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Announcing Sugar High Friday #43: Citrus!

I love reading the archives of Sugar High Friday, the monthly event created by Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess . Imagine recipe upon recipe dedicated to sweets, months after months, year after year….all at the click of button. While browsing one night last February, I noticed that the blog hosting SHF citrus way back when three years ago did no longer exist. It must have been really late in the night because I found myself emailing Jennifer telling her that if she was interested in a citrus theme again, that I’d love hosting it. I had heard that the list of future hosts was close to a year long so I put that thought to rest until she emailed back later that week and offered that I host in May…this year! Yippeee!

Why "Citrus"? The simplest answer I have is that after chocolate (or right alongside), citruses are my favorite flavors. Lemons, lime, oranges, tangerines, clementines, mandarines, grapefruits, kumquats,…you name it, I dig it. I know that this does not apply to everybody and without putting citrus as the star of the show, even a touch of lemon juice or grated zest can enhance a dessert tremendously. The bright colors of the fruits and the desserts they are prepared with cannot but make you happy and ready for summer. Let’s get all zesty and let’s pucker up with citrus in May!

To participate all you have to do is make a dessert featuring any sort (or all if you feel ambitious!) of citrus. Post something that you create something specifically for the event, not from your archives. Use it as the main ingredient of a dessert or as an accent if you are somewhat "citrus hesitant". The possibilities are endless: mousses, cakes, ice creams, custards, brownies, blondies, sauces, candies,….Let your imagination and your creativity run loose!

Life is wild around here in May (I am turning a year older next week and I have lots of cakes to eat!) with celebrations and visitors so here a few guidelines I would like participants to follow to make sure I do not misplace anybody’s entry while on a work or sugar coma 🙂

– The deadline for this month SHF is May 25th. Late bloggers will have to send me a care package of sour lemon candies 🙂

– In your post, please include a link to Jennifer’s blog and mine so it is easy to track back posts that might have fallen through our careful eyes.

– Once you have posted, send me an email at sugarhighfridaycitrus AT gmail DOT com. We are all busy and I sometimes don’t check my links back for days and I might miss that you posted for the event. Please, pretty please, let’s make it hassle free by sending me an email with the following information:

  • your name
  • your blog name
  • your blog URL
  • your post title and short description is you wish
  • your post URL
  • a picture of your dessert resized to be 200 pixels wide with your blog name as your picture file name

– If you do not have a blog and wish to participate (Yes, I am looking at you Bina), send me an email at the above address with a description and picture of your creation. If you wish to provide a recipe, and I encourage you to as we can never have too many (!) I will put it on a separate page of this blog.

Now this being said: no excuse people….I want to see your citrus 🙂

Feel free to use this badge in your blog post or side bar.

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Anonymous May 5, 2008 um 2:08 pm

Hmmmm, this is very tempting. I will try my best. After this weekend’s success with your lemon pound cake I am feeling pretty invincible!

mimi May 5, 2008 um 2:29 pm

can’t wait, i love citrus!!

Anonymous May 5, 2008 um 2:29 pm

I love SHF and have always wanted to participate–and it turns out I just posted about a lemon cake last week! But I will seek out other citrus and am determined to be part of this one. Great theme for spring and summer!

LyB May 5, 2008 um 2:33 pm

Yay for citrus! My mind is full of citrusy ideas, I have to get to work! 🙂

Rachel@fairycakeheaven May 5, 2008 um 2:41 pm

oooo there’s nothing better than citrus how exciting!! Better get the thinking cap on!

Evelin May 5, 2008 um 3:20 pm

the BEST thing is that I already have the perfect thing to make. You’re going to see some deadly-good candy!

Mandy May 5, 2008 um 3:21 pm

great theme! I will be there. 🙂

LizNoVeggieGirl May 5, 2008 um 4:09 pm

Oooh, I will DEFINITELY try to make the deadline, since all of my examinations will be over with by then :0)

Mike of Mike's Table May 5, 2008 um 4:20 pm

I’ll try to muster something up…I think that this should have some tasty results!

Jenny May 5, 2008 um 5:31 pm

I will try, I really will!
Have some grapefruit that have been in need of using around here, plus a few oranges and lemons. But lime is my personal favorite and I may have to see what I can do with them.

Anonymous May 5, 2008 um 7:25 pm

Wow, sugar high Friday…who knew, what a great name!

Anonymous May 5, 2008 um 7:44 pm

Fantastic choice for a theme! I love it!

Brittany May 5, 2008 um 8:34 pm

yaaaaaay!!!!! What a great theme for those of us in areas where local fruit won’t be around until June (and I’ve done too many rhubarb posts already!).
Now to decide which citrus to play with, or all (?)…..

Domestic Goddess May 5, 2008 um 8:47 pm

Great intro, Helen…thanks so much for taking up the cause of a new Citrus SHF…it was needed!

I am looking forward to this and definitely intend to participate this month.

Gretchen Noelle May 5, 2008 um 9:09 pm

So excited that you are hosting! I will have to put on my thinking cap for something citrus! Delicious! Oooohhh…limes….

Cookie baker Lynn May 5, 2008 um 9:13 pm

An excuse to bake with citrus? Yeah! And me with lemons sitting on the counter looking for a sugary home. This should be fun!

