Ahhh The Weekend!

December 5, 2009

Candying Kumquats

Ah the weekend! I love this time of year when we are all gearing up for the holidays and getting crafty. I've been quite busy with work which really feels like play so I am far from complaining but I have had little time to put together a proper post. It's been over a week since I candied, shot and ate the kumquats in the picture above...see what I mean!! Working on it today since I am off. Promise.

There will be kumquats, Kalamansi limes that I received from my friends Todd and Diane and tarts. At the present time I am filling Candy Cane and Eggnog macarons for a block party. It's fun. And torture. I want to eat some before we go!!

Menu For Hope 2009

In the meantime, I want to thank all of you who have showed great interest and support in this year's Menu For Hope initiative. I just want to add that if you emailed me with a "I wish to participate with x gift" but did not provide all the information needed, I can not complete your participation and give you a prize code which you need to obtain to be part of the raffle. Thank you for understanding.

We need you! So keep brainstorming and putting together awesome prizes for the raffle or promote the initiave on your blog! You can read a lot more about P4P here.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.


Thank You.

Eléonora said...

C'est tout simplement mimi...

Steve said...

Thanks for coordinating Menu For Hope. I'm fairly new to the blog scene but will take this opportunity to get involved in this worthy cause. I will be back to you with my donation very soon. Great site, love to follow your posts.

Engineer Baker said...

Candied kumquats and candy cane macarons? Oh my, I don't think I'd be able to decide which I want more - they both sound fabulous!

Cakebrain said...

You're teasing with me with the thought of candy cane macarons and candied kumquats! The thought of them makes me giddy!

Pittsburgh Needs Eated said...

Ooo! I didn't know you had redesigned. The new site looks lovely!

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