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Strawberry & White Chocolate Passion Fruit Soups

Blog inquiries (recipe, pictures, etc..) : mytartelette[at]gmail[dot]com – Please, ask to use my photographs before you go ahead and "borrow" one. I don’t bite. It’s just common courtesy.

Photography work inquiries: helene[at]helenedujardin[dot]com

Portfolio: Helene Dujardin Photography.

Twitter: @HeleneDujardin


Linkedin Helene Dujardin

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Karen Erler April 13, 2011 um 7:32 pm

I just signed on with Tartelette, and love it, you have inspired me to cook again, now if only I could get someone to do the dishes. Thanks Karen.

ah li May 6, 2011 um 6:42 am

love your blog !!!

Amazing !!!


sharon furner May 23, 2011 um 2:32 am

Hi, your website and blog are so inspiring that I shared your talents on my blog posting today. It lists your blog and your book. I hope that you have wonderful success selling your book, you should. You have certainly inspired me in my own photography. Look forward to more blog articles and amazing photography.

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