Deborah May 5, 2008 um 9:54 pm

I can’t tell you how excited I am! I hate to admit it, but I actually think I like citrus better than chocolate these days. (Shh, don’t tell anyone!!)

I’m sure I have a few recipes on my hard drive waiting to be blogged about, but I just may have to make something especially for this!

Unknown May 5, 2008 um 11:31 pm

count me in, count me in *excited mode on* 😀

this week you’ll have your b’day then. hope you have a great one. mine is next week..

Unknown May 6, 2008 um 1:13 am

what a coincidence! mine is May 14th 😉

thanks for popping by

K May 6, 2008 um 1:53 am

I am thinking about joining in on this as my first challenge – ever! I have a technical question though – In a cake recipe i have which calls for 1/3 c oraange juice I would like to substittue rosewater – ANY idea how much I would use? I cant imagine it would be exact…?

Anonymous May 6, 2008 um 2:43 am

It’s a busy week as I’m off to Houston in a few days, but I’ll see if I can’t throw something together:-)

Peabody May 6, 2008 um 4:01 am

I haven’t done SHF in quite sometime…but of course since it is you my evil twin, I shall.

Gigi May 6, 2008 um 4:21 am

I can’t to create my citrus infused sugar high friday dessert!

Bakerette May 6, 2008 um 6:35 am

so exciting, I know exactly what I’ll make..

chriesi May 6, 2008 um 6:55 am

I love this challenge! I am a huge lemon fan. Yum!

ChichaJo May 6, 2008 um 8:31 am

Advanced Birthday greetings! 🙂 Great theme…I’ll do my best! 🙂

strawberriesinparis May 6, 2008 um 12:11 pm

this is perfect!! Grandma and Momma both want key lime pie for mother’s day!!


and thanks for your awesome comments!!

Sheltie Girl May 6, 2008 um 2:22 pm

I’ve got so many different kinds of citrus at my house right now. So count me in…it sounds like a lot of fun!

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

My Sweet & Saucy May 6, 2008 um 4:12 pm

Thanks for a fun challenge Tartelette! Can’t wait to make something!

Brilynn May 6, 2008 um 4:47 pm

I just made some awesome lemon poppy seed cookies that I may or may not use for SHF, regardless, I will be entering something, love citrus!

Botacook May 6, 2008 um 5:05 pm

Mmmh, moi aussi j’adore les agrumes, et ta petite sélection de desserts me met l’eau à la bouche! Je vais essayer de poster quelque chose! Je suis sûre que ça va rameuter les foules 😉

Botacook May 6, 2008 um 5:06 pm

(je voulais dire ce thème, pas mon hypothétique recette! lol)

Courtney May 6, 2008 um 7:01 pm

yay! i’m so excited, i can participate in sugar high friday again. lately i just haven’t been feeling it, but i know just what to do for citrus!

Cannelle Et Vanille May 6, 2008 um 7:33 pm

This sounds absolutely fabulous!

Iffy May 6, 2008 um 8:03 pm

I so love citrus, ok I am in.

jasmine May 7, 2008 um 12:13 am

Ohh! I know what I want to make…let’s see if I can make it…


PheMom May 7, 2008 um 12:48 am

I’ve been totally addicted to citrus lately! Yay! I also have a recipe I’ve been working on that will be perfect for this. Love SHF! Thanks for hosting and coming up with a great theme!

Anonymous May 7, 2008 um 3:12 am

loving this theme! i’m totally in.

RecipeGirl May 7, 2008 um 4:14 am

Yay, my favorite! I’m in on this one for sure 🙂

Anonymous May 7, 2008 um 1:18 pm

What fun! If I can find the time….. When is your birthday? Mine is next week also – May 15.

Eileen (passions to pastry)@

Patricia Scarpin May 7, 2008 um 6:37 pm

Aren’t you perfect??? I have been thinking of how I missed so many great blog events and I’m determined to take part in them again. Then you go and choose my favorite flavor, Helen!!
A million thank yous! 😉

Suzana May 7, 2008 um 9:30 pm

Citrus! Oh yes, do count me in – I love citrus and I have 2 baskets with lemons crying for use.

Bron May 7, 2008 um 9:42 pm

I was thinking of cutting back/out events, however seeing as you’re hosting… how could I possibly miss this one?! And citrus being high on my favourite flavours too!

Cakelaw May 8, 2008 um 2:09 pm

Yay! Citrus is one of my favourite flavours, so I am definitely in. The only question is how on earth to choose what to make from so many possibilities!

Altaf May 10, 2008 um 8:56 am

Citrus is right theme to get the lazy and busy blogger like me get move’in.

Thanks, im in.

Anonymous May 18, 2008 um 2:29 am

this will be my first event ever!! i’m very excited about this!!

ranji May 19, 2008 um 5:31 pm

i have just sent my entry!!!i hope u got it..plz let me know..thanks


Mansi May 23, 2008 um 5:35 pm

Hi helene, I sent you my entry a couple days ago…can you let me know if you got it?


sefa firdaus May 25, 2008 um 10:08 am

Helen, I’ve sent you my entry. Exactly on time 🙂

Hope you got it!

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