Month: March 2006

  • Honey?… What do we do now?

    The Wall of Jams and what we did with it… Plain and Simple Jam filled Butter Cake from Flo Braker Assorted Danishes Over the past few weeks I made lemon marmelade, bitter orange marmelade, strawberry jam with bitter orange syrup, plain strawberry and some with crystallized ginger, as well as banana-chocolate jam. The wall has […]

  • Cold Weather, Warm Cookies

    The weather here in S.C has been playing tricks on us. We were wearing shorts under sunny skies and 80 degrees last week and today it’s chilly but the sun is still bright and warm. I crave something light but still chocolatey when it’s like this. I have been baking dozens of different types of […]

  • How I spent my Sunday

    While B. is busy fixing the gazillions things left to be perfected around the house, I am busy making sure that my oven can indeed bake and speedbake and that I can run danishes as well as cookies as well as homemade strawberry jam…at the same time. If it can’t take the heat…I definitely need […]