Chou February 1, 2009 um 2:16 pm

I think I would like walking into your house on days like this.

Chris February 1, 2009 um 2:31 pm

I just wanted to come back and ooh and ahh again. 🙂 FYI – I linked to you over on my blog…for an award. 😉

Engineer Baker February 1, 2009 um 4:39 pm

I can’t even decide which is my favorite – too many beautiful choices! I’m impressed that you made all of them; I had a hard enough time fitting in the one that I tried!

Laura @ the shorehouse. February 1, 2009 um 6:12 pm

Thank you for your kind offer of assistance on my blog. 🙂 I may take you up on that…but will continue to pass on the challenges that are too time (and cost!) consuming…’cause apparently I am a bit of a spastic baker. 🙂

NKP February 1, 2009 um 7:35 pm

Wow, Wow, Wow! I am going to pack up everyting I own and buy the house next to yours.

Faery February 1, 2009 um 11:44 pm

Wow they are GORGEOUS…:9 yummm and they look sooo delicious

Helene February 2, 2009 um 2:56 am

Thank you everyone for your nice comments.
I apologize if I am slow commenting on your challenge. I will make it there….hopefully before the end of the month!!

Manger La Ville February 2, 2009 um 4:57 am

WOw the leaves with the grapefruit sorbet and candied grapefruit sounds amazing, refreshing yet seasonal.

Anonymous February 2, 2009 um 9:39 am

Gorgeous! Every single one of them. Just gorgeous!

Anonymous February 2, 2009 um 2:28 pm

Bravo, fabuleux, génial….Je suis très fière de toi et tes réalisations culinaires et photographiques sont merveilleuses. Garde nous quelque chose pour notre prochain sejour. Bises.Mam

Christina February 2, 2009 um 3:05 pm

Wow! Seriously awesome! They all look sooo good.

TeaLady February 3, 2009 um 3:25 am

I. AM. SPEECHLESS. I look at my poor little tuiles (all two of them) and think, "Look what I did!" And then I see all your variations, and ShAZAM!!!! Beautiful.

Anonymous February 3, 2009 um 11:10 am

I feel hopelessly inadequate only creating one version of my tuiles. Your selections are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your inspiration. It is always a great reward to visit your site.

Fee ist mein Name February 3, 2009 um 5:41 pm

wow! you were busy! i adore these nougatine cannoli!! hope i’ll have some time soon to do them!

Anonymous February 5, 2009 um 1:06 am

Oh my, ALL of them… And different fillings… And "the usual" stuff on the side. You never fail to impress me!

Anonymous February 6, 2009 um 9:11 pm

Somebody’s been very busy making tuiles 😉
They all look lovely and delicious. Wish my freezer was full of all of those goodies 😉

Anonymous February 14, 2009 um 8:59 am

Somehow, I had missed last month’s post. Horrendous! But definitely worth the wait. The variety is amazing, and that Bailey’s mousse has got to have my name all over it. Mmmm…

Emma Dalrymple February 24, 2009 um 4:18 am

Referred here by the Black Apple blog, and so glad! Everything you make looks amazing! I can’t wait to try your recipes!

The tuiles in particular look so yummy–I think I’ll have to try making the sugar tuile ones this weekend…

And those spoons in the shot glass photograph! They’re darling! Do you mind my asking–where did you find them?

Anonymous March 3, 2009 um 12:14 pm

my god your desserts, by the looks of it, are to die for! and your superb pictures bring out the beauty of your products! Kudos!

Ariane June 26, 2012 um 2:33 pm

I made the Vanilla Tuiles last night and this morning…..LOVE THE RECIPE. They are so light and great for my diet. Thank you!

missminifer August 1, 2012 um 1:33 pm

Beautiful! Do you have any definitive recipes for savoury tuiles? I'm working on a black olive tuile at the moment, and four batches of mixture later, I'm still working on the perfect recipe. Your lovely post has encouraged me to keep going!

Helene August 1, 2012 um 1:50 pm

missminifer: I don't for savory but I think Thomas Keller had one for his smoked salmon mousse. I am pretty sure a quick Google might take you to blogs that have that recipe.

amruta September 11, 2012 um 5:46 am

All Tuiles looks wonderful. I really like everything in this post. Love the decoration. I am tempted to do all the tuiles. Thanks for sharing.

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