Year: 2010

  • Oh What A Year!

    Wow…A year. And what a year…Hard to sit down and reflect on the whirlwind that 2010 has been because my whole body, mind and soul are still twirling from everything that’s happened and is happening. Gratitude sinks in. A sense of accomplishment. Hopes fulfilled. Goals simmering. I hope it’s not too long. There is some […]

  • Carrot Cake Macarons With Cream Cheese Frosting Filling

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends and family or just chilling. We loved being able to share the day with a few different groups of people, plopping from one dinner to another and a glass of Champagne to a glass of wine, surrounded by the warmth of a good fire and […]

  • Sweet Holidays To You!

    Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you have the sweetest of holidays! Thank you all for every bit of love and sharing you give me everyday and every time I come around here! It’s going to be a quiet evening here with friends but you can be sure it won’t be without good food…! […]

  • Poached Kumquat & Almond Cakes

    I love this time of year for so many reasons. They hit me with a bit of nostalgia in the afternoon but they all revolve around the same flavors and scents. I found myself humming our favorite Christmas story. He caught me starring at the skyline while my mom was describing the snow back home. […]

  • Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Rice

    Every year for Christmas I bake gifts for B’s family and our friends. The tradition started 10 years ago when B. and I entered stores after stores, Christmas shopping for his relatives, only to come out empty handed. What do you get the people who have everything? Homemade goodies. And tons of them. Neatly packaged […]

  • Gluten Free Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake – Share Our Strength Contribution

    As a child, I can’t say that I ever knew hunger. I got hungry for sure. But I never knew the deep feeling of being hungry and knowing I would not be able to satisfy my growling stomach. My parents did not always have it easy and I can see there were times when budgets […]

  • Scallops with Roasted Patty Pan Squash

    Everyday, every Winter, I am just a bundle of buzz, bliss, excitement and creativity. Everything about the day makes me move about and almost lose myself snapping photographs. The sky is magical this time of year with its every changing shades of blues. The silver and gold reflections of the water in the creek down […]

  • Pistachio – Cocoa Nib Macarons With Bourbon Buttercream

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts, good vibes and uplifting words. Thank you also for reading what I had to say about our dear friend. Today we officially said goodbye and I can’t stop thinking about what she used to tell me all these years: “Live hard. Love harder. Work the hardest…and always, always […]

  • White Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse & Cocoa Nibs Shortbread Cookies

    When I started this post yesterday I had no idea how fast the day would get away from me. Not because of work. Not because of play. I heard news of someone dear to me passed away. And I hit a wall. I could not put two thoughts together without having memories rush through my […]

  • Gluten Free Braised Lamb Ravioli With Shitake Parsley Broth

    I hope that everyone celebrating Thanksgiving this past week had a wonderful time doing so. I can safely say this Thanksgiving ranks high in the “best to date” for us. The food was outstanding. The company was delicious. Oh wait. It should be the other way around…As I told B. that evening after a strong […]