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Busy…Enjoying Mother Nature

As you may have noticed I have barely been able to manage a couple of posts a week this month. Some of you know that my 18 year-old god-daughter is visiting from France and we have been showing her Charleston and its vicinity everyday. I miss my blog, baking and most of all staying in touch with fellow bloggers out there.
Sophie is leaving Tuesday but I hope this won’t be her only visit to the US. I will be back to posting and baking next week for sure!

In the meantime, I am leaving you with a picture if the pecan tree I look at every morning while enjoying breakfast on the porch. The pecans are still green and I am counting the days until I can make pecan pie!!
Allright, off to the beach now!

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Jan August 26, 2007 um 9:58 pm

Nice! Enjoy!

Peabody August 27, 2007 um 12:14 am

No excuse…get πŸ™‚

Cynthia August 27, 2007 um 1:42 am

Have a good one.

Abby August 27, 2007 um 2:10 am

YUM – I love pecans!

We didn’t get into the city until after 11 on Friday night! And since we had a 2-year-old with us it was straight to bed. (Not my 2-year-old, however!)

On Saturday the wedding was at 2, then the reception at 7 on the Spirit of Charleston. SO MUCH FUN. So it was a busy, busy weekend!

I’m home and at work now, sadly, but that’s OK – it was a great wked! We’ll have to catch up next time I’m down there – we loved the timeshare so maybe it will be sooner than later!

Belinda August 27, 2007 um 2:02 pm

What a beautiful photo of your pecan tree…being a southern girl, I do have a fondness for pecans, and the pecan groves dotted all across the countryside. I cant wait to see what treats you create with the pecans this fall. Have a lovely last few days with Sophie. And no doubt you will both look forward to her next visit. πŸ™‚

Janet August 27, 2007 um 2:14 pm

A pecan tree!! Wow!! In your own backyard… the only thing I’d rather have would be a Money Tree!!!

Anonymous August 27, 2007 um 8:43 pm

Even without a visitor – you’re allowed to take a break once in awhile! πŸ™‚ Look forward to your return though.

Amy August 28, 2007 um 1:25 am

Oooh a pecan tree, how cool!

Anonymous August 28, 2007 um 7:33 am

How nice that you were able to have time with your daughter. I’ve been away from blogging a bit as well. I think it must be summer. Fall is around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what you make with those pecans!

DDgirl August 28, 2007 um 8:22 am

Chère Tartelette,

I love your blog, and try out recipes very often. Now, since my boyfriend loves brownies and I love ricotta, I would love to go for your ricotta brownies. I only have one question: I live in France, what should I use as "cream cheese"? maybe some "fromage blanc"?

Thank-you for your posting!!

Take care


Helene August 28, 2007 um 12:08 pm

DDgirl: I would use Kiri for the cream cheese. Fromage blanc will be too liquid. Good luck!

MyKitchenInHalfCups August 28, 2007 um 4:30 pm

Oh my waiting for pecans to turn brown! That is a good thing to be waiting for.

Jann August 28, 2007 um 5:30 pm

A wonderful thing to have growing right in your own back yard!

Anonymous August 29, 2007 um 3:00 am

It is a busy time of year, isn’t it? Enjoy your family!

Anonymous August 29, 2007 um 6:28 am


Your own pecan tree…how sweet! πŸ™‚

Anonymous August 30, 2007 um 8:02 am

ooh…I love picking pecan nuts πŸ™‚ Usually we drive to the country side where there are plenty of pecan trees in the nature and help ourselves to it. πŸ™‚ The same with chestnuts and walnuts. πŸ™‚

Inne August 31, 2007 um 8:17 pm

Looking forward to seeing lots of pecan recipes popping up, Helene!

So hard to keep up with baking when you’ve got family visiting, I know. You’ll have lots of catching up to do.

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