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Cappuccino Creams And Chocolate Madeleines

For a mere couple of days last week, it did feel like Fall, cool and crisp, under a cloudless blue sky, and then "pouf" we were back to temperatures of 75F and higher….No wonder the leaves don’t change colors and fall and winter fashion is always on sale around our parts! Well, as you may know, even after many years in South Carolina, I still long for the temperate climate of France, yes, even the rain and the grey winters. I envy people up north for their nippy cold mornings and their weekends shoveling snow… and feel free to smirk at me : "let’s trade places for a few weeks and that might cure your problem Mrs. Tartelette"…I know, I know…"the grass is always greener on the other side". In the meantime, I am left to pretending it is finally chilly outside and one way to do that is by persevering in making fall inspired desserts even with the grill working overtime for dinner.

I was organizing (well, at least I was trying to) my pile(s) of "must-try" recipes, when I came across one called "Coffee Pots" from Alana from Kitchen Parade. I already loved her savory dishes and sides so I figured her desserts would be winners too… and the creams were heaven. I had a bunch of egg yolks left over from a macaron baking session for a bridal shower and the recipe came in very handy as it requires just those, a bit of sugar, coffee and some liqueur. For the coffee, I have the bad habit to leave the coffee machine on as I head out in the morning resulting in triple thick mud by the time I come home in between training sessions. If you don’t have access to Tartelette’s Mud-So-Thick-Your-Spoon-Stands-Straight-In-It (C’s words, not mine), make a good cup of espresso or very strong coffee otherwise the coffee flavor will get lost in the baking process. Why did I name mine Cappuccino Creams? Simply because of the dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon on top…and because B. seemed to respond to the name better and that would help me in not being left to eat the entire thing by myself (darn skinny jeans!).

I love a little cookie or piece of cake with my cream desserts (another reason why I loved the Bostini Cream Pie last month!) and made some really easy but very flavorful dark chocolate madeleines from the Queen of Madeleines herself, Sophie Dudemaine, to go along with the cream. Think deep dark fudgy buttons with a fancy names (oh yeah I love that Glade commercial… "haven’t you heard of Gladay?"!!) I wish they’d translate that book in English because it is demystifies the whole "madeleines are difficult cookies" idea that foreign cooks seem to have. The recipes are organized by season, relying on fresh and available produce, with sweet and savory madeleines. Some bakers will use some pretty intricate method to achieve that traditional madeleine bump, and I guess I never really paid attention to that fact, (much like when I made macarons for the first time), and I end up with bumps all over the place following her recipes. I know it may sound blazay or snotty what I just said, ( and believe me it is not my intention) but I firmly believe that a lot of mishaps in the kitchen are the results of unnecessary pressure that home bakers put on themselves. If you know the difficulty and think of it constantly, things won’t work as well as if you are aware of it, but shrug it off with a simple "What is the worst that can happen? Fiddo will eat it…" Trust me, baking is not rocket science…or I would not be doing it for a living!!

Cappuccino Creams And Chocolate Madeleines, adapted from Alanna and Sophie Dudemaine:

Serves 5

1 cup low fat milk
1/2 cup half and half
1/2 cup triple-strength coffee
5 egg yolks
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons Kahlua
whipped cream and cinnamon (optional)

Combine the milk, half and half and coffee into medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, but do not let it boil. Meanwhile, whisk yolks and sugar until they are pale yellow. Add liqueur and combine well.
A little bit at a time, add scalded milk to yolk mixture, whisking continuously. Arrange five ramekins in 9×13 baking pan and fill with milk mixture. Place pan in oven. Carefully pour very hot tap water (or boiling water) into pan until it reaches about halfway up sides of ramekins. Bake 30 – 45 minutes at 325F until just soft in center. Remove cups from pan, bring to room temperature, then refrigerate until cold and firm. To serve, add a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon to the tops.

