Month: July 2011

  • Lemon Verbena Macarons, Sharing Passions & A Giveaway!

    Hard to believe that one week ago, last Sunday, we were basking in the heat of Oklahoma watching our first rodeo, enjoying the last bit of our trip to pioneer country. I’m from the South of France. I talk with my hands. A lot… A ranch. Wild horses. Cows. Stray dogs. And cats. Night skies […]

  • Snapshots From A Weekend On The Ranch…

    We are on our way back from our road trip to Oklahoma and Ree, The Pioneer Woman’s Lodge where I shared with her readers two of my passions, cooking and photographing. We are in Nashville for the night but I could not wait any longer to post a few snapshots before I write a more […]

  • Summer Fare: White Nectarines Pineapple Sage Galette, Chanterelles Tartines & Quinoa and Fig Tabouleh

    Don’t judge but a slice of this white nectarine galette has ben breakfast for the past two days. Tomorrow also. Even though we are taking a road trip cross country, B. requested I’d pack the galette along for the ride. I am not that interested in breakfast usually. Unless there is pie. Or eggs and […]

  • Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah and Evo 11…Pictures & Thoughts

    Evo 11 is … staying hydrated as much as possible. Altitude. Talking. Sun. More talking. More sun. More slushies. Beware though. Two straws in your watermelon slushie means “a little boozy”. Just so we are clear. And boy, the thirst-o-meter was working overtime. (Photo ¬©Foodie Crush) Salt Lake City is…arriving a couple of days early […]

  • Apricots Honey Panna Cotta and Chinese Five Spice Tuna & Stone Fruit Skewers

    Came back from Utah last night and it’s been a day of catching up. Running around. Grocery shopping. Laundry doing. And of course playing with Bill and snuggling with the pups…Wait! Sorry. It’s the other way around! Yep, today feels completely discombobulated. I have had to jump right into work mode this morning and just […]

  • Mixed Berry & Lemon Verbena Pie

    One of the great redeeming qualities of the Spring and Summer heat in South Carolina is the abundance of berries and stone fruits. Every Saturday at the farmers market, I load up on local peaches, plums, and berries. I know berry season only has a few more weeks so I am baking, cooking, freezing blueberries, […]