Month: October 2009

  • Chai Coffee Cake And A Giveaway

    It won’t be a surprise to say that there is always cake at the ready in the house. Whether it be for B. as a late night snack after a music job, friends dropping by on a late saturday afternoon, or simply as a quick snack as we pass by the kitchen. It’s usually a […]

  • It Takes All Sorts Of Macarons To Make The World Go Round

    I love, like, enjoy, many people and many things in this life but if there is one thing that I live for on the weekends is when B. comes home from playing music and we sit on the bed and geek out for hours about all sorts of topics. Photography, films, history, and often times, […]

  • Trick or TrEat Taffy Crabapples

    I am always amazed when stores start displaying Halloween merchandise in August. A part of me grunts “don’t rush it people! Enjoy the rest of the summer!” while I secretly start to giggle at the prospect of gobblins and witches knocking at the door on Halloween night. Halloween is not part of our rituals where […]

  • Butternut And Acorn Squash Soup

    Thank you all so much participating in the Macy’s giveaway! Through emails, I know that some of you held dinner parties this week to raise money to fight hunger. That makes me so happy! We held our own last night in a very impromptu sort of way when my mother-in-law dropped by with a standing […]

  • Bananas Foster Tartelettes & A Giveaway

    I like to think I am fairly organized. I mean, there is logic to whatever battle is taking place on my desk. Or in my head. Like most of us, I get pretty psyched about being a step ahead and I was darn happy for having posts in drafts right before I left for BlogHer […]

  • Spiced Quince Crumbles

    If you were to come visit South Carolina right now, you’d be hard pressed to find any sign that it is indeed Fall. For us, an extra packed schedule and an ever growing temptation for candy corn let us know tis the season. The leaves are still green, the sun is still out and the […]

  • The Little Hands Behind

    No, I have not found a way to make clams out of pastry nor did I find the time to make them out of fondant. After my last post, my dear husband came to me and complained “I’m ok with you posting that I dont’ bake because let’s face it, I don’t but I *do* […]

  • San Francisco Part 2 – Rendition of Bouchon Lemon Tarts

    We were still in the airport parking garage, ten minutes after landing that Bill placed a small bucket full to the rim with crabapples and positively so proud of himself said “You love them so much that as soon as I saw them at the store I had to get you some. Welcome back!” Clearly, […]

  • BlogHer Food – Weekend In San Francisco

    Did not mean to be silent since I got back from San Francisco but I barely had a moment to kiss Bill “hello” (literally) that work started back again full swing. It’s a good thing really since the utilities company already told me macarons were not a viable source of payment. Idiots. Drats. It is […]