Chocolate Madeleines:

Makes 16 cookies

2 eggs
80 gr. all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsps. baking powder
80 gr. sugar
80 gr. salted butter
15 gr. cocoa
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 425F.
Melt the butter in the microwave or over low heat. Let cool slightly.
In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, sugar and cocoa. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Add the yolks to the flour/cocoa mixture and whisk with a spatula. Break the egg whites with a fork, without making them foam. Add them to the flour/cocoa/egg mixture. Add the melted butter and vanilla extract. Whisk vigorously to incorporate everything.
Butter madeleine molds (I use dark silicone ones), and pour about one tablespoon of batter in each.
Bake at 425F for 4 minutes, the turn the oven down to 375F and bake for another 4 minutes. Let cool slightly and unmold. Repeat with the remaining batter.

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bakeorbreak November 15, 2007 um 6:54 am

Beautiful pictures! I’ve got a madeleine pan just sitting in a kitchen drawer patiently waiting to be used. I really must get that out and put it to use!

Suganya November 15, 2007 um 7:11 am

Those *crushed* dessert cups are very pretty.

Pille November 15, 2007 um 8:32 am

I’m with Suganya – love those cups! I’ve seen them in many other blogs, but unfortunately never in any shops.
And chocolate madeleines I must try soon!

Peabody November 15, 2007 um 8:47 am

I can send some chilly weather your way as well as some trees with colored leaves.
A beautiful combonation you have created.

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 9:05 am

Oh Tartlette, how you inspire my inner baker! I long for the Madeleines I had the last time I was in Paris, and this chocolate version sounds delightful! And anything involving coffee gets me hooked everytime.

While I am always happy to swap your Autumn for the grey of London, I would not ever go back to my roots of shovelling snow in East Coast Canada.

P.S. Just a quick question about silicone bakeware, have you ever used it? any good or worth trying?

Oh for the love of food! November 15, 2007 um 9:38 am

Ah, I was waiting to see your version of the madeleine and they look absolutely delightful, just as I expected coming from you, Helen! and since we were on the subject of coincidences.. I have a set of 'Revol' French 'crushed' cups like yours, just a little taller. The cappuccino creams are styled so divinely too, they must taste heavenly!

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 9:42 am

Ah, tu sais nous remonter le moral, nous les Parisiennes qui grelottons et subissons des grèves à outrance !!
A bientôt pour les Daring Bakers !

Lis November 15, 2007 um 11:13 am

Looks and sounds delightful.. I’m all about the coffee! I almost bought a madeleine pan while we were at Sur la Table but put it back thinking it’d be another specialty pan that I wouldn’t use often.. hell I didn’t know about deep dark chocolate madeleines! Might have to pop in there on my next trip to Trader Joe’s and snag it! hehee!

Love the cups!


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) November 15, 2007 um 12:31 pm

Must get the husband to make some of these chocolate madeleines — he’s become quite a good madeleine baker since he absconded with my Dorie Greenspan book!

Aimée November 15, 2007 um 12:35 pm

Looking GOOD! I’m all for chocolate and this upcoming baby seems to agree! I MUST try the Madeleine’s.

Helene November 15, 2007 um 1:04 pm

Jennifer: give that pan a workout! Now is the perfect time to make madeleines!

Suganya: thanks, they are made by a French company called Revol. I found them at Sur La Table.

Pille: can Sur La Tavle deliver in Estonia? If I were not so afraid they’d break I’d send you some.

Peabody: I am coming over for the housewarming….plenty of time for some chilly weather!

Anonymous: London…it’e been too long since I visited…
About the silicone molds: I like them for small things like madeleines, canneles, mini cheesecakes, etc….I don’t use them for tarts, and cakes, the exterior feels weird to me.

Oh!For the love of food: thanks! I love madeleines, so easy to make and eat!!

Anne: it sucks a propos des graves…j’espere que tout sera vite retabli!

Lisa: get thee a madeleine pan, you will love the cookies/cakes! And I have ot a ton of recipes for you!

Lydia: good plan! If only my husband would get in the kitchen and cook. He is talented in many ways and I am sure he would be good at it!

Aimee: hope the pregnancy is going well. Give the kid plenty of chocolate!

Graeme November 15, 2007 um 1:48 pm

Never. Never, before have I seen plastic cups used so well.

And your Madeleines look absolutely fantastic.

Wow, this is why I love it here so much.

