Month: May 2007

  • Bye Bye May: Lemon Macarons

    Bye Bye May: Lemon Macarons

    Why would the end of May prompt me to make macarons? Well, they are delicate little cookies and for me May is a “delicate” month. On the first of May, I get a card from my parents with dried, fragile Lily of the Valley tucked inside. Then there is my birthday, for which I receive […]

  • Waiter There’s Something In My… Citron

    Waiter There’s Something In My… Citron

    I almost missed that one, all entangled that I was in webs of spun sugar! This month’s edition of “Waiter There’s Something In My…” focuses on stuffed fruits or vegetables and is hosted by Jeanne from Cooksister. There are those challenges when two or three recipes come to my mind and I keep oscillating between […]

  • Gateau Saint Honore – We Dare You!

    Gateau Saint Honore – We Dare You!

    It’s time for the May installment of the Daring Bakers’ production, created by Ivonne and Lisa. It was my turn to pick a recipe and risk a minor stone throwing if it did not work out. After last month somewhat hair pulling Crepe Cake (and yes, Brilynn we still love you), I was really worried […]

  • White Chocolate Brownies

    White Chocolate Brownies

    This has been a heck of a week…truly nerve wracking. How would you feel if somebody told you that your paycheck (you know, the thing that makes your blog look good) is somewhere out there…but 3 days late… Yep, I thought you might react the way I did and picked up a spatula, some chocolate, […]

  • Mirabelle Clafoutis

    Mirabelle Clafoutis

    We can all thank Beverly for this gorgeous mirabelle clafoutis, fit for A Taste of Yellow, the event ran earlier in the month by Barbara. I know, I know, the roundup is done and your eyes can feast upon more than one hundred creations, but keep reading, it’s important. Beverly has been a member of […]

  • Floating Islands – Sugar High Friday 31

    Floating Islands – Sugar High Friday 31

    The first dessert that came to my mind when Tara of Seven Spoons announced the Sugar High Friday 31 theme Shades of White was this quintessential French bistro dessert: Iles Flottantes or Floating Islands. The choice was obvious for me on many levels. The dessert itself is composed of pillowy soft white meringue set on […]

  • Cheesecake or Cinnamon Ice Cream? Both?!

    Cheesecake or Cinnamon Ice Cream? Both?!

    I don’t particularly enjoy ice cream drips on my coffee table, but by the time I shot some pictures and we finally decided what flavor we wanted, there were tiny ice cream puddles and lots of slurping, licking and “humhumhums” heard around. Both ice creams are good together, both are good on their own and […]

  • Rhubarb Banana Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Rhubarb Banana Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Some of you are probably wondering if I am growing banana trees in my backyard…Every time I turn around there is a banana or two ready to be used. I even found a big bag of them in the freezer…We are being invaded and I have to come up with the recipes faster than I […]

  • Banana & Mascarpone Mousse Parfaits

    Banana & Mascarpone Mousse Parfaits

    First of all, I would like to thank all of you for wishing me a Happy Birthday (32 for the curious). You sure know how to make a girl feel special! Late wednesday night I was cleaning the kitchen after an afternoon of baking and macaron making when I gave a serious look into the […]

  • Birthday Girls…

    Birthday Girls…

    Tomorrow is my birthday (30 something and rocking…) and Kate’s (20 something and rocking…) I had no idea when I started this blog over a year ago that blogging would come with benefits. Not only did I become part of a wonderful group of talented, supportive and Daring Bakers (if you knew how fantastic they […]