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We Made It !

Seems like we would never get to France but we finally made it, happy and safe!
The plane never left on Thursday so we left on Friday qnd got rerouted through Houston. We literally ran the whole airport to make our connecting flight for Paris where we late. We waited 2 hours at the luggage carousel to find out that one of our suitcases had not left Houston when we did…. The airline company tracked it down and the bag was finally delivered to us sunday night… we are extremely relieved because B. now has clothes to put on his back, we got shoes and all the presents we had gathered the last couple of months.
We have been touring the beaches of Normandy for the past 4 days and paying tribute to the men of D Day. Very emotional for the both of us.

We are back home, a few kilometers outside of Versailles, and we are now getting ready for Christmas. I have NO time to sit down at a computer and upload pics and blog, between visiting the family and friebds and helping my mom with all the upcoming festivities, so I think you won’t see much of me until I come back.

To leave you on a culinary note, here are some of the things being cooked from scratch in our household: foie gras terrine and pate, smoked salmon, chestnut and apple stuffed capons, duck sausages, praline and Nutella Yule Log, Nougat and passion fruit ice crea, yule log, 120 petits fours, truffles,…. 2 days in a row and most likely again for New Years Eve. Insanity now prevails!!!

Everybody, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Anonymous December 21, 2006 um 2:33 pm

But what wonderful insanity…let it prevail!!
Cook’n with yyour mom…that’s heaven even if insane. What wonderful foods to fix!
Travel always holds those gliches for us, so glad you are there and into the activity.
We were in Normany a few years ago and were equally awestruck. Amazing place.

Anonymous December 21, 2006 um 4:14 pm

Glad you enjoyed your trip.
Yes, that does sound insane.

esther valjean December 22, 2006 um 8:01 am

Glad you made it! It sounds like you are whipping up some great stuff. Have a wonderful Christmas et Bonne Année!!

esther valjean December 22, 2006 um 8:02 am

BTW- What kind of jams are those in the picture? They look heavenly.

Helene December 22, 2006 um 9:54 am

Tanna: the family is arriving with babies in toe and things are getting crazier, but all in good spirit!

Peabody: I wish I could sit down and read blogs but that is something I am hzving to give up for the time being! I’ll have so much to catch up on when I come back!

Esther: Joyeux Noel and Bonne Annee to you too!
the jams are gomemade apricot and "quetches" that my mom made. They are so good it is hard to stop!

wheresmymind December 22, 2006 um 4:04 pm

I hate traveling this time of the year…thanks to the inlaws I do it every year now :Z

Anonymous December 22, 2006 um 10:37 pm

i envy you having a holiday in france! merry christmas, come back soon with lots of stories, please!

Christine December 23, 2006 um 8:39 am

So glad you made it to your destination safe and sound. It must be wonderful to be home for the holidays with your family.
We’re still enjoying the goodies you sent. I’ve had to hide the Belgian chocolates from my husband because he was eating so many of them!
Merry Christmas!

Meeta K. Wolff December 23, 2006 um 9:00 am

Helene! Hope you have a great Christmas with your family. Enjoy it and I really do hope you share some of that gorgeous Christmas cooking with us!!

Happy Holidays!

Hugs Meeta

Mercotte December 23, 2006 um 9:08 am

passe de bonnes vacances familiales et hors blog tout comme moi !
A bientôt et joyeux Noël !

Anonymous December 24, 2006 um 6:48 pm


Don’t you just love travelling at the holidays?!

I’m glad to hear that you made it safely to your destination and that you have your bags and all.

Enjoy the wonderful food and the time with family. Joyeux Noel!

Anonymous December 25, 2006 um 12:17 am


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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