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7 Best Easter Cookies + 3 Tips on How to Decorate Them

Easter is an important Christian celebration, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s also a time when both adults and children enjoy the story of the Easter bunny and the consumption of vast amounts of chocolate eggs. Here you’ll find the best ideas for easter cookies.

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6 Best Birthday Cake Pop Ideas + 5 Delicious Flavors

Cake Pops are now pretty much a standard sight in popular cafes – you can even get them at Starbucks. Yet they were only invented in 2008, by a blogger known as ‘Bakerella.’ Here you’ll find the best birthday cake pop ideas and tasty alternatives.

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9 Best Christmas Cookies from Around the World + 3 Tips

Christmas cookies are to Christmas what chocolate eggs are to Easter. They’re easily one of the best parts of Christmas eating.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Christmas baking, you’re in luck: we’ve collected some of the very best Christmas cookie recipes from all over the world.

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6 Cocomelon Birthday Cake Ideas + 3 Tips

Cocomelon was first created on YouTube in mid-2006. Ironically, the series was first created by founder Jay Jeon and his wife to entertain and teach their own kids. Below we’ve assembled some of our favorite Cocomelon-inspired cake ideas for both boys and girls.

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6 Best Ideas for Birthday Cupcakes + 5 Designs

Cupcakes have been beloved treats for hundreds of years. Don’t believe us? Amelia Simmons first invented the cupcake back in 1796. Back then, it was referred to as a ‘light cake to bake in small cups’. Here you’ll find the most delicious birthday cupcakes.

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6 Best Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas + 3 Tasty Alternatives

Rainbow unicorn cakes have been popular for nearly a decade now. Yet the history of the unicorn birthday cake dates back to 1977, when Phyllis Hirsch wrote a recipe for a ‘Rainbow Dream Cake.’ In this article you’ll find the most delicious ideas for a unicorn birthday cake.

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