Month: September 2008

  • Saffron Pumpkin Macarons

    All summer long upon entering the grocery store I would grab a basket, stop at the sushi counter, pass by the salad bar, turn the corner and with my eyes closed reach in the plum and nectarine display to my left. The most visible display as you enter the store. All summer long, I would […]

  • Gluten Free And Vegan Daring Bakers’ Challenge

    Gluten Free And Vegan Daring Bakers’ Challenge

    It is indeed a first in the history of the Daring Bakers, a gluten free and vegan challenge! Since being a Daring Baker in December 2006, I have seen the group grow by leaps and bounds, with members from all walks of life partaking in our monthly bake-offs. I know it is daunting at times […]

  • Breakfast Thoughts: Lavender Oatmeal Squares

    Let’s interrupt our usual programming of decadent and creamy treats to talk about breakfast, shall we? You know, that “most important meal” of the day, the one that also defines our lifestyle, mood, habits. Even the last edition of Saveur, almost entirely devoted to breakfast made it to my mailbox right when I had breakfast […]

  • Toasted Coconut And Berries Charlottes

    Toasted Coconut And Berries Charlottes

    “I want a bouquet of berries!” That’s what my friend Laura exclaimed when we met at the florist to talk bouquets for her upcoming wedding. “You mean…for real..or on your cake, as a separate flavors, as favors? What? What?”… Can’t you just sense the panic in my voice? Lord knows I love Laura, I laugh […]

  • Saffron And Vanilla Poached Pears

    It has been really hot and muggy in the last week or so, nothing unusual in our area but we all took it as the usual sign of upcoming rain and thunderstorms. I don’t mind hot and I don’t mind rain, I actually don’t mind hot rain…I dislike the few hours before the sky falls […]

  • Pine Nut Tartelettes – A Taste Of Two South

    Being a Southerner in one continent is often nothing like being a Southerner in another and I am sure many other expats can relate to this. I never thought that things I’d find here in SC would be the same as back home but I never imagined what a wonderful bounty was awaiting me. I […]

  • Roasted Caramel Figs, Berry and Apple Compote Verrines

    When I visited Lisa last year in October, I kept marveling at the coming of Fall, the changing nature of the landscape and the foliage. Those deep reds, perfect greens and deliciously rich golds…they were making me happy and dreamy. She got quite amused by my attitude toward something so natural as Fall and asked […]

  • Jasmine Tea Ice Cream In Roasted Plum Cups With Sables Cookies

    Eat me quick….I am melting…. Thank you all for your concern with the storm. We did get a good bit of rain, enough to make the water come up the hill from the river during the night at high tide but it was all gone by 9am with blue skies, bright sun and scorching heat […]

  • Red Berry Macarons

    More berries! It’s not that I won’t find stone fruits and other summer fruits living in a Southern state, it’s just that they will probably taste bland and by the time Fall hits, I know my baking mind will be ready for apples and pears. I have been freezing and preserving a ton these past […]

  • Lemon Balm Infused Berries And Almond Tuiles

    I seem to have a hard time letting go of summer….stone fruits, berries, herbs are always sneaking in into my shopping basket. It is easy to get inspired or to focus on writing certain chapters of a book when you have a big bowl of juicy and plump fruit in front of you! It is […]