Month: July 2009

  • Meyer Lemon & Sour Cream Donuts

    Lemon and sour cream donuts. For breakfast. For his birthday. For dessert too! When I asked Bill what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he said he’d rather have several of his favorites rather than just one cake. At the time I thought that was a splendid idea except that by saturday night […]

  • Daring Bakers Do Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies

    Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Bill! Happy Birthday to you!! I know today is the Daring Bakers’ challenge reveal but it is also my better half, the pepper to my salt, the flour to my sugar and my favorite Cookie Monster’s birthday today! The man should clearly enter cookie […]

  • Weekend News Bulletin With A Scoop Of Ice Cream

    This is just a quick news bulletin of sort as I have been busy preparing plenty of sweet treats for Bill’s birthday. It’s not until Monday but we are celebrating all weekend. The man deserves it! First, you might want to update your readers, feeds, urls, links, etc…as Tartelette is now a .com, as in […]

  • Meyer Lemon Sorbet Baked Alaska

    It’s completely cliche but it’s always good to do as much as you can when you can so that when the unexpected strikes, you can let it ride and take a breather in a way. I started this post about Meyer Lemon Baked Alaska at the same time I was publishing the last one thinking […]

  • Meyer Lemon Limoncello Cupcakes

    I was sketching desserts and jotting down recipe notes the other night when I asked B. if he had any more suggestions for the box of Meyer lemons we had in the fridge. A whole box! Thanks to my dear Mary of Alpine Berry I am now host to a whole crisper full of gorgeous […]

  • Ginger Fig Streusel Tarts With Honey Lavender Ice Cream

    Thank you guys for toasting Barbara with us in my last post. I know it meant a lot to her and it did to me. (And yes, those were my feet!). It’s been a tough journey for her and I often told Bill I’d give my last shirt to get on a plane and try […]

  • Celebrate!

    There are times blogging is not about food, travels and the pursuit of all things sweet. It’s about the people. How they come to have a special place in your heart no matter how far away they are or how frequent the interactions may be. Yes, I will post plenty of sweet recipes next week […]

  • Snickerdoodle Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches – Asheville Part III

    More on the CSA Cook-Off I mentioned in my last post: Diane and Todd of White On Rice Couple posted a wonderfully illustrated account of the experience. I just laughed my little derriere off all over again reading it! I am going to be put to the task of interactive baking and cooking again starting […]

  • Asheville Trip To Foodtopia – Part II

    Day two of our trip in Asheville had us move around a bit less but was just as intense, keeping us on our toes until bedtime. Or was it until we all rolled, stumbled, fell, crashed on our beds?! Ha! Yes, we can blame it on all the tasty wines, succulent dishes, intense Iron Chef […]

  • Asheville Trip To Foodtopia Part 1

    Update: check Todd and Diane’s Part 1 here. Amazing! One of the first things I did when I got back from Asheville, NC was to email Jael and Dan Rattigan from The Chocolate Lounge and beg ask them to share a recipe, any recipe, from their outstanding repertoire. So happy they sent the one for […]