Month: March 2009

  • Mango & Vanilla Bean Buttermilk Panna Cottas

    Interesting how even past 30 years old I still want mommy when I spike a fever and walk around with a box of tissues. Wondering why I never catch a 24 hour bug or never lose my appetite when sick. Sad to see my parents leave after such good times. Amusing to see the dogs […]

  • Raspberry Pistachio Teacakes

    Well, I guess there has to be a first for everything…This is my first time missing a Daring Bakers’ challenge. Ever. In over 2 years. And does it feel weird!! But there are thousands of wonderfully executed challenges to be seen there. Just too much discombobulation here to do it justice. My mother was thrilled […]

  • Ratatouille – In The Kitchen With Mom

    I have to say that I am enjoying the extra bit of time given by my mom cooking some dinners while I can work on the usual, the new and/or the collaborated. Spring has me “springing” but as I proofread I am also in the “oh my God this is not good enough” phase….forgive my […]

  • Violet Macarons With Violet And Vanilla Bean Buttercream

    I know, in my last post I asked you what my mom should make as an upcoming guest blogger, ratatouille or apple tart and here I am giving you macarons! Remember discombobulated? We did make the ratatouille, … and ate it so it will have to wait for a redo. There is actual logic behind […]

  • Meyer Lemon Curd and Chamomille Vanilla Mousse Verrines

    Discombobulated…New favorite word. It’s always a bit of a struggle getting things organized with long term guests but there has been a lot of good work getting done. A lot of good meals and good times too. My parents are happily relaxing, talking walks in town, going to the beach, reading,.. with no particular agenda […]

  • Guest Posting: Cannelle Et Vanille’s Flickr Favorites

    Guest Posting: Cannelle Et Vanille’s Flickr Favorites

    A few of you have left comments wondering how I find the time to bake, work, blog with my parents here for a month. Beside needing only a few hours of sleep, I have great friends willing to jump in here for a visit with you. I feel blessed to be able to count today’s […]

  • Little Time, Little Chocolate Mud Cake Cookie Sandwiches

    I can hardly believe my parents have been here a week already. Actually, I can notice it rather clearly: I only had time to make cookies this week! But these little bites of heaven were enough to keep us talking and eating for a few days! Imagine a chocolate cake with a hint of coffee […]

  • Raspberry Mousse Tartelettes and Pink Macarons

    I can’t quite tell if it is my mother’s warm hugs or Spring pointing its nose that has me thinking in all shades of pinks, purple and reds lately. Greens too. Colors are starting to pop everywhere and everyone around me seem to have that awakened sense of things changing around them. I have been […]

  • White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Cardamom Mousse and Raspberry Layers

    Hugging my mom, joking with my dad. This is pretty much all I have done in the past 24 hours. It had been a year since I last put my arms around maman and two(!) since I was able to share some fun tidbits with papa. It had never been that long but such has […]