Month: March 2011

  • Simplicity: Grilled Red Snapper With Roasted Mixed Peppers and Asparagus

    Growing up, many a family dinners were spent around a big plate of freshly blanched asparagus during Spring. When I saw the first asparagus at Boone Hall Farms, I could not resist. We’re eating lots of them! In salads with a lemon honey vinaigrette. In soups with a dab of creme fraiche. Charred with a […]

  • Mixed Berry Trifle & Lending A Helping Hand

    All week I have been wanting to come here and post, chat and just have a bit of normalcy. All week nothing felt normal. Things that were big to me meant nothing once the television was turned on. Natural tragedies, political and social changes. The words I was dissecting were just that. Words. Yes, posting […]

  • Meyer Lemon Creams, Meyer Lemon Macarons & a Giveaway!

    Meyer Lemon Creams, Meyer Lemon Macarons & a Giveaway!

    I got to say, from my view point right this minute that I am a very relaxed and lucky gal. It’s been months since I have had the ability to take a day and just chill. I happen to be sharing that feeling with a dozen other bloggers too. See, this weekend a few of […]

  • Macadamia, Milk Jam & Chocolate Ganache Tarts

    I smiled when I made these tarts. The enticing smell wrapping up the entire house. I smiled when I photographed them. The anticipation of tasting one slowly building up. I smiled when we finally shared one. My toes curling up with happiness. All we needed that day was a bit of dark chocolate and milk […]

  • Gluten Free Blueberry Waffles & Getting Back On The Road!

    Sunday mornings are good for waffles and eggs. Any mornings really. But yesterday was so absolutely gorgeous that we had all the windows open, shorts and t-shirts on. I knew I had a mile long work to do but I just needed to put all this aside and do something familiar. Cracking an egg. Popping […]