Month: December 2007

  • A Year In Posts

    A Year In Posts

    I always admire people who send out Christmas or New Year’s newsletters and tell you all the wonderful, funny or tragic details of the year past. I keep feeling nothing major happened in my life but I start thinking about things and quickly realize that I am far from the truth. Starting at home, there […]

  • Looks Like Santa Came By !

    Looks Like Santa Came By !

    Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope your day is filled with laughter and good times with your loved ones. Thank you all for your readership and support, this site would not be the same without you and your visits. Cheers!

  • Buches De Noel – Looks Like Christmas Is Finally Here!

    Buches de Noel also known as Yule Logs were the challenge given by Lisa and Ivonne, founders and co-host this month of the Daring Bakers. I think they just had the perverted idea to see us buttered, creamed and rolled in light genoise, Swiss buttercream, decorated in meringue and flavorful Marzipan. You should not that […]

  • Sugar Cookies For A Good Cause

    Sugar Cookies For A Good Cause

    I often talk about my neighbor C. and her twin boys and how they are a loving, loud and buoyant pair. What I failed to mention so far is that about once a week, I “borrow” her boys for the afternoon. This expression started over a year ago when I kept the kids occupied one […]

  • Coconut Creme Brulee And Coconut Sorbet

    Coconut Creme Brulee And Coconut Sorbet

    I am sure your holiday baking is full of cookies and cakes and after spending a lot of time in the kitchen, the last thing you think about is more desserts. Well, what if I were to bring you these two-bite coconut creme brulees and coconut sorbet? Do I see a sparkle in your eyes […]

  • Swedish Cardamom Rolls

    Swedish Cardamom Rolls

    You might be thinking that Tartelette has gone off the deep end, obsessed with cinnamon rolls. Well, obsessed might be a bit big, “me likey some cinnamon rolls” although not grammatically correct would be more appropriate to label my affection for fluffy dough rolls filled with spices. First there were these, then these yummy knockoffs […]

  • Pistachio Cocoa Nibs Cookies

    Pistachio Cocoa Nibs Cookies

    Are you ready for Christmas? I am not, but my kitchen is! My oven has been rehearsing its favorite carols and humming a happy Christmas Cookie song. You don’t know the Christmas Cookie song? Goes something like this: “99 Christmas Cookies in the jar, 99 Christmas Cookies in the jar. Take one down and pass […]

  • White Chocolate Pudding – Sugar High Friday!

    White Chocolate Pudding – Sugar High Friday!

    I already wish it were Friday… any Friday for that matter. The week is always better that day don’t you think? Well, I am anticipating a very sweet one by virtually sending these to Zorra who is hosted Sugar High Friday for December, dedicated to puddings : “baked, steamed and boiled puddings or the creamy […]

  • Paying It Forward: You Might Be The Lucky One

    Paying It Forward: You Might Be The Lucky One

    There is a game going around the blogosphere these days called “Pay It Forward”. It looks like it started as craft exchange and slowly made its way into food blogs. Last month Graeme from Blood Sugar found himself the lucky recipient of a goodie package from Fanny and decided to pay it forward by having […]

  • Sufganiyot – Jelly Donuts – Beignets Confiture

    Sufganiyot – Jelly Donuts – Beignets Confiture

    Ah…Christmas…!! If I close my eyes real well and stand in front of the open freezer I can even almost pretend it is cold enough for Christmas. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to spending Christmas in a tee-shirt. Sorry if you are drowning under many inches of snow right now, but I envy […]