Year: 2011

  • Wishing You A Happy New Year!

    I started doing an “end of the year post” and then I stopped before I reached the end. When I started reading my archives for the year 2011 gone by, it became clear to me that it would be impossible to make it short and sweet. It’s been an incredible year. Truly. I had a […]

  • Salmon Bisque & A Pistachio Pear Gratin

    I hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend. We kept it low key having dinner with a good friend on Christmas Eve and with family on Sunday. Yesterday was spent with friends again over a light lunch and a relaxing afternoon. Thank you everyone for the sweet and kind words of condolences about my […]

  • From our family to yours, wishing you the most wonderful Christmas! P.S: there is still plenty of time for Santa to drop by… (details here)

  • Baking Goodies & A Couple Of Books Giveaway!

    I was this close to posting a new recipe when I started getting a flurry of email about Christmas cookies (baking time, shelf life, etc…). It made me realize that if I did not start on my own Christmas baking soon, no one in the family would get their present. For the past ten years, […]

  • Saying Goodbye & A Minute of Silence

    Rene Fauconnier. My grandfather. August 19th 1910 – December 18th 2011. My grandfather was larger than life. At least within our family. His voice, his demeanor, his character commended respect but also love and trust. He lived 101 years. He was married to my grandmother for 71 years. When she passed away six years ago, […]

  • Pain d’Epices – The Feeling Of Christmas

    Every where I look right now, it seems that everyone is hands and elbows deep in Christmas baking, truffle rolling and cookie decorating. I wish I could say the same for our household. Every year, I bake, cook and mix Christmas gifts for friends and family. A dozen boxes packed with homemade goodies to eat […]

  • A Little Something A Little Different: A Festive Table

    A few weeks ago, the lovely Camille from the very creative Camille Styles site asked me if I wanted to be part of her “12 Tastes of Christmas” series. I already knew the recipe I wanted to contribute, one of my favorite from last year, a Homemade Gravlax And Prawn Crackers Appetizer. I also took […]

  • Thin Apple Tart & Linguine With Scallops And Roasted Beets

    My grandmother used to say “Sundays are good for apple tart”. I have to agree, and add that any day is good for apple tart. But also, days begging for a warm embrace, a soft kiss and a little balm to the soul are greatly improved with a slice of my grandmother’s apple tart. Especially […]

  • On the Sweet Side Of Life: An Engagement Session

    Today is a sweet post of a different kind: some pictures of a recent engagement session I photographed for my friend Laura and her fiance, Alex. I know I have mentioned Laura a couple of times before. She’s generous. A talented photographer. A pastry instructor. My partner in crime in the kitchen this Thanksgiving. And […]

  • Quinoa, Butternut Squash & Kale Salad And An Apple Cardamom Crisp

    I hope everyone celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful time doing so. We surely did. The whole week was actually pretty darn good. It was rich in connections and reflections. The time spent in the kitchen with Laura reminded me of the time spent at home preparing a holiday meal with my grandmother and mother. It […]