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Blogger Postcards Around The World #2 – Happy Valentine’s

This is the second edition of this postcard exchange organized by the lovely and talented Meeta. It is extremely difficult to find a Valentine related postcard and since I make my own greeting cards, I decided to create this one for….sorry can’t say…! Let’s just say it has to travel some miles and a few ponds….!

Life has a way of getting in the middle of one’s best laid plans and I apologize if it took me a while to blog about it, the card was actually sent last week.

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MyKitchenInHalfCups February 3, 2007 um 11:23 pm

Oh my goodness. It’s OK I had the same problem the last round. Fun card…now what’s inside.

Bonnie February 4, 2007 um 9:32 am

Oh that is a gorgeous card Helene! I wouldn’t be disappointed to see that on my door step!

Lis February 4, 2007 um 11:37 am

You’ve made an absolutely gorgeous card, sweetie!

Eh, life happens.. no worries about a late posting, you hear?! =)

Brilynn February 4, 2007 um 3:22 pm

Blogger is eating my comments… Grrr… I think I said something to the effect of you have tons of talent for being able to create such beautiful cards!

Anonymous February 4, 2007 um 11:44 pm

What a lovely card…wish I was getting it!

Anonymous February 5, 2007 um 1:54 am

Your card is a beauty! You are very talented.

Anonymous February 5, 2007 um 4:21 pm

Hi Helene! What a beautiful card! Someone will be very lucky to receive it!

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