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 2:26 pm

I can totally commiserate with you on the weather — last week was an autumn tease!! These look absolutely gorgeous :).

breadchick November 15, 2007 um 2:48 pm

I had a madeleine pan in my had three times yesterday at W&S but put it down because I didn’t need it but just wanted it.

Now I think I have the perfect excuse to "need" it!!!

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 3:55 pm

What a stunning picture! I may have to give the creams a go….

Cheryl November 15, 2007 um 4:10 pm

I love the cooler weather too so I completely understand your frustrations.

Beautiful cream and madeleines. Makes me wanna make mud in my coffee pot this weekend if that can be the result.

Inne November 15, 2007 um 4:20 pm

I can send some grey and wet weather over from London if you like, Helene.
The creams and madeleines look absolutely delicious, and beautufilly presented as always!
I kept on putting off making madeleines, because everyone always said how difficult it was, but when I finally plucked up the courage, I found they were the easiest thing in the world – and those bumps just appeared by themselves.
Love the crinkled cups as well – they’ve been on my wish list for a while.

Mandy November 15, 2007 um 6:24 pm

What can I say? coffee + chocolate is my absolute favorite combo! The dessert cups look interesting. Is it the light?Because the first one looks dented to me ;p

breadchick November 15, 2007 um 6:44 pm

HAR!!! Just read Lisa comment about having the pan in her hand at Sur…

Figures huh…

Rosie November 15, 2007 um 6:48 pm

Thanks for calling by my Blog 🙂 You really have a most beautiful Blog and so many mouth watering things mmmmm…

It would be a pleasure for you to join in the Challenge of the Great British Pudding 🙂

Rosie x

Abby November 15, 2007 um 6:59 pm

Beautiful! All of it! I’ve never had a madeleine, much less a CHOCOLATE one. I want one MORE now, maybe I’ll get some French ones when I’m in France in March!

LizNoVeggieGirl November 15, 2007 um 9:08 pm

no, no, no, do NOT envy those of us who live up north – as I’m typing out this comment, it is hailing profusely outside (the hail is the size of large pearls!!), and is quite gloomy. the only upside to this terrible weather is that I get to bake more, since I can’t go outside ;0)

wow, the Cappuccino Creams & Chocolate Madeleines are so sophisticated and gorgeous!! love it, as always :0)

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 9:57 pm

I’ve seen those cups in Sur La tab, nearly got them myself they are so cute. I have never made or tasted madeleines. My interest is peaked.

Meg November 15, 2007 um 11:03 pm

I’ve never attempted madeleines, either, but my kids and I may have to give it a go, since they do love them, and in Seattle, the November gray has settled in thoroughly.
The pictures are immensely appealing.

Anh November 15, 2007 um 11:10 pm

Helen, this is amazing!!!!

Anonymous November 15, 2007 um 11:17 pm

I saw those cups in a magazine a long time ago and have coveted them ever since! You’re so creative! 🙂

Anonymous November 16, 2007 um 12:00 am

Those look like adorable little coffee drinks but they’re dessert! Nice work!

Susan @ SGCC November 16, 2007 um 12:19 am

Tartelette, I can sympathize with you about Southern weather. We are still having 80 degree temperatures every day. I posted about this very thing last week. I sometimes turn the a/c down to 68degrees, just so I can wear a sweater!

Your cremes sound great and the madeleines…well, there is nothing left to say! 😉

Jenny November 16, 2007 um 1:42 am

One of the rare things you’ve made that I wouldn’t eat (don’t like coffee flavor) but I love the looks of it and love those cups! How very cool are they!?!

Anonymous November 16, 2007 um 2:52 am

What a coincidence Helen, I made madeleines yesterday too! But my story and post is not ready yet, it would have been funny that we are in synch to publish! Lovely combination you present! We finished our last tonight with tea. 😉

Lesley November 16, 2007 um 3:23 am

I asked for a madeleine pan for Christmas! These will be my first recipe!
I LOVE those cups, they are amazing. Must go to SLT.

Anonymous November 16, 2007 um 5:29 am

What a wonderful post.
I love the picture!

