We all have one around the house...

April 7, 2006

...trial size wedding cake for when your friends come for dinner!

T & D came last weekend and since I'll be making their cake, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a test run.

Guess what recipe I chose for the cake...? Yes! the Jam filled butter cake recipe posted a few days ago. Their cake is going to be 4 tiers, very simple. The decorations mimic the pattern on their enveloppes and ties their whole theme together: early afternoon wedding, casual with some flair, because after the reception everybody kicks their shoes off for a Cinco de Mayo party at the beach.

Back to the cake, the bottom layer and the 3rd one are going to be vanilla with a strawberry and Grand Marnier filling, the 2nd and top tiers are going to be chocolate cake with almond Amaretto filling. For the chocolate tiers I took the same recipe but reduced the amount of flour and added cocoa powder and melted chocolate. The buttercream was a very simple French Buttercream, not too sweet but good in vanilla. My only complaint, there are a lot of crumbs left on my spatula when I go spread the buttercream, and a long chill is necessary after your crumb coating.

They loved it and agreed that the layers needed more booze....it's going to be a fun reception!

I love finding a recipe that can work in many different ways, whether it is a cake or a brioche or a danish dough. Same goes with a bread recipe. The other night I took the dough for my sourdough baguette and made focaccia.

I've got Cinnamon Buns proofing and I'd better go check on them...will be back for that post tommorrow.


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