Anonymous November 16, 2007 um 7:27 am

love the photo and the cups!

sylvie d November 16, 2007 um 1:01 pm

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Kelly-Jane November 16, 2007 um 3:16 pm

A wonderful ending to a meal, and your presentation is great!

.vivian. November 16, 2007 um 4:29 pm

always such beautiful presentation. so tempting- i just want to munch on my computer screen and pretend im eating this! You’re not the only one longing for the autumn weather- I’m in south Texas, we’d been having 90 degree weather up until today! were at 75, so, thats winter for us! 😛

Amanda November 16, 2007 um 7:05 pm

chocolate madeleines? where have you been all my life??


african vanielje November 16, 2007 um 8:50 pm

I’m not sure I’ve ever visited your blog and thought 'yeah, okay'. I always start salivating and thinking 'OMG!'

Cynthia November 16, 2007 um 11:57 pm

Helen, these should be featured in a gourmet magazine.

MyKitchenInHalfCups November 17, 2007 um 12:36 am

Some days I really put off coming here because I know I’m likely to get into serious trouble – my jeans are not skinny! So now I’ve put another book on my list and chocolate madeleines on my to do (right there with those financiers).
I do have to think you are 100% right about the anticipation of trouble factor. I’ve had lots and lots of failures and I’m still around to come back and try again. If we can’t eat it Fido will and there’s always a restaurant open some where.
Cappuccino Cream with one Chocolate Madeleine please and thank you.

steph- whisk/spoon November 17, 2007 um 12:37 am

beautiful! i love your cups, too…i have one that i bought in a museum gift shop in NYC, but it doesn’t have the crushed spot. i totally agree with you about too much worrying leading to kitchen mishaps. when you are confident that things will be fine, it seems they usually are.

MyKitchenInHalfCups November 17, 2007 um 1:20 am

Yes, I guess you really told us it was in French but You KNEW when you said "savory" Madeleines I would go into the tizzy mode. Dad-burn-it, I have the pans!

Anonymous November 17, 2007 um 1:48 am

The cups are adorable 🙂

Anonymous November 17, 2007 um 2:35 am

Oh, I’m sighing and I’m sure I have a look of abject despair as I look at those pictures. Why despair? Because I want both of those delectable yummies. And I love the cups too–so cute.

Anonymous November 18, 2007 um 3:38 am

hi Helene! i love your pictures, very crisp, very inviting. chocolate madeleine is one of my favorite cookies…

Shandy November 18, 2007 um 7:12 am

Oh my goodness! How beautiful and I am going to have to borrow your recipe to make the chocolate madeleines along with the rest of the dessert. . .so, basically, I am borrowing all of the recipes to put this together for my family =D Hhhmm, I guess it would have been easier to just say that to begin with, yes? BTW, thank you for the happy b-day =D Very sweet of you,

Gloria Baker November 18, 2007 um 8:57 pm

Really,really lovely xxGloria

ilingc November 18, 2007 um 10:34 pm

What a great combo! I really wish I brought my madeleine tin along with me to London now. 🙁 Looking at your chocolate madeleines is making me crave for those little suckers.

Cookie baker Lynn November 18, 2007 um 11:02 pm

Those look heavenly. I must make those madeleines soon. I agree – too much pressure on the cook to make it picture perfect spoils the fun.

Sabra November 20, 2007 um 2:57 am

Now I see the madeleine mania! I love those little cups!

Meg November 27, 2007 um 1:26 am

It took a little while, but I finally bought a madeleine pan and made the madeleines with my kids today. They were fantastic. Thanks for posting the recipe.

kellypea December 1, 2007 um 9:19 am

Mmmm…coffee sludge. Yours is probably divine! And I need to make some madeleines. I have some very old pans that my mother gave me and I’ve never used them. I’m more of a savory type cook, so it takes me a while to get around to the baking. And there’s no pressure on me when I get around to it. I enjoy it so much and wish there was more time to do it. I don’t know how you do it, Helen.

Unknown January 2, 2008 um 3:56 am

oh my – yum!

Rachelle S June 27, 2008 um 1:12 am

I’m trying to decide on a chocolate madeleine recipe, these look beautiful